Version 2


    Jive customers who are using Cloud Analytics are able to extract list of analytics activities through the Data Export Service. Each analytics activity record includes the user agent that triggered the activity.


    This information can be used by your development team to better understand what actions are taken place across different devices.


    For example, your developer may be able to analyze the different User Agents to see how many views are seen across Desktop and Mobile devices, or how many discussions are created from Jive for Outlook.


    The development of these custom reports is not something Jive Support can assist with. This type of development would require an engagement with a development team, such as Jive Professional Services or a third party developer.


    User Agents for Jive Products


    AppUser Agent
    Jive for OutlookJiveClient
    Jive for OfficeJiveClient


    iOS V3 (iPhone, iPad)

    format:      jive-ios-core/<bundle version> (<device model>; iOS <system version>; Scale <mainScreen scale>)

    example:  jive-ios-core/999999999 (iPhone Simulator; iOS 8.1; Scale/2.00)

    Jive Daily iOS

    format:      JiveDaily/<semantic version> (<device model>; iOS <system version>; Scale <mainScreen scale>)

    exampleJiveDaily/2.6.0 (iPhone; iOS 9.1; Scale/2.00)

    Jive Daily Android

    format:      jive-daily/<semantic version> android

    examplejive-daily/2.7.0 android


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