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    ECMGR012014-10-2211:00:0012:00:00Using Community Benchmarking to Update and Re-energize Your Community PlanWith a few years under your belt you figured out the levers to pull to drive up user adoption or extend the value collaboration can yield in your enterprise. But do you know how you compare with others in the industry? Where do you start to even figure that out? And what can you do to lay out an Action Plan for improvement?

    Join this session to hear best practices for benchmarking your internal or external community and leave with practical advice to update and re-energize your community business plan.
    ECMGR022014-10-2215:45:0016:45:00Open Leadership: Coaching Executives on their Digital / Social JourneyWhile a great deal of progress has been made in the social business space, executives vary widely in their expectations, priorities and their own engagement. One of their main challenges is having a clear understanding of the business value. This confusion makes it hard for social business teams to make progress in unlocking their share of McKinsey’s estimated $1.3 trillion business value potential. Pivotal in a successful social business program is the ability to transform culture and behaviors. As McKinsey states, It requires role-modeling by leaders and carefully constructed reinforcing mechanisms to demonstrate why change is needed and how it ties to organizational performance.

    Join this session to hear how two organizations have engaged their social executives to model a new way of working at the executive ranks within their enterprises. Hear what worked, what didn’t work and what would do differently.
    ECMGR032014-10-2214:1515:15Going Global – Launching and Engaging Multi-Lingual CommunitiesGlobal enterprises have the challenges of communicating and engaging across geographical and cultural boundaries. Along with this often comes the requirements of growing adoption in new countries or communicating key policies or company communications in regional languages. There are many things Jive offers from a strategy and product perspective to support global communities, but often our customers extend those practices and features.

    Join this session to learn how two customers launched in new markets and supported their global employee (internal) and customer (external) communities with both programs and multi-lingual content to drive engagement.
    ECMGR042014-10-2213:00:0014:00:00Using a Business Intelligence Tool to Show the Community’s Impact on Sales and RevenueRecent research shows that, while social business programs continue to grow at a rapid rate, measuring their business value continues to be elusive for many companies – which results in executive-level cautiousness about increasing their investment in social programs. Social business leaders are pressed to show the tangible impact of online community programs and communicate this in the form of metrics that executives understand and care about. During this presentation, Jive Alliance Partner, 7Summits will present an advanced analytics case study that tells the story of how one client used its Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) platform to clearly show the community’s impact on sales and revenue. This presentation is ideal for executives who wish to better understand the business impact external communities have, community managers, and analytics/BI professionals.
    ECMGR052014-10-2311:1512:15Using Jive to Transform Healthcare through Patient EmpowermentIncreasing life expectancy, unhealthy lifestyle choices and  chronic diseases, will rise demand for care explosively. In the Netherlands almost 30% of the population has one or more chronic diseases. In the US the percentage is 50%. Yet, the amount of caregivers however will not equally increase while the costs of healthcare continue to rise. Learn how Jive will play a critical role in Tele-monitoring and Self-empowerment for Chronic Heart failure Patients to:
    - increase the quality of care
    - improve the well-being of patients
    - reduce the overall healthcare costs
    - reduce the increased need for caregivers
    ECMGR062014-10-2313:4514:45Advanced Employee Engagement: Using Organization Change Principles to Grow Your Community Beyond Registered Users and Page ViewsWe all know engagement matters, but how do you get beyond registered users and page views? There is massive business value potential that can be unlocked using social for business, to the tune of $900B – $1T according to the recent McKinsey Social Economy report. But that value can only be realized when members are truly engaged along core business processes that drive top line growth or reduce costs and drive efficiencies. How do you find the winning formula for driving this engagement? Join us as three brands talk about key strategies they deployed to increase member engagement and the results they achieved.
    ECMGR072014-10-2316:30:0017:30:00Drive Business Innovation with both Customers and Employees: Using Jive for Ideation & Idea JamsIdeation and Jams are all the rage, but how can you use Jive to support the innovation agenda? Join this session to learn how two companies structured their innovation program goals with either their customers or employees to solve key business challenges. You’ll learn the problems they were trying to solve with their innovation challenge, how Jive was designed to support the innovation challenges and the resources they involved and key tactics implemented to be successful.
    ECMGR082014-10-2315:00:0016:00:00Advanced Measurement: Proving Business Value to Expand or Sustain Your CommunityYou know how to measure activity, users and page views, but you know your executives care about value. Where do you start to prove business value of existing investments? Or better yet, how can you use the data to make the case for program and resource expansion into new areas (i.e. engage inside, outside and across the enterprise firewall).

    Join this session to learn why measurement still matters in successful communities and the key business metrics that can help you defend existing investments and grow your program into new areas.
    ECUSTPARTCOMM012014-10-2211:00:0012:00:00Driving Customer and Partner Digital TransformationIn this session you’ll learn how ADP went from an initial customer support community focused on a specific subset of its customers to an all-encompassing digital transformation strategy. In 2014 ADP not only expanded their community, the Bridge, to be available to all 620,000 of its customers and partners but also moved it to the cloud. Join the conversation with Joe to learn more about ADP’s goals, results to date and key elements helping drive those results. In addition, Joe will share his experience in how to successfully get the rest of the business over some of natural fears associated with digital transformation.
    ECUSTPARTCOMM022014-10-2213:0014:00Game on! How to Engage and Motivate Partners with JiveJoin Vaughn as he shares the keys to optimizing partner performance with Jive’s advanced gamification capabilities. Learn how channel partners for companies like HTC and Best Buy are being motivated and how Marketstar is turning community advocacy into actionable sales.
    ECUSTPARTCOMM032014-10-2214:1515:15Turning your Community into a Profit CenterTake an in depth look how FireEye has leveraged Jive to deliver a premium content subscription site for Cyber Inelegance.

    Utilizing the Jive Platform we were able to monetize or Knowledge and expertise of the Cyber security landscape. Customers of Fireeye Managed Defense get access to a secure Jive Community where they can download the latest Cybercon reports and checking in on the health of there systems. With the Addition of a Fireeye Help Center Space and Intel Center they Customer has a central location to all their FireEye Services. We have seen great success over the last 5 months and the community now is a profit center and a centerpiece of FireEye’s Service Delivery strategy. Along with the Deployment of the External community we have a highly successful Internal deployment as well. With it fully deployed across the whole company we are seeing the viral adoptions that all community managers hope for. Some of our best use case on the internal are around our Sales Central Community space acting as the hub for all Sales, marketing and SE information. Coupled with a highly active Internal support community space, teams are finding new ways to use Jive everyday to impact the way they do work.
    ECUSTPARTCOMM042014-10-2215:4516:45JiveX Product RoadmapIn this session, hear from Jive Product experts on all the great capabilities that will help you better engage your customers and partners.
    ECUSTPARTCOMM052014-10-2311:1512:15Beyond Engagement: Moving Businesses and Creating MovementsIn a Peer-to-Peer marketplace, community isn’t an ancillary activity or part of the product — the community IS your product. Because in the Sharing Economy, service providers aren’t employed by the company and have many choices of how to spend their time, community plays a critical role — it becomes a motivator, a news source, a connection to peers and a central nervous system.

    In Sidecar’s case, without our passionate community of drivers, our passengers won’t get a ride, and we won’t have a business. In this session, I will take you through all the stages of building The Garage, our online community for drivers: from an idea, to building it out *with* the community, to launch and to growing engagement. You’ll learn:

    <li>How we engage, support and celebrate our drivers through The Garage</li>
    <li>How our drivers self-organize, help each other, meet and collaborate — fueling and being a part of a movement</li>
    <li>How to “let go” of control, encourage and empower your community leaders and ambassadors to own the community — and what leadership and influence mean in this model</li>
    <li>How the Garage is helping us innovate and operate at lightning-fast startup speeds — with our community</li>
    <li>How we integrate key business processes into the community, bringing the whole company into the fold</li>
    <li>How we listen, find meaningful signal and act upon feedback — discovering meaningful things to invest in</li>
    <li>How our community members define and uphold Sidecar’s brand values, one ride at a time</li>
    ECUSTPARTCOMM062014-10-2313:4514:45JiveX Analytics – from Sentiment to KPI TrackingIn this session you learn first hand from both a customer, T-Mobile, and Jive analytics product expert. T-Mobile will share why context on why they chose to add Jive’s sentiment and text analytics, Resonata, and how it allows their cross-functional teams to understand conversation trends across our communities. You will learn how they use it as part of their Support Community analytics to identify Pillars (highly active customers) and monitor the quality of their own responses (T-Force).

    Jive’s Senior Director of Product Management, Josh Richau, who focuses on analytics will then highlight the new OOTB reporting capabilities and future direction of analytics focused on customer and partner communities.
    ECUSTPARTCOMM072014-10-2315:0016:00Guiding a Successful Community LiftoffIn this session you’ll get a chance to learn about VCE’s initial kickoff of a support community that’s just the tip of the iceberg in their community strategy plans. This session will highlight not only the critical aspects to a successful launch of a customer and partner community but also the larger plans and strategies VCE has for implementing future communities and use cases.
    ECUSTPARTCOMM082014-10-2316:3017:30Implementation Playbook Revealed: Equipping You for SuccessSo you made it to “yes” with the business, IT, and your execs. Congratulations, now what?

    Because social business has the incredible power to touch, shape, and influence so many aspects of your organization, implementing it can be a very challenging endeavor, especially when that undertaking most often involves limited/matrixed resources, constrained budgets, and tight timelines. Whether you take an internal DIY path, engage Jive’s talented Professional Services team, or tap the capable partner network, there are critical steps and defined paths that if chosen and executed properly, will yield successful, on-time, on-budget rollouts.

    Come see an up close and detailed showcase of those optimal implementation paths, whether you’re spinning up your first collaborative community or expanding the footprint of an existing platform to scale across your organization. Learn best practices, key considerations, and potential pitfalls. Walk away with a deep understanding of the resource models, work streams, and project mechanics required to optimize your chances for success. And equip yourselves with the real-world examples of tangible project artifacts (strategy planning documents, project workbooks, communication plans, etc..) that can be re-purposed for your own needs.

    Think of this session as your personal, concierge-guided tour for successful implementations, plus you get to keep the playbook!
    EDEVELOPER012014-10-2211:00:0012:00:00Developer KeynoteWe are looking forward to Matthew’s energy and experience to kick-off our Developer Conference this year!
    EDEVELOPER022014-10-2213:0014:00Jive Collaboration Hub - Your Enterprise Development PlatformThis presentation by Jive's CTO & Co-Fouder, Matt Tucker, and Sr. Director of Platform & Ecosystem, Mark Weitzel, will provide an in depth look at the key design patterns and rationale behind the Jive Development Platform. You'll come away with an understanding of how to build new and innovative business applications on the Jive platform, breathe new life into legacy systems by weaving in collaboration, and connect unstructured "social workflow" to well defined business processes. Matt & Mark will also give you a first look at some of the innovations coming out of Jive's engineering labs that will radically simplify the development process and get you up and running faster. If you're anything technical, this is a "don't miss" session!
    EDEVELOPER032014-10-2214:1515:15Jive Core API: The Definitive GuidePlatform integration starts with a solid API, and the Jive Core API is no different. In this interactive session, Craig McClanahan, architect of the API, will discuss the Jive Core API using REST/JSON in detail. Everything from doing your first API call to the most popular, powerful and latest features are on the table for discussion. This session is a must see for anyone who is interested in unlocking the power of the Jive platform in their integration projects.
    EDEVELOPER042014-10-2215:4516:45Using the Jive Platform to Collaborate Across SystemsIn this seminar, we’re going to show you how to connect your Jive community with other systems in your workflow to make a more seamless and efficient experience. We will use the “GitHub4Jive” open source project, which illustrates many different ways to connect Jive to GitHub. Using this example as the vehicle, you’ll see how Jive can cooperate with a remote system of record to perform some powerful workflows. We’re going to explore some of the key integration points in the platform that allow you to do bidirection data flow, illustrating how to shuttle data back and forth to facilitate a workflow. This integration includes some of the key mechanisms in the Jive Platform: Tiles, Streams, Apps, Cartridges, Webhooks, REST API. We will be using the Jive Node SDK for many of the implementations and Nitrous.IO as a cloud-based IDE. This seminar is particularly valuable if you want to further explore this example in the hacker lounge.
    EDEVELOPER052014-10-2311:1512:15Experience, Change, and Mobilizing The Platform of ThingsSince Mylan's Jive launch, we have worked hard to surface new and exciting ways to utilize the platform while ensuring a great user experience and managing the expectations of change therein. In this session we share how we used Jive as The Platform of Things at Mylan to power a rich mobile Event App, built in just four weeks. You'll learn about how we defined our experience, launched the beta to our top 300 executives, and what we learned for the future about mobile, content and how to bridge the two quickly and effectively.
    EDEVELOPER062014-10-2313:4514:45From Plugins to Apps to Add-Ons and BeyondOver the past few years, development on the Jive platform has evolved to embrace more upgrade-safe and hot deployable best practices. With these changes comes the need to learn new technologies and patterns to solve today’s business challenges. In this session, you will hear Genentech and MaRS talk about their transition from traditional Jive plugin development to the new add-on framework to convert many of Genentech’s plugin features to Apps, and MaRS custom content-types to the add-on framework. If you are interested in moving your Jive instance to Cloud, or simply better managing your technology portfolio with Jive, you do not want to miss this session.
    EDEVELOPER072014-10-2315:0016:00Porting Legacy Applications to Add-Ons and Jive CloudWith thousands of users and tens of thousands of pieces of Jive content, National Instruments needed a way to manage, and keep up-to-date, sales and marketing materials for a sales force serving over 35,000 companies in nearly 50 countries around the globe.  They ended up developing a robust, hierarchical content bookmarking plug-in, that targeted version 5 of the Jive platform – and their users loved it!

    When National Instruments decided to migrate to a cloud-hosted instance of Jive 7, their mission-critical “Clusters” app needed to go with it.  NI worked alongside Austin, Texas-based Jive partner, FG SQUARED, to port and enhance the “Clusters” app.  Now they are going to share some of what they learned along the way…

    This talk is a deep dive into some of the technical challenges you might encounter when porting legacy Jive plug-ins to run on the latest Jive platform.

    Some of the topics discussed will include:
    <li>Authentication and authorization using OAuth and OSAPI</li>
    <li>Refactoring plug-ins to run out-of-process by leveraging Jive’s REST and JavaScript APIs</li>
    <li>Constraints of running in an IFRAME.</li>
    <li>Data migration</li>
    <li>Tools, tips, and tricks for debugging</li>
    <li>Cross-domain security issues</li>
    <li>Installing and updating add-ons</li>
    <li>Creating single-page applications (SPAs) in Jive using AngularJS</li>
    EDEVELOPER082014-10-2316:3017:30The When, Whys and Hows of integrating SharePoint with JiveOver the past several years, many organizations have found themselves in the position of concurrently supporting both Jive and SharePoint implementations. At first blush this may sound like a good thing – after all they have two best-in-class systems to choose from when developing new business solutions. However, it also creates a multitude of challenges and raises many tough questions about when users should use each system, how to address feature overlap and when, why and how to integrate these two very different systems. Thankfully, both Jive and SharePoint offer rich APIs that allow creative solution architects and developers solve for many of these challenges.

    Don’t miss this exciting session where attendees will walk away with an understanding of the common pain points in owning both Jive and SharePoint, opportunities for integration and a specific examples of real-world solutions.
    EDEVELOPER092014-10-2213:0014:00Extending into the Enterprise with Jive Anywhere & ProducteevDevelopment on the Jive platform doesn't stop with Jive add-ons.  By leveraging capabilities such as Jive Anywhere and Producteev task management are ways to expand the reach of the Jive platform further into your enterprise.
    EDEVELOPER102014-10-2214:1515:15Jive Mobile SDK – Deliver Integrated Mobile Experiences with iOS & AndroidThe future of the enterprise centers around mobile, and the need to enable workforces with the ability to take informed action in the palms of their hands is essential. In this interactive session, Jive mobile engineers will deep-dive into the architecture and features of mobile applications built using the Jive Mobile SDK, and walk through examples projects on both iOS and Android platforms. If you are interested in learning more about building lightweight, native and purpose-built mobile app for your enterprise that are backed by the power of the Jive platform, then this session is for you!
    EDEVELOPER112014-10-2215:4516:45Jive Integrations: Working Better TogetherWorking better together isn’t just for people, it’s for systems as well. In this session, you will hear from T-Mobile and Spectrum Health about how they are using features like the Jive V3 API and Activity Streams to build pragmatic solutions to streamline processes, integrate systems and promote external system activity through-out the enterprise using the Jive platform. If you are considering using Jive to improve your enterprise application interconnectedness, then this session is perfect for fueling creativity and seeing examples that are in-flight and adding value.
    EDEVELOPER122014-10-2311:1512:15Social Portals – Extending the Jive User InterfaceBuilding amazing user experiences is the corner-stone for any successful social system integration, and with Jive this is no different. In this interactive session, Jive professional service engineers will deep-dive into the Jive Apps Framework and demonstrate how to develop integrated app experiences that build on top of Jive’s already industry leading user experience. If you are interested in learning about the most popular app design patterns, as well as what’s new in app features, then this session is for you!
    EDEVELOPER132014-10-2313:4514:45Purposeful Places – Integrate Using Tiles, Streams and TemplatesCollaborating with purpose is essential in the modern workplace. Through the Purposeful Place framework, Jive has enabled developers and administrators to integrate details from external systems into relevant collaboration places with the click of a button. In this interactive session, Jive professional service engineers will deep-dive into the Purposeful Place framework and the supporting Tiles, Streams and Templates capabilities. If you are interested to learn about quick ways to build interactive integrations between systems to convey purpose and activity, then this session is for you!
    EDEVELOPER142014-10-2315:0016:00Integration with External Storage & Emerging Technology PreviewWith the release of the External Storage Framework, Jive has enabled developers to manage where their binary assets/files in Jive are stored, and how they are managed. In this interactive session, Jive experts in external storage will deep-dive into external storage and discuss emerging technologies aimed to make integrations of these kind even easier. If you are not yet excited by the extensiveness and power of external storage, then this session is a must see!
    EDEVELOPER152014-10-2316:3017:30Jive Data Export Service – Turbo-Charge Your Jive Integration with AnalyticsWith the introduction of the Data Export Service, measuring the impact of your Jive investment has never been easier. In this interactive session, Jive analytics engineers will deep-dive into the new cloud analytics architecture and the Data Export Service used to extract ad-hoc or routine activity information for processing from your Jive instance. If you are interested in learning how to maximize your return on analytics in both cloud and non-cloud instances, this session is for you!
    EDEVELOPER162014-10-2110:0017:00Open HackathonJiveWorld without hacking, is like Star Wars without the Millennium Falcon … it just doesn’t make sense! This year’s hackathon will feature more Jive engineers, group projects and chances to win prizes and recognition for contributions made to the developer community.  Join your fellow Jive developers at JiveWorld14 and let’s build something awesome!

    Win Prizes!
    This year’s hackathon will consist of various challenges to win some cool new tech gadgets.  So if you like to hack, or just win really cool tech gadgets … this hackathon is for you!
    EDEVELOPER172014-10-2221:0023:59Beer Dark 30Everyone knows that the best coding happens at night, so back by popular demand … its Beer Dark 30: 4 hours of late-night hacking, pizza and beer.  You’re a developer in Vegas at night, what else would you do?
    EIMPLEMENTATION012014-10-2211:00:0012:00:00Jive and SharePoint – Peaceful Co-ExistenceSharePoint is used in a wide variety of ways throughout organisations for a wide variety of uses: document management, workflow, web content. At points, it may seem there’s overlap with Jive. In this session, Tom will discuss the typical patterns of how Jive and SharePoint can be used in concert after which Rita from Anglo American will go into detail on how they achieved not only peaceful but also mutual beneficial co-existence for both systems.
    EIMPLEMENTATION022014-10-2214:15:0015:15:00Jive as a Development PlatformOver the past few versions, the Jive platform has grown tremendously when it comes to openness. Frameworks, APIs and SDKs provide integration options galore with external systems and information being surfaced in Jive as well as Jive in external systems. Mark will give you a birds-eye view of the art of the possible in this area after which Nils from Pokeshot will show you how they have created a host of extremely clever and useful extensions for the platform. To round this session off, Tracy from UBM will show you how they deployed a few of these extensions in their platform and the benefits this has brought.
    EIMPLEMENTATION032014-10-2213:0014:00Implementing Jive Right First and Every TimeTo deploy a Jive instance and release it to your employees, partners or customers requires a bit of thought. You need to make sure you hit the right use case, get user adoption and, in the end, value.

    In this session, Sean will talk about Jive’s solution framework concept that ensures successful business-unit focused launch, calling on his vast experience with a wide variety of customers to illustrate the points.
    EIMPLEMENTATION042014-10-2215:4516:45Jive Security – From Platform to LoginSecurity starts with development and runs right the way through to deployment and login. Here, Bala will go into detail on how security is an inherent part of the platform, starting with how it is implemented and deployed. Bala will also touch on data security aspects and login, including SSO. To support companies digital transformation and move to the cloud, Stephen from Okta will then show how their IdP provides the perfect complement to Jive’s cloud deployment. Andrew from Groupon will follow on from this to give insight into the benefits of combining the Jive platform with Okta.
    EIMPLEMENTATION052014-10-2311:15:0012:15:00Strange bedfellows – how compliance impacts adoption and use casesCompliance doesn’t happen just by accident and if you don’t get it right your collaboration initiatives will fail. You need the right tools that inherently enable your users and use cases to achieve your goals. This only happens as a result of a combination of the right solution and configuration together with strategic consulting in the areas of BPO, governance and adoption. In this session, Bill Pierznik from Jive and Jack Crawford from Cognizant team up to discuss compliance in the context of your Jive community. Bill will cover what the platform directly supports as well as what’s on the horizon. Jack will follow along this trail illustrating how Cognizant uses its experience in managing change to ensure customers achieve their goals in this area.
    EIMPLEMENTATION062014-10-2313:45:0014:45:00Under the Hood – Jive ArchitectureThere are various ways to deploy the Jive platform: on-premise, hosted or as a true SaaS solution. The make-up of services varies slightly. Tyler and Darren (Jive) will cover the nuances of the various deployment styles and the impact this has. Mario from Aetna will then describe his company’s decision to move from an on-premise deployment to the cloud, the challenges involved and the benefit they now reap.
    EIMPLEMENTATION072014-10-2315:00:0016:00:00Jive and SFDC – More Peaceful Co-existenceSalesforce is the CRM system of choice for a host of organisations and tasks, ranging from sales to support. At points, it may seem there’s overlap with Jive. In this session, Gia will discuss the typical patterns of how Jive and Salesforce can be used in concert after which Ashish from Persistent Systems will go into detail on the solutions they implemented based on this for a variety of customers and use cases.
    EIMPLEMENTATION082014-10-2316:30:0017:30:00Jive Internal Product RoadmapIn this session, hear from Jive Product expert Davin Kluttz on all the great capabilities that will help you enable your organization to work better together.
    EINTCOLLAB012014-10-2311:1512:15Confessions of a Mature CommunityPearson’s community Neo has been active for 4 years, and is made up of 42,000 users across 122 countries. Find out from Kim England, Head of Internal Community and Collaboration, how Neo has evolved and some of the hurdles Kim and her team have overcome. Specifically Kim will talk about:
    <li>How Pearson restructured their network of spaces to match a new business structure and used the opportunity to reduce their spaces from 2000+ to 500</li>
    <li>How Pearson is using gamification across Neo and how they are gamifing learning</li>
    <li>How Kim and her team have evolved their champion programme to reflect their evolving community</li>
    <li>Pearson’s lessons learnt when upgrading from Jive 5 to Jive 7</li>
    As ever Kim will make sure there is plenty of time for questions.
    EINTCOLLAB022014-10-2211:00:0012:00:00Engaging the Organization – Adoption StrategiesLauren Klein and Michelle Groff Burling will share their approach to engaging employees through blogging. During this session, the attendees will learn about a tangible blogging program where senior leadership as can demonstrate authentic executive communication,  real time access to people, information and dialogue which generates leads and sales results.
    EINTCOLLAB032014-10-2213:0014:00Connect the Dots: How RadioShack Created Viral Internal EngagementThe original intention of RS Connect was to leverage the tremendous product and service knowledge that exists in our 01 company stores, dealer franchise stores, and corporate headquarters, but that may get stuck in a particular store or office, or become lost as people join and leave the organization. Our current plan is to extend this knowledge to our customer base in our external community and early next year, completely takeover all intranet and internal communication functionality with our internal community. Community management – We are leveraging a volunteer force of peer community moderators to help manage user interactions, identify content gaps and drive engagement though excitement and activity vs. compliance and measurement. Our formal community managers take a face forward approach and are active in the community every day providing content, guidance, tips and fun interactions. Adoption: I.Top Level Buzz II.Identifying Internal Brand Advocates III.Alpha and Beta Tests IV.Mid-Level Buzz V.Internal Communication/Launch VI.Specialized Training VII.Building the Post-Launch Buzz VIII.Contests and Engagement Activities IX.Innovation for the Future of Internal Communities Implementation best practices, don’t make the same mistakes we did Fun stories – successes, how we’re turning the needle on sales, retention, etc.
    EINTCOLLAB042014-10-2214:1515:15Co-creating the lululemon WayPresented by Somerlea Contreras (community manager, heylululemon (external community) and Lisa Nguyen (community manager, youlu (internal community))

    co-creating the lululemon way:

    – Provide background on what is lululemon and where we came from
    <li>We came from co-creation, it’s in our DNA (guest feedback, ambassador feedback etc.)</li>
    <li>Who we are</li>
    <li>Who are our guests</li>
    <li>Where we are currently</li>
    <li>Co-creating the future of our guest and people experience using social communities</li>

    Key themes:
    <li>Transparency (internally) & Authenticity (externally)</li>
    <li>Empowering our guests and people with information and a space to contribute = Co-Creating the future of lululemon</li>
    EINTCOLLAB052014-10-2215:4516:45Working Out Loud – Panel DiscussionPanel discussion with “work out loud” advocates from Eli Lilly, Lexmark, and Deutsche Bank
    EINTCOLLAB062014-10-2313:45:0014:45:00Top down vs. bottom up - how Grant Thornton and Qualcomm approached their Jive launches<p><p>In the last two years, Grant Thornton has undergone a transformation. Following a global brand update two years ago, the UK firm has undertaken a huge change programme with our people at its centre. Our goal is to build a business with a distinctive style and sufficient scale that occupies a unique position in the market; ‘a category of one’. In order to achieve that goal, our people are being challenged to change the way they approach the market and our clients, moving away from pure technical delivery and functional excellence, towards skills in building long term relationships and establishing strong business networks. Our approach to social media externally, and importantly, internally is a key strategic driver of this transformation. Our team of two (Paul Thomas and Katherine Carter) leads the firm’s holistic social media strategy and is responsible for our newly launched Jive platform, Jam. This session will open the lid on the cultural change happening at Grant Thornton and show how Jam is integral to supporting our people make that change.</p><p>Innovation is the cornerstone of Qualcomm’s company culture – with the prevalence of engineering skills and availability of open source software, Qualcomm employees will stand up their own software platforms if enterprise resources provided by IT do not meet their needs. With that freedom to experiment with multiple solutions comes a sense of “Technology Darwinism,” meaning that at any point in time, there may be several competing platforms in place running – with or without other teams within Qualcomm knowing about the other platforms in use. In this session, Qualcomm will explain how Jive ended up being the collaboration platform that the executive team supported and that employees loved to use while running up against other similar solutions. If your Jive instance is currently in a limited deployment or pilot stage, and you need ways to spread enterprise-wide adoption and executive sponsorship, this session is for you!</p></p>
    EINTCOLLAB072014-10-2315:0016:00How do you make Jive indispensable?We all know breaking up is hard to do; this is what employees deal with when parting ways with old work habits. Come listen to First Republic Bank Enterprise Collaboration Managers, Eugene Chen and Elizabeth Chiu, share their story of how they are helping employees learn a new and better way to work leveraging their Jive internal community. See how understanding elements of community and behavioral thinking has led to 70% adoption. What can you do to help make your community an indispensable relationship for your employees?
    EINTCOLLAB082014-10-2316:30:0017:30:00Jive Internal Product RoadmapGet the inside track on Jive's internal product roadmap with some of Jive's all-star product marketers!
    ENEW2JIVE012014-10-2109:0012:30Jive BasicsAre you a new community owner just getting started with the Jive platform? Then this is the session for you. Learn about key Jive concepts like streams, places, profiles, and activity. Discover tips and tricks for making the most of the Jive text editor, creating groups, and personalizing your Jive experience.
    ENEW2JIVE022014-10-2109:0012:30Integrations the Jive WayMake Jive the hub of your enterprise via simple integrations with your existing systems of record. Meet the engineers behind the Jive SDKs, learn about the integration options available, and then try your hand at creating apps, tiles, cartridges and more!
    ENEW2JIVE032014-10-2113:3017:00Staging your New CommunityGot the Jive basics under your belt? Now you’re ready to explore space creation and management, permissions, profile settings, and other configuration options to get your site ready for launch.
    ENEW2JIVE042014-10-2113:30:0017:00:00Navigating Your Enterprise LaunchRolling out a new collaboration platform across your organization can be a daunting task when you have one business unit pushing for an aggressive launch date, another dragging their heels, and yet others unsure where this new tool even fits into the overall landscape. Come learn from those who have “been there, done that” and explore effective strategies for rolling Jive out to your internal customers.
    EPRODUCT012014-10-2211:00:0012:00:00Building Communities that Engage and DelightCustomers and partners expect a new level of engagement and service in today’s digitally connected world. Modern businesses are creating communities to connect, communicate, and collaborate with their customers and partners. Join Jive’s Curtis Gross, Sr. Product Manager, and Dilshad Simons, VP of Products, on a tour of the JiveX platform that powers externally facing communities for companies of all sizes. This session will focus on recent product innovations and future directions. It will also provide a first hand look at JiveX with a live product demonstration.
    EPRODUCT022014-10-2213:00:0014:00:00Jive Communication and Collaboration Hub: Easing Your Digital TransformationThe path through the digital transformation is far from standardized as some on-premise systems move to the cloud, while others stay put. Where to start isn’t really the question because the pace of innovation requires constant re-evaluation. Attendees of this session will learn how Jive serves as a communication and collaboration hub that keeps your employees connected to the people and information they need while underlying applications and systems evolve.
    EPRODUCT032014-10-2214:1515:15Working Smarter with Cisco and JiveJoin Jive’s Senior Product Manager, Davin Kluttz, Heidi Rhodes, Cisco’s Collaboration Solutions Architect, and Chris Palermo, Cisco’s Social Collaboration Services Strategy & Delivery Lead, to learn about the integration of Jive and Cisco solutions. See demonstrations of how WebEx and Jabber Chat, Voice and Video can enhance communication and improve team collaboration in Jive and beyond. We’ll cover a variety of use cases and close with a healthy dose of Q&A on the future of this exciting partnership.
    EPRODUCT042014-10-2215:4516:45Design @ JiveJoin members of the Jive Design team as they discuss the iterative design process in the Cloud, and get a closer look at the story behind new features and functionality.
    EPRODUCT052014-10-2311:1512:15Increasing and Managing Engagement with Gamification & AnalyticsCome and hear about ways Jive offers to measure engagement and find out how Thomson Reuters used gamification to boost their own use of Jive and promote learning within their community.
    EPRODUCT062014-10-2313:4514:45Communicating Your Message: Achieving Strategic Alignment with JiveMaking sure your employees, partners, and customers understand your strategy and are aligned behind it is a critical part of being successful in today’s fast paced business environment. Attendees of this session will learn how Jive can be used to direct communications at specific audiences and understand how and if they are being received.
    EPRODUCT072014-10-2315:00:0016:00:00Jive for Office 365 and Google for Work: Our integrations and the frameworks that power themWe'll deep-dive on the new integrations being launched for Office 365 and Google. We'll also cover (for non-developers!) the recent platform and API enhancements that made these and other extensions possible.
    EPRODUCT082014-10-2316:3017:30Shaping the Future: Focus Sessions & Early Product FeedbackGet an insight into future product direction and features, help the product & design teams learn more about your use cases, feature usage, and help shape the direction of our products. In this session we will break into smaller groups to get specific feedback on feature needs and direction. Topics include: Working in Real Time, the Mobile Suite, Events, Corporate Communications, Theming, and Integrations.
    EDEVELOPER202014-10-2209:0017:00Hacker LoungeInterested in getting face-to-face with the Engineers and other Jive technology experts who make it all happen? Then swing by the Hacker Lounge, and lets talk technology!

    We'll have office hours through-out JiveWorld, covering the latest and greatest Jive Technologies, such as:
    <li>Analytics API</li>
    <li>Activity Stream Integrations, Tiles & WebHooks</li>
    <li>Cloud Architectures + Security</li>
    <li>Core REST API</li>
    <li>Jive Apps</li>
    <li>External Objects & External Storage & Jive Anywhere Cartridges</li>
    <li>Mobile & iOS/Android SDK</li>
    EDEVELOPER212014-10-2309:0017:00Hacker LoungeInterested in getting face-to-face with the Engineers and other Jive technology experts who make it all happen? Then swing by the Hacker Lounge, and lets talk technology!

    We'll have office hours through-out JiveWorld, covering the latest and greatest Jive Technologies, such as:
    <li>Analytics API</li>
    <li>Activity Stream Integrations, Tiles & WebHooks</li>
    <li>Cloud Architectures + Security</li>
    <li>Core REST API</li>
    <li>Jive Apps</li>
    <li>External Objects & External Storage & Jive Anywhere Cartridges</li>
    <li>Mobile & iOS/Android SDK</li>
    EGENERIC0012014-10-2113:30:0017:00:00Advanced Customer Workshop: Driving Engagement and Measuring ValueAre you an existing Jive customer with 2 or more years community program leadership (internal and external) under your belt? Are you looking to go beyond measuring page views and registered users to prove value? Or looking for engagement strategies beyond adoption and advocate 101 programs? If so, this workshop is for you.
    EGENERIC0022014-10-2115:30:0017:00:00Industry Meet Up: Financial ServicesFinancial Services firms want to collaborate, communicate and connect with their customers, employees, and partners – but they face unique challenges due to regulatory concerns, privacy issues and content moderation needs. As a result, many of our Financial Services clients have asked us to help them connect with one another to share best practices and deliver cohesive requirements for potential product changes to Jive. Come join the initial session of the Jive Financial Services community and help create the forum for addressing these challenges with Jive!
    EGENERIC0032014-10-2109:00:0012:30:00All Aboard the Upgrade TrainYou’ve seen the statistics: customers running communities on the latest version of Jive consistently see marked increases in engagement. But rolling out that type of change to your users isn’t always easy. Join us as we demystify the upgrade process—including migrations to Jive’s cloud offering—and share best practices for updating any customizations currently in place, managing the transition with your users, and exploiting new functionality to further your community goals.