Version 2

    Attendance: Mahal, Kelly and Kim


    • Kelly confirmed that Jive is not able to commit to doing a Virtual Webinar series the last week of Sept. due to a competing Webinar series they are launching
    • We are still planning to do a Bay Area Un-JiveWorld Conference and we are going to target October 15th
    • Mahal will confirm with Michelle Groff Burling that we want to reserve October 15th as the date. Also need to confirm max # of people and time of day we can use the space
    • Reviewed Kim's template and agreed that it works for our needs - Template for session topic ideas: Bay Area UnJiveWorld 2015
    • Reviewed Kim's draft communication and agreed that we will use this once we finalize the date - Draft Communications: Save the date and registration
    • Talked about scheduling an on-site meeting at Hitachi to check out the space in the next few weeks
    • Talked about getting John Summers, Madalina Papacica, and Kathleen McMahon more involved in this group. If you can't make the meetings, please collaborate with us in the group!
    • Kim also posted some suggestions for an after event - After party location ideas
    • Mahal met with Bunchball this week and they are very interested in participating
    • Kim Nelson and Kelly Carlsted, please chime in with anything I may have forgetten