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    Jive provides the ability for community managers to customize the text and content used in each email that is sent by Jive.  These message templates can be edited in Admin Console: System > Settings > Message Templates.


    You can find more details about updating these templates in our Jive product documentation.


    Each template is accompanied by a set of instructions, which includes a set of token codes you can reference in the email message template:


    Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.12.33 PM.png


    For example, the subject of this email may have this code:


    Welcome to ${communityName}, ${!?html}


    Which may ultimately send an email that reads:


    Welcome to Jive Community, John


    I want to use a token that isn't on the list. What can I do?

    Each template is hard coded to only use specific tokens. The developer who creates the message template will allow only certain tokens to be available when editing that template.  These tokens are included in the instructions when you're editing a template.


    Unfortunately there is no way to use a token in a message template if it isn't already present in the list of available tokens in the instructions.


    How do I add new tokens to a message template?

    Adding a new token to a message template would require changes to core Java code in the Jive platform. This is possible for Jive Hosted and On-Premise customers, but it is not a supported activity and would require custom development work.  This development work can be performed by either Jive Professional Services, or a third-party development team.  The Jive Developers space is also a resource for creating customizations in Jive.