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    Simple, Beautiful Communications


    Better Together: Jive-n and Jive Daily


    What is Jive Daily?

    A: Jive Daily is a beautifully simple mobile newsreader app that delivers important information to the people your business depends on, in an easy and engaging way. Employees can comment, like, ask questions and get responses, and with live feedback and metrics, you’ll know who’s reading, and how they’re responding.


    What Jive-n releases is this app integrated with? How do I enable the integration?

    A: Jive Daily integrates with Jive-n 2015.3 Cloud Release and later. To configure the integration, an administrator needs to enable the Jive Daily add-on in the Jive-n Add-on registry, which will prompt the administrator to accept a separate terms and conditions. For details about how to do this, see Jive Daily Add-on Steps in Jive-n. Users will then need to be notified to download the Jive Daily app from Apple Store or Google Play store. They will need to use the same email address that is listed in their Jive-n profile to log in.


    Can I use it today?

    A: After 2015.3 is launched on Oct 2, the Admin for your Jive-n instance will need to configure the Jive Daily Add-on in your Jive-n instance to turn on the integration. Once that is completed, you can download Jive Daily from the App Store and Google Play Store and see all  your content in the app.


    How often does this app get updated?

    A: A new version is published every two weeks. End users will be automatically notified to update the app the same way the update other apps on their phone.


    What can you search for in Jive Daily?

    A: You can search for spaces, groups and people in the current Jive Daily release. As we continually innovate on a bi-weekly timeline, expect more search capabilities over the next few months.


    Do I need to pay extra for this app?

    A: It is included with Jive-n 2015.3 licenses. Jive Daily is also available as a standalone purchase with no integration to Jive-n.


    Can I deploy this app via a mobile device manager (MDM)?

    A: Not at this time, but MDM capabilities are on the roadmap.


    How is this app integrated into Jive-n? What's the user experience?

    A: Jive-n news streams are displayed in Jive Daily. Employees can read and interact with internal company news on the desktop via Jive-n, or on mobile via Jive Daily.


    When do I use Jive-n native mobile app vs Jive Daily app?

    • Jive Daily is great for employees who only want to get up to speed on what's going on in their team, department, office, company, quickly check their Jive-n inbox, and post status updates.
    • Jive-n native mobile app is great for employees who need to to all of that AND search across or create documents, discussions, upload videos, and write a blog post from their mobile device.


    What do we do with the current jive app that we have on our mobile device? do we need to delete it and download the new one from the apple store?

    A: No. While the current native mobile app focuses on content consumption and creation, searching, and inbox activities, Jive Daily is purposely designed for consuming targeted content and choosing what to follow. Users can easily view content and see impact metrics (# of views, likes, comments). It's similar in approach to what LinkedIn has done with Pulse and what Facebook has done with Paper. We're gathering feedback from customers and end users on the idea of a single consolidated app versus multiple, purpose-built apps for targeted experiences.


    How many end users will this app support?

    A: Jive Daily integrated with Jive-n can support as many users as Jive-n supports.


    Can I re-brand this app?

    A: Not at this time.


    Will the original Jive-n mobile app change with the new October release?

    A: There are no changes planned for the October release, but we have big plans to update this app for our 2016.1 cloud release, particularly in context with Circle, Chime, and Daily. More information will be shared closer to the 2016.1 release timeframe.


    What determines what image is used in Jive Daily if there are multiple images in the document?

    A: Currently, it chooses an image based on a few facets. It looks at the first uploaded image, not the first image in the content. Then is looks to ensure it's high resolution enough and not something like a 16px icon. We have plans in the next release to support a separate cover image for blog posts and events.


    Will Jive Daily impact metrics show opens, scrolled to bottom, or other ways to tell how many users read the entire doc?

    A: Currently it uses the same mechanism for views as Jive-n analytics, which doesn't track scrolling through the item.



    Evolved News Web Experience


    What are the enhancements to the News landing page?

    A: In this release, we incorporate quite a bit of feedback from our customers into the News web experience (to differentiate from the News mobile experience via Jive Daily or Jive native mobile app). Enhancements include:


    • The News page has added configurability with both wide and narrow tiles.
    • The left-hand navigation has been moved to the top of the page.
    • Custom streams are clickable from top navigation.
    • The activity layout shows blocks from subscription streams, Connections Updates, and Top & Trending. If there's no activity in any of these categories, you'll see Most Recent content.
    • Tiles in the right pane are always visible, even when you click into a stream.
    • You can now like articles from the News stream.
    • The body of a News item is no longer clickable, but the title is clickable and takes you directly to the item's page.
    • Comments are clickable and take you to the top of the comments thread on the item's page.
    • System announcements now reliably show at the top of the News page.
    • Users can control whether they're notified from each stream using the Preferences menu under the user avatar. These preferences now offer both email and mobile notifications, with mobile push notifications going to Jive Mobile apps (or Jive Daily if enabled).
    • Jive Daily now works against your Jive-n stream content if integration with Jive-n is configured.


    What is the difference between a News Homepage and a standard Home/Corporate Communications page?

    A: If you previously defined a home page, you can continue to make that page your Jive-n home page, but to avoid confusion we recommend disabling it and using the News layout as your central information source. Using the tiles on the News page, you can add image carousels and other tiles as a supplement to the curated streaming content News provides. Because you can now create streams like Executive Blogs using the News feature, you will likely have less need for the widget-heavy layouts many home pages rely on, and you'll be able to view your News layout on mobile devices as well.


    After News is enabled:

    • News is the landing page if you don't have a Home page defined and enabled.
    • Home is the landing page if you have a Home page defined and enabled.
    • Activity is the landing page if you disable both Home and News.


    Will the news feature still be optional? Or will it have to be implemented?

    A: The 2015.3 upgrade will turn news on for everyone. We are leaving the toggle in for one more quarter so you can go in and turn it off if you wish. In 2016.1, the toggle will be removed from the code, so please plan to enable this toggle well before then.


    For many more details about the enhanced News web experience, please read All About the News Feature in the Jive Community.


    New Tiles


    What are the new Tiles that are available on the News page?

    A: New tiles include:

    • Hero: Display a high-impact image with optional text and a linked call to action.
    • Banner: Add a series of linked images with text to promote important content.
    • Category: Display categories that are set up in a specific place.
    • Super List: Create a dynamic filtered list of content, people, or places.
    • Leaderboard: Display a list of the top scoring users in a specific place. If used on main page, it shows global leaders.
    • Featured Quest: Display the user's progress in completing a specific quest.
    • Tagged Content: Display content that matches specific tags.
    • Latest Blog Posts: Display the newest blog posts.


    Are banner and call-to-action different tiles? Are they only available for the news section or also for groups? What about the Hero tile?

    A: They are the same tile. We re-named the call-to-action tile as the banner tile. It is available for both the News page and within groups. The Hero tile, however, is only available on the News page.


    For global intranets, how are languages handled with all the new tiles?

    A: There is no change to how you likely handle this today with the widget overview/home page. The News page will primarily show content in the users language based on their subscriptions and what they follow, but the tiles do not yet support multi-language configurations. We did add the Latest Blog Post tile to spaces/groups so similar layouts can be created in language specific spaces/groups today.


    Can you use the super list to pull from 2+ specific places as opposed to one specific or all?

    A: Not currently. It's scoped to what the browse pages can do - so it can be global in the system, or for a specific person or a specific place. I'll take this feedback and see if there is a way to add it in the future. Thanks for the feedback!



    Intelligent Email Digests


    What are the daily digest emails, and how are they different from the old digest emails?

    A: Digest emails used to contain an assortment of content based on the user's followed activity. You can now enable "smart" digest emails that recommend only content the user hasn't read yet. Recommendations are based on trends in people, places, and content that are included in the user's inbox and custom streams, as well as people and content that mention the user. They also include activity that is trending community-wide.


    How do I enable the new email digests?

    A: Enabling this feature for existing Jive communities requires a Support case.


    Is this in addition to the emails the Daily mobile app sends?

    A: Yes, however the Jive Daily app email digest focuses on new articles in particular, whereas the new Jive-n email digests incorporate more of the user's activity in its recommended content.


    Can we reset the default frequency for all users for the digest email now that it has been improved?

    A: There currently isn't a way to do this for all users. You can change the default frequency for users who haven't already changed it on their own, however, by submitting a support ticket to request this change, as it is a system property setting.


    Can the Admin turn off the digest? Example: We send our own form of this already and don't want to change that experience.

    A: Yes, the new digest will have to be enabled. If you don't enable it, you can continue to use your existing digest email.


    Engagement & Rewards


    What is the new rewards functionality?

    A: The rewards service is the evolution of the points and levels that are offered as part of the Jive platform today. It is designed with the following goals in mind.

    • Onboard new users and quickly turn them into engaged users
    • Motivate your users to complete a set of actions or  display certain types of behavior
    • Convert your users into advocates, externally and internally


    Key capabilities include:

    • For new users: getting started lists and onboarding quests
    • For active users: repeating rewards, leadership badges, reward notifications
    • For power users: specialized quests, highlighted high-value activity, rare achievements, and more


    How Is it enabled?

    A: These new features will appear after your cloud environment has been upgraded. Your users' existing points and levels will be maintained in the new rewards service.


    What if we're using the Jive Advanced Gamification Module?

    A: If you have deployed the Jive Advanced Gamification Module, the rewards service will not be enabled, and you will continue to use the Advanced Gamification service.


    Do I need to pay extra for the rewards service?

    A: It's part of the cloud packages based on the packaging tier, and only available for cloud deployments at this time.


    Can we run this new functionality and the Advanced Gamification Module at the same time?

    A: They are two are separate integrations and cannot be utilized at the same time. The rewards service is targeted for communities who are not using the Advanced Gamification Module.


    Is it possible to put out quests and badges without an associated set of points or levels?

    A: There will be a required badge, and 1 point minimum.


    Can you target a specific place with a quest?

    A: Yes, you can target places, people, and content.  You can also reward a user for creating a certain type of content within a certain place.


    Where is the list of quests accessed from a user viewpoint? If group-specific, will they show up in places other than the particular group?

    A: Users will see quests appear in multiple areas:

    • All: Their profile, their Jive inbox, and anywhere the Featured Quest Tile appears.
    • Onboarding category: Makes the quest also show to new users within the 'Getting Started' experience.
    • Advocate category: Highlights quests within the new Advocate experience detailed here: Jive Cloud Engagement and Rewards FAQ



    Analytics and Insights


    What is the Analytics Dashboard?

    A: The Analytics Dashboard is a new micro-service that allows us to deliver use case focused dashboards in a more continuous delivery model. Each dashboard consists of multiple analytics reports. The first dashboard, Engagement Dashboard, will be launched on October 9, 2015, and will be rolled out in phases, with other use case specific dashboard becoming available later this year and next.


    What is the Engagement Dashboard?

    A: The Engagement Dashboard will give community managers the ability to visualize user interactions by job type, title, location, department, and other values to visualize the health and vibrancy of their Jive-n instance. Additionally, the community manager can view team engagement to uncover siloed behavior and encourage them to actively engage with the rest of the organization.  Community managers can also use Jive-n's advanced reporting to analyze community health, community adoption, user participation and user demographics.


    Does the Engagement Dashboard replace Community Manager Reports?

    A: Community managers will see a link to the new Engagement Dashboard at the top of the left menu on the Community Manager Reports (CMR) view. The new dashboards will be available through this link and will coexist with CMR. Over time, however, the plan is to evolve the dashboard capability enough to replace CMR.


    What are standard features in the Engagement Dashboard?

    A: Standard features include:

    • User to User Interactions: The Jive-n engagement reports shed light on questions such as which teams are interacting most effectively, where silos exist, and how geographies and departments are interacting. In one vivid snapshot, these reports showcase the breadth and depth of interaction amidst a company's community base. There are filters to provide views into interactions at a product, group or geographic level.
    • Engagement Index: Review community engagement and user activity, and watch how the community engagement changes over time.


    Does this cost extra?

    A: The Engagement Dashboard is provided as part of the cloud packages.


    A: How do the Analytics dashboards evolve over time?

    A: Users should see periodic updates to the dashboards every 2 to 4 weeks. With the Engagement Dashboard we are launching a new analytics service that allows Jive's analytics team to iterate on dashboards and analytics features more rapidly allowing for new updates to the analytics portfolio in a more frequent manner.


    Simplified Administration


    What's in the simple administration view?

    A: The new simple admin console shows the most common admin tasks, including:

    • Add users: Set up and manage user accounts and permissions.
    • Manager user groups: Create groups of users and grant them access to community areas and features.
    • Make someone an admin: Give someone else access to advanced configuration areas and this admin console.
    • Search for users: Find people, review their activity, and manage their accounts and permissions.
    • Structure your community: Create a hierarchy of spaces for your community.
    • Set global space permissions: Configure default permissions for any space you create.
    • Integrations: Quickly access the Add-ons registry.


    Can I still access the old administration console?

    A: Yes. There will be a link in the lower left to go to the Advanced Administration Console.


    I'm an existing cloud customer. How do I activate this simple admin console?

    A: To activate the simple admin console, submit a support ticket requesting that it be enabled.


    New and Enhanced Integrations


    Microsoft Connectors Enhancements


    What are the enhancements to the Microsoft Connectors?

    A: There are several enhancements to our Microsoft Connectors, including:

    • Ability to connect to an existing SharePoint site, designate a document library to act as an upload point, and designate one or more “additional libraries” to sync to Jive. For more details about all of the enhancements to our SharePoint integrations, please read Deep Dive: SharePoint Integrations in the Jive Community.
    • Added support for disconnecting from external storage
    • Maintenance release for Jive for Office and Outlook includes several bug fixes, plus brand-new installers that support system center configuration manager (SCCM) tools


    For more information about configuring these connectors, please see Documentation for Jive Cloud


    Google Connectors Enhancements


    What are the enhancements in the Google Connectors?

    A: There are several enhancements to our Google Connectors. They include:

    • Google Docs Connector
      • Change your storage provider after setting it up. If you initially choose Google Docs as your storage provider, you can later change that back to Jive. Jive will provide a link to the last known Google Drive location for affected documents.
      • Receive a notification when someone edits a Google doc, up to one notification a day.
      • Use our enhanced permissions. When a place admin configures a place, they can now select Google permissions or Jive permissions.
    • Google Drive Connector
      • Added ability to provision a Google permission group on a connected folder
    • Google Gmail Connector (Gmail v2 Cartridge)
      • Show user information and profile in Gmail
      • Convert emails to Jive-n discussions
      • Show notification emails in rich Jive-n view
      • Upload documents to Jive-n
      • Show related content from Jive-n


    What is the new Google Hangouts Connector?

    A: This new connector is built as an add-on, and can be installed to a Jive-n instance on demand via our add-on framework. When installed, your Jive-n users will be able to initiate Google Hangouts meetings from within the Jive community, as long as they have a Google Hangouts account. For more details, please read Deep Dive: Jive Connector for Hangouts in the Jive Community.


    Can the Google integration plug into a corporate google account? Keeping google docs out of employees personal accounts?

    A: The Google connectors require that a Jive-n user account is set up, which is specifically used to access the Google services for the entire Jive-n instance, including Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs. For more details about setting up Google Docs integration, please read the Jive for Google Work documentation.


    Jive Chime Integration


    What is Jive Chime?

    A: Jive Chime is a secure real-time messaging app for your team. It's the easiest way to contact colleagues on the go or at their desks, to enable you to get work done faster. It includes a mobile app that syncs with a desktop app.


    What Jive-n releases is this app integrated with? How do I enable the integration?

    A: Jive-n 2015.3 cloud release and later. To configure the integration, an administrator can enable one or both of the following Add-ons in the Jive-n Add-on registry:

    • Jive Connector for Jive Chime: Adds Click-to-Chime button to profiles and profile hover cards, and a Share-With-Chime App action on content items. For details about how to enable this, please see Jive Chime Add-on Steps in Jive-n (2015.3 release)
    • Jive Identity Connector: Available for additional purchase, this connector enables user data to sync between Chime and Jive-n, and give administrators the ability to manage Chime users. Please contact your Jive representative for more information.


    Can I use it today?

    A:  Before 2015.3 Cloud release is generally available on October 2, 2015, you may certainly download the Jive Chime app from the Apple Store, Google Play Store, Mac OS X store, or Windows store, but it will not be integrated with your Jive-n instance. To integrate it, an administrator will need to configure the Jive Connector for Jive Chime add-on.


    How often does this app get updated?

    A: A new version is published every two weeks. End users will be automatically notified to update the app.


    How is this app integrated into Jive-n? What's the user experience?

    A: There are several ways Jive Chime will be integrated with the Jive-n 2015.3 cloud release. They include:

    • Employee profile data is synced between Jive-n and Jive Chime (requires separate purchase of Chime and configuration of the new Jive Identity Add-On)
    • Users will be able to click on a user's profile page or profile hover card to start a Chime desktop app session with another user.
    • When viewing content, users will be able to click Share with Chime, which will open the Chime desktop app and automatically place a link to the content in a new or selected Chime session.


    Do I need to pay extra for this app?

    A: While Jive Chime is free for use and the click-to-Chime and share-with-Chime integration work with the free version, it requires additional purchase if you wish to integrate employee profile data with Jive-n and manage users in Chime. Contact your Jive sales representative to discuss pricing and packaging.


    Can I deploy this app via a mobile device manager (MDM)?

    A: Not at this time, but it is on the roadmap.


    How many end users will this app support?

    A: We plan for Chime to scale to 50,000 users by the end of October, and higher numbers by the end of 2015.


    How many people can one Chime group include?

    A: Today, each Chime group can support up to 100 people. However, our roadmap includes integrating Chime group membership with Jive-n group membership.


    Can I re-brand this app?

    A: No.


    Are admins able to monitor content?

    A: Not at this time.


    Can you prevent people from inviting others to a chime group?

    A: Not at this time.


    I have executives who will want to hide their availability from the rest of the company, but make themselves available to other executives only. Is this possible in Chime?

    A: Not at this time.


    What are the differences between Chime's abilities and the Jabber add-on? Are there any distinctive features one has that the other doesn't?

    A: Today, there aren't very many differences between what the user experiences when clicking to call or chat with Jabber, or clicking to Chime or share with Chime. However, Jive Chime's feature and integration roadmap will quickly surpass Jive-n integration with Jabber, not to mention integration with Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business Online. Also note that Jive Chime and its integration with Jive-n is built in-house at Jive and is updated/innovated upon on a bi-weekly basis, whereas the Jabber and Lync add-ons are built and managed by a third party and are unlikely to be updated.


    What is Jive Chime's feature and Jive-n integration roadmap?

    A:  Jive Chime and its integration with Jive-n is built in-house at Jive and is updated/innovated upon on a bi-weekly basis. Here are a few Jive Chime roadmap items (NOTE that roadmap plans are subject to change without notice):

    • Jive Chime group membership integrated with Jive-n group membership
    • Content preview in Jive Chime when a link to content is pasted into a chat session
    • Conversion of Chime chat session into Jive-n discussion thread


    Any integration between Jive-n and Skype for Business Online?

    A: Yes, a third party has developed an add-on that integrates Jive-n with Microsoft Lync, now re-branded as Skype for Business Online. Please contact your Jive sales representative to learn more about pricing and packaging for this add-on.


    Can you make lists so that you can easily track people you chat with frequently?

    A: Fairly similar to a list, you can create a dedicated, named chat group for one or many other users and invite people to join the chat group. They can, in turn, choose to leave the chat group.



    Jive Circle Integration


    What is Jive Circle?

    A: Jive Circle is a secure mobile employee directory for your company. It enables users to search and find colleagues through a streamlined, purpose-built mobile experience. Users can click to Chime (requires users to download Jive Chime), email, or phone colleagues, view where they appear in the organizational chart, and see whether they're available, in the office or at another location.


    What Jive-n releases is this app integrated with? How do I enable the integration?

    A: Jive-n 2015.3 cloud release and later. To enable integration, an administrator must configure the Jive Identity Add-on in the add-on registry. This will synchronize employee data from Jive-n to Jive Circle, and also enable the integration between Jive Circle and Jive Chime. NOTE: Jive Circle is available for additional purchase. Please contact your Jive representative for details.


    Can I use it today?

    A: After 2015.3 is launched on October 2nd, and after a purchase of Jive Circle is completed, the admin for your Jive-n instance will need to configure the integration via an add-on. Once that is completed, your company can download Jive Circle from the App Store and Google Play Store and see all  your content in the app. 


    How often does this app get updated?

    A: A new version is published every two weeks. End users will be automatically notified to update the app.


    Do I need to pay extra for this app?

    A: Yes, Jive Circle is available at additional cost, similar to other connectors for Jive-n.


    Where does the data for the Availability and Location fields come from when Circle is integrated with Jive-n, and is it synced back to Jive-n if the end user changes the information?

    A: The list of possible menu options are created by an administrator in his/her Jive Circle app and push into Jive-n. Users can set their availability and location field values in either Jive-n or Jive Circle and it will be synced between the two.


    How can we edit the list of locations to choose from?

    A: An administrator can edit the list of locations and availability options that the whole company chooses from via administrative settings in the Jive Circle app. Note that these admin settings are only available to designated Jive Circle administrators.


    Does location data in Jive Circle appear in Jive-n profiles?

    A: Yes.


    How many end users will this app support?

    A: We plan for Circle to scale to 50,000 users by the end of October, and higher numbers by the end of 2015.


    Can I re-brand this app?

    A: No.


    More about Jive Chime, Jive Circle, and Jive Daily


    Do Jive Chime, Jive Daily, and Jive Circle require a cloud service in AWS?

    A: Only Jive Circle and Jive Chime require a back-end cloud service in AWS. Jive Daily will connect directly to the Jive-n instance and it requires no back-end server.  However Jive Daily will require the Jive-n instance to be Cloud 2015.3 or later.


    What data does Jive Workstyle apps persist inside AWS?

    A: Jive Chime and Jive Circle persist both user-created data and personally identifiable (PII) data about the user (name, email, telephone number etc.). Jive Daily does not persist any data as it is a mobile client connected directly to the underlying Jive-n instance.


    Is the data stored in AWS encrypted?

    A: Migration to a secure AWS center is currently underway, and will be completed within the next few weeks.


    When will Jive's new mobile apps support AWS hosted in EMEA?

    A: Roadmap includes AWS hosted support in EMEA, dependent upon market demand.


    Do the new Apps work with SAML authentication, same as Jive-n?

    A: Yes, same as the current Jive-n mobile application.