Version 3

    Click on “More Services” arrow as highlighted below

    Find and open Cognitive Services

    Click on the “Add” button at the top-left

    Select “Translator Text API” from the available options

    Click the “Create” button at the bottom of the service description panel

    Fill in the required details in the Create form, then click the “Create” button

    Click "All Resources" -> {name you gave the cognitive services account} -> Keys

    The key you require is Key 2, as highlighted.

    Navigate to the admin console of the Jive system where you have installed the Translation Manager.

    Select System->Management->Multidoc Settings


    Under "Available Search target languages" fill in a comma separated list of ISO language codes of languages that are used within your Jive community. This list is used by the search enhancement extension, to search for your term in all languages. E.g. with list "en, de, fr", and a search for "Umbrella", the extension will expand your search to "Umbrella OR Regenschirm OR Parapluie".


    Select Microsoft as the service provider

    The service endpoint for Microsoft Translator is:

    API Key: Key 2 from the step above.


    Auto Redirect: Checking this will redirect the user to the version of a selected document in their own language, if one is available.


    Save the settings.

    The translate option should now be available within the Jive user interface.