Setting up a Microsoft Translator account for use with the Translation Module for Jive

Version 2

    Microsoft Translator is one of the three translation services that the real-time translation component of the Translation Manager for Jive supports out of the box. (Google and Lionbridge Geofluent are the other two).


    Microsoft offers a good balance between cost, including a free tier, and translation quality, so this service is a good option for getting started with real-time translation in Jive.


    You will need an account with the Microsoft Translator service to get started:


    Navigate to Microsoft Translator | Microsoft Azure Marketplace


    Select the service tier you want to sign up for. The free option works fine for now.


    You will need a Microsoft account (e.g.,,, etc) to sign up for the service. Alternatively, as an Office365 user you can purchase the service through the Microsoft Azure marketplace if your Office365 subscription includes Azure.


    Accept the license terms

    ms_translator3.pngGreat, you have successfully signed up for the service
    ms_translator4.pngVerify that you have subscribed to your desired tier. In our case we are using the free tier

    Next, we need to register an application so that the Translation Manager for Jive can make use of the service.

    Navigate to the developers option in the list of links and click the Register button


    Fill in the details. Choose a client id (unique identifier within your account) and display name. You can either accept the client secret that was provided for you, or create your own. Treat this the same as a password.

    The Translator service does not require a redirect url, so just put in any trusted url (it will not be used).


    Navigate to the admin console of the Jive system where you have installed the Translation Manager.

    Select System->Management->Auto Translate


    In the "Available target languages" fill in a comma separated list of ISO language codes of languages that are used within your Jive community. The main usage of this list is the search extension. Search queries will automatically perform additional searches in the languages defined here.

    Select Microsoft as the service provider

    The service endpoint for Microsoft Translator is:

    API Key: The client secret you created earlier

    App id: The app id you created earlier


    Save the settings.

    ms_translator9.pngThe translate option should now be available within the Jive user interface.