Version 6

    Understanding Jive Support Regional Case Routing

    Customers are able to select a specific Support Region when creating a new support case for Jive. This selection will determine if the case will be routed to a support agent who is working during a specific set of hours. Setting a specific region for a case can help expedite case communication and ensure that the case is being worked when it is most convenient for you.


    There are four options for a case's support region, which can be selected at the bottom of the case creation page:

    • No Preference
    • EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa)
    • Americas
    • APAC (Asia-Pacific)


    Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 3.14.56 PM.png

    Regional Hours and Case Routing Rules

    Selecting the No Preference for the region will allow the case to be assigned to the next available support agent working across any region. Selecting a specific region, like EMEA, Americas, or APAC, will cause the case to only be assigned to a support agent that is working during those business hours.


    Support Region

    Business Hours (PST)

    Business Hours (Local)

    Case Routing Rules

    No Preference12am - 6pm PST / PDTThe next available support agent across all regions can work the case
    EMEA12am - 9am PST / PDT8am - 5pm GMT / BST (UCT+1)The next available support agent working during the EMEA business hours will be assigned this case
    Americas6am - 6pm PST / PDT6am - 6pm PST / PDT (UTC-7)The next available support agent working during the Americas business hours will be assigned this case
    APAC3pm - 12am PST / PDT6am - 6pm SGT (UTC+8)The next available support agent working during the APAC business hours will be assigned this case




    How will this change impact me?

    Regional case routing will allow you to specify if you would prefer to have your case investigation started by a support agent who is working during a region's business hours.


    How does this affect case SLAs?

    Case SLAs will still be in place and cases will continue to be prioritized according to your Jive Support contract level.


    If you select a specific region for your case, then the SLA for the case will be calculated based on the business hours for your selected region.


    What happens if I file a Sev 1 issue?

    Regional routing and regional preferences do not apply to Sev 1 customer issues.


    All Sev 1 issues will be immediately assigned to the next available support engineer 24/7.


    When should I select No Preference Region during case creation?

    When you select the case region as No Preference your case has the potential to be worked by all available support agents. This is the standard case routing method and is the same as how Jive Support handled cases prior to the introduction of this feature.


    Depending on support agent availability, using No Preference routing means that your case may be picked up by a support agent who is not working during your business hours.


    When should I select my specific region instead of No Preference?

    You should select your specific region during case creation when you wish to only have your case initially worked by a support agent that is working during your business hours.


    This can be helpful if you want to prioritize case responses to happen when you are working during the day.


    This can also be important if you believe your case requires real-time communication, such as a phone call or WebEx.


    When should I select a region that is not my own?

    This may be something to do if you wish to have your case worked in the off hours or outside of your normal business hours. The support agent will be able to investigate the issue during off-peak hours, which can reduce end user impact.


    Selecting a region that has business hours outside of your normal traffic can be helpful for scheduling a system restart. For example, if you are based in the Americas region, and you want to schedule a restart for 2am PST, you can select your case to be handled by the EMEA team, who will be able to schedule and monitor the restart.


    Can I change a region after I create a case?

    The region can only be selected during case creation. If you would like to have a case transferred to a support agent in a different region, then please request this in a new reply in your support case. The support agent will coordinate the case transfer for you.


    Can I change the default region for all new cases I create?

    Not at this time. The ability to customize your default region for new cases is being considered for the future.