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    We are actively seeking a Community Manager with Jive experience to help us launch the GuideStar Community. Full details below and attached.

    If you are located in California, please send your cover letter, résumé, and salary guidelines in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format to If you are located in any other state, please send your cover letter, résumé, and salary guidelines in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format to Thank you!

    Cody Cassady

    Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

    GuideStar | Columbus, OH

    M: 757.598.3536 |



    GuideStar Community Manager


    Primary Purpose

    The Community Manager will foster sector involvement and encourage user-generated content and conversation on the GuideStar Community (GSC). The Community Manager will oversee all aspects of the GuideStar Community including the community launch; coordination and training of internal groups; and ongoing support and strategy.

    Reports To

    Sr. Director, Stakeholder Support


    Washington, DC; Williamsburg, VA; or San Francisco, CA

    Key Responsibilities

    • Engagement and People 
      • Promote an open, positive, and active community.
      • Engage closely with each GuideStar team to consult on how to get the most value out of the community.
      • Oversee and manage the GuideStar User Advisory Panel to gain feedback and ideas pertaining to the GSC.
      • Train, mentor, and advise designated group managers to help them optimize their respective spaces.
      • Develop and/or facilitate employee-wide trainings on community best practices.
      • Motivate and engage users daily; create excitement around community initiatives.
      • Moderate community activity.
      • Act as the advocate of stakeholders, ensuring stakeholder sentiment is shared internally and questions are answered in a timely manner.
      • Promote and highlight ideal member behaviors.
      • Facilitate connections among members.
      • Welcome members to the community.
      • Monitor the community. Be the keeper of the community rules of engagement.
      • Manage "Inappropriate Use" procedures and escalation.
    • Content Development 
      • Create and/or coordinate text-based content (blog posts, newsletters, FAQs, etc.).
      • Curate, manage, and share content of interest to members.
      • Plan and facilitate community programs that trigger member engagement.
      • Work with Marketing, Sales, Products, and others to coordinate messaging.
    • Strategic and Business 
      • Develop a plan for community improvements and how new use cases will be brought on board.
      • Define and set measurable goals.
      • Help define and enforce consistent governance policies.
      • Act as primary point of contact with vendor (Jive), third-party contractors, and all internal stakeholders.
      • Manage interns, staff, or outsourced resources.
      • Stay engaged with external professional community management networks, regularly benchmarking community participation and usability, industry best practices, and new trends with an eye towards improving the GSC.
    • Technical 
      • Manage and administer community platform and tools.
      • Research and recommend community tools.
      • Implement strategy for GSC architecture and design.
      • Identify technology issues and track them through to resolution.
      • Develop and report metrics consisting of both qualitative and quantitative measurements.


    • Excellent organizational, writing, and presentation skills
    • Prior experience in the nonprofit sector highly preferred
    • Prior experience as Community Manager highly preferred
    • Strong interpersonal communication and critical-thinking skills
    • Naturally curious and empathetic
    • Hands-on and self-driven
    • Passionate about community best practices, principles, concepts, and technologies
    • Ability to work collaboratively with geographically distributed teams
    • Ability to work across all functional organizations as well as levels in the organization
    • Basic UI/UX design knowledge
    • Multi-tasker who understands how to develop tactical plans that align with GuideStar's strategy
    • BA/BS degree in relevant field (Marketing, Communications, Business) or equivalent experience
    • This position will work closely with GuideStar's Marketing Communications, Stakeholder Support, Business Development, and Products Teams