Version 1

    Purpose of this deck:

    Setting the Table – Tell the client up front how Jive is looking to engage with them. Agree to this approach with them.

    Velocity – This selection process does not need to take 6-9 months to get through for either Jive-n or Jive-x. Jive-x for instance is taking less than 2-3 months.

    Control – Structured approach to get a “yes” decision.

    Show Confidence – Jive knows how to do this better than any other organization in our market space. Show that we have a repeatable approach and that we have confidence that we know how to drive success.

    Way to use deck:

    Avoid making decks too long and exhaustive. Rather keep it to high-level and then address specific painpoints of the prospect/customer through whiteboard exercise.

    These are suggested slides and flow for customer and prospect meetings. You can mix them up, bring in slides from the appendix or add additional slides as needed.

    Please see the Jive Story deck for the more extensive slides on thought leadership, corporate overview, financial highlights, and detailed product slides