Version 12


    Step 1 - Register in AureaWorks


    Step 2 - Request Access to the Jive Developer Sandbox

    As of January 2013, the Jive Developer Sandbox is configured to accept only credentials for AureaWorks.

    • On the Jive Developer Community Home Page, click the SANDBOX link in the banner. (see below)


    Note:  After clicking "SANDBOX", a process will request access to the sandbox and then redirect you to it.

    Note:  If this is your first attempt to access the sandbox, your request could take up to 5 minutes.


    Step 3 - Log in to the Sandbox

    • It will automatically forward you to the sandbox after your request is granted, and then use your AureaWorks credentials to access the sandbox. You can subsequently just go directly to the sandbox at the following URL:
    • If you should run into problems, please contact to notify the developer relations team.


    On the Public Developer Sandbox you can:

    • Ability to hide add-on for all users except the 1 developer who installs it
    • Can build Tiles, Apps, REST API/OAuth clients without Jive Admin assistance


    You will; however, not be able to:

    • Cannot do ESF Development without Jive Admin assistance
    • Cannot do Cartridge Development without Jive Admin assistance
    • Cannot do Jive Connects for Apps Development without Jive Admin assistance
    • Cannot do Analytics / DES API Development without Jive Admin assistance
    • Team based development not supported
    • You cannot be a Full Access Admin of the Jive instance.