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    Top places to ask questions

    Here are the top four places to ask a question in the JiveWorks community:



    Places to fine-tune your interests

    Places for...



    News - Find the latest news from around the JiveWorks community

    Blogs: Jive Talks - Jive's thought leadership and member blogs

    Customer-Only News and Announcements - To request access to the Jive Customer Hub private space, click here and comment: Request to be added to the Jive Customer list!

    Product & Support

    Product (some of these places require customer-only access)




    About JiveWorks



    Jive Training - Your first stop for user training, community manager training and Jive-led courses

    Jive Adoption Resource Center Guidance and best practices for launching and managing your community


    Peer-to-Peer: Share best practices with other community managers

    Jive Internal Communities - Discuss employee communities and interactive intranets

    Jive External Communities - Discuss customer, partners and support communities


    JiveWorld365 - Learn more about our biggest conference of the year

    Customer Hub

    Jive Customer Hub To request access to this private space and the links below, click here and comment: Request to be added to the Jive Customer list!

    Developers & Partners


    On the Web: Jive Developers

    In the JiveWorks community: Jive Developers

    Theme and UI/X Discussion



    Partner Home - a private space for partner enablement and partner-only collaboration

    Partner Community - a place for customers to find partners to help them with their community