Version 1

    Mahal Torres, Kim Nelson and John Cloyd


    Here are a few additional details as a follow-up to our planning call last Friday:

    • Hotel recommendations:  We could not secure a corporate rate / block, but did receive the following recommendations
    • Parking:
      • There are no restrictions.  It is a fairly large parking lot.  If necessary, attendees can park in front of the main building and walk around if parking in the back gets filled
    • Site map:
      • Jill Ross posted this site map for reference. I've also requested any other full maps providing a view of the parking lot.  If available, I will post to the project.
    • Main and Break Out Rooms:
      • I have provided details within this post Breakout Sessions regarding the timing and names of the main and break out rooms
    • Registration:
      • I am working with our on-site security team to obtain exactly what is needed from each attendee for advanced registration at our main lobby / security desk.  Security will pre-print the badges - all the attendees will have to do within they arrive is show ID
    • Lunch:
      • John Cloyd - I spoke with our meeting planner, he suggested  we work through our on-site catering company for lunch.  I will forward you several options and we can discuss the logistics further
    • Snacks:
      • HDS will provide snacks during the day (water, fruit, nuts, chips, etc)