Version 1

    Overview & Use Cases

    Gmail integration provides Jive user information within Gmail and allows to convert emails to discussions and upload documents to Jive.

    The type of integration is external to Jive


    Use cases:

    • Learn about colleagues by embedding rich Jive profile fields inside Gmail
    • Socialize emails by converting them to Jive discussions and continuing the conversation in a discussion format when applicable (as opposed to bouncing emails)
    • Create file content objects in Jive by uploading attachments directly from Gmail

    Features & Screenshots

    Viewing People Information
    • People information is displayed in a right side bar.
    • Unidentified emails (such that do not have a matching email address in Jive use base) show as regaulr email links.
    • Mapping field is email. Admins can customize the Cartridge using the SDK and change the mapping field to any custom user field, and also change the displayed profile fields.
    • Clicking on a user opens up a user detail card with more info. Users can click on a link to navigate to Jive and open up the profile page of the user for further info.

    Uploading Files
    • For emails containing one or more attachments, users ca create an uploaded file document in Jive and include the attachment as the (version controlled) uploaded file

    Converting email to discussion
    • users can convert any email to a Jive discussion
    • Allows to crop past correspondence in the email boidy
    • Allows to upload one or more attachments in the email as attachments to the discussion
    • Allows to upload one or more embedded images in the email as attachments to the discussion

    View existing discussions per email
    • Pull-able side bar shows one or more discussions created for the email
    • Listed discussions can be expanded to show disucssion content item as well as any comment thread
    • Discussion view supports rich text editing including @mentions and supports Like

    Rich Jive View (JView) for notification emails
    • notification emails from jive that are related to content items are rendered in Gmail with a Jive view (JView)
    • JView supports social interaction including posting comments and Liking with full @mention capabilities
    • Emails can also be rendered using the default email template
    • notification emails also feature related content coming form Jive recommendation engine

    Technical Info & Compatibility

    • Powered by Jive anywhere, and implemented as a cartridge within the Gmail web experience
    • Recommended activation URL:
    • Gmail v2 Add-on requires JA 3.1
    • Gmail v2 requires Jive cloud , or on-prem/hosted version 8.0.1 and up

    Note: Gmail Add-on (previous version, or v1) is deprecated and is replaced by Gmail v2


    • Gmail v2 cartridge is packaged in an Add-on named Gmail v2 and available in global registry for licensed Jive editions