Version 6

    ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
    Activity,Activity: Structured OutcomesJIVE-48987S2Unresolving and deleting a resolved action item does not stick
    ActivityJIVE-49875S2Activity Stream “thumbnail” images display order is inconsistent
    Activity,Activity: Admin ConsoleJIVE-51100S2KyroSerializer - Custom Dictionary Words do not replicate across cluster due to serialization exception
    Activity,Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-51875S2Group @mentions create notification in stream but do not create email notification
    ActivityJIVE-54064S1News streams directed at Everyone disappear when users are deleted from the community
    Activity,Activity: Admin ConsoleJIVE-54905S2Message Governor prevents status update
    ActivityJIVE-55164S2When Inbox is empty, News is disabled, and Simple Home Page is enabled, you can't navigate to the Inbox
    Activity,Activity: Actions,AppsJIVE-56489S2App Actions missing for users who do not have edit permissions on video
    Activity,Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-56657S1Basic Incoming Email populates the incorrect Reply To address
    Activity,Activity: NewsJIVE-55141S1Enabling email notifications for an Everyone News stream doesn't result in email notifications
    Activity,Activity: NewsJIVE-58866S2An unexpected error has occurred after trying to create a new stream with a name existing
    Activity,Activity: GamificationJIVE-58936S1Mission Description/Name fields are not being rendered/translated properly
    Activity,Activity: NewsJIVE-59016S2When News is disabled, Inbox is missing from the top navigation bar
    Activity,Activity: Admin ConsoleJIVE-59100S2Adding a URL to the filters and macros option redirects users back to Welcome page instead of sending them to requested page
    Activity,Activity: GamificationJIVE-59114S2Error when trying to load gamification store after enabling it
    Activity,Activity: Custom StreamsJIVE-59192S1Unable to edit or create new custom streams when News is off
    Activity,Activity: Custom StreamsJIVE-61331S3Email Watches stream is not present in the list of activity streams when News is enabled
    Activity,Activity: InboxJIVE-59210S2Inbox notification missing from header bar next to avatar when News is disabled
    ActivityJIVE-59875S2accessibility: A required ARIA attribute is missing
    ActivityJIVE-59876S2accessibility: A required child role for the ARIA role is missing
    Activity,Activity: AccessibilityJIVE-59877S2accessibility: An ARIA attribute was used that is not allowed for this role
    Activity,Activity: AccessibilityJIVE-59878S2accessibility: An unknown ARIA attribute was used.
    Activity,Activity: AccessibilityJIVE-59880S2accessibility:The value of an ARIA attribute was invalid or of the wrong type. If you are using an id reference, make sure the id exists.
    Activity,Activity: AccessibilityJIVE-59884S2accessibility:At least one option element must be selected within this group.
    Activity,Activity: AccessibilityJIVE-59886S2accessibility:Images must have an alt attribute
    Activity,Activity: AccessibilityJIVE-59887S2accessibility: There is no mechanism to bypass navigation links.
    Activity,Activity: AccessibilityJIVE-59888S2accessibility: The script element does not have a corresponding noscript element.
    Activity,Activity: AccessibilityJIVE-59932S2Inbox should be structured as a list for accessibility
    Activity,Activity: InboxJIVE-59972S1Cannot comment on content items in the Inbox
    Activity,Activity: NewsJIVE-61063S2News streams show the creation date for scheduled blog posts, not the publication date
    Activity,Activity: Custom Streams,Activity: NewsJIVE-61224S2News Streams - User gets non-functional option to follow Content in Global Stream
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-49758S2Community Manager Reports: Profile Completion CSV export: Add "Member Since" field
    Analytics,Analytics: Data ExportJIVE-60554S1Remove user modify events from the items that make up Engagement Index
    Analytics,Analytics: CMR,Analytics: DashboardsJIVE-60613S2Community Health Report deltas can be larger than current value
    Apps,Apps: MarketJIVE-60316S1Gadgets Redirect - gadgets/ifr Redirect URL is appended with port 8080
    Architecture,Architecture: Extended APIsJIVE-59630S2Download full activity report on ExtendedAPIS usage logs page fails
    Architecture,Architecture: EventsJIVE-47872S2Event invitation does not include a link to the Event
    Architecture: JavaScript,PeopleJIVE-56459S1Intermittent missing template errors on News page
    Architecture: JavaScript,PeopleJIVE-59990S2@mention broken when = true
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-47183S2Encoded ampersand in Event ICS breaks WebEx hyperlinks
    ContentJIVE-49975S2Logging in from Jive Android App does not update "last logged in" field in profile
    Content,Content: TaggingJIVE-51281S2Orphaned Tags or setting jive.tagCloud.rebuildCloudOnStartup to True does not invalidate the Tag Cloud cache
    Content,Content: SEOJIVE-51709S2"Edit Place Overview Page" is placed into an <h1> tag which is bad for SEO
    Content, Content: SEOJIVE-62320S2targetUser parameter with bad userID generates 500 error
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-55977S2Invalid startdate and Invalid enddate format errors when creating Event in Polish Language
    Content,Content: Email Content CreationJIVE-57209S2Invite Others (Personal Note) template doesn't reflect the root space name
    Content,Content: Admin ConsoleJIVE-57256S1Document Management screen in admin console cannot be accessed
    ContentJIVE-57739S2Several URLMappings have incorrect unauthorized/unauthenticated behavior for anonymous users
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-58545S1Event attendance check can perform poorly with large numbers of attendees
    ContentJIVE-58793S1When deleting content in a non root context instance, users aren't redirected correctly
    Content,Mobile: ResponsiveJIVE-58806S2Landscape mode does not show create, user and search menus in a browser on iPhone 6/6+
    ContentJIVE-58816S2"New" Documents/Questions cannot support jive.default.comments.paginator.threshold > 100
    Content,Content: Discussions,People: Authentication / LDAPJIVE-58873S1When no values are mapped to first or last name on the directory server, federated users can't reply to discussions
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-59067S1After login, referrer redirects should send absolute URLs not prefixed with the jiveURL to the community landing page
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-59135S1When you authenticate via SSO, open browser tabs redirect to the landing page instead of the page that was being requested
    Content, People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-63261S1Users can create standard accounts when SSO is enabled
    ContentJIVE-59196S2unescapeHTML is undefined in Browse History View for Insert Links
    ContentJIVE-59211S2Cannot edit replies to new (beta) questions
    Content,Content: Status UpdatesJIVE-59324S2Can't repost a status update from the status update page
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-59348S2Referrer lost because the fragment is duplicated after being redirected to SSO
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-59470S1SAML SSO login with non-base64 encoded RelayState fails
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-60021S2SSO redirects incorrectly for group invitees when guest users enabled
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-60168S2Manage Files does not give error when trying to upload disallowed file types
    Content,Content: Email Content CreationJIVE-60618S2Disabling "create by email" does not remove Action from Widget
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-60661S2"Uncaught ReferenceError: jiveprojecttooltip is not defined" error when hovering over flags in checkpoint widget
    Content,Content: ModerationJIVE-61415S2Moderation queue doesnt load when comment pending approval and its document is deleted.
    Content,Content: Admin ConsoleJIVE-47703S2Manually entering date in audit log changes the date to 1 day before
    Content,Content: Admin ConsoleJIVE-54938S1Storage provider > migration progress bar is not displaying the progress.
    Content,Content: Blogs / Blog PostsJIVE-51613S2Sharing a blog post to another blog returns the red bar error
    Content,Content: BookmarksJIVE-62578S1News returns an Unexpected Error if the instance has any recent external bookmarks
    Content, Content: BoxJIVE-62753S1Synchronizing a large file from Box results in an unexpected error on the Content tab of the Box-linked place
    Content,Content: Browsing,People: Browsing,Places: BrowsingJIVE-59053S1In non-root context instances, users aren't always redirected correctly after accepting terms and conditions
    Content,Content: CommentsJIVE-24434S2Rejected comments are still used in the count value of comments for objects in the activity streams
    Content,Content: DocumentsJIVE-59085S2New documents (Beta) showing Unexpected Error
    Content,Content: DocumentsJIVE-59978S1Save Draft should return to binary upload form pages
    Content, Content: DocumentsJIVE-63339S1In IE9, can't type in a document or cancel document creation
    Content,Content: EntitlementsJIVE-55350S2User Group Admins cannot easily manage their User Groups
    Content,Content: EntitlementsJIVE-58768S1Users with Moderate Content system permissions and the Group Admin role cannot edit comments in that group
    Content,Content: EntitlementsJIVE-59043S2Viewing new documents and questions when Unauthorized causes a Java exception
    Content, Content: EntitlementsJIVE-63008S2"Manage News Streams" doesn't allow users to edit a News stream page that already contains an add-on-based tile
    Content,Content: IdeationJIVE-55558S2Repeated counts in Ideation queries can cause poor performance in large deployments
    Content,Content: ModerationJIVE-40055S2Incorrect error message is shown when a new approver user is added after editing a document
    Content,Content: PollsJIVE-53707S2Poll end date is incrementing by one day when it is edited
    Content,Content: Tagging,Content: WidgetsJIVE-54199S2Tag search result URLs in the Formatted Text widget do not work when tags have special characters
    Content,Content: TaggingJIVE-58094S2Categories assigned to a blog post are reset when moved to another place
    Content,Content: VideoJIVE-57425S2Inbox and Email Notifications for @mentions in Videos are not happening
    Content,Content: VideoJIVE-58803S2It is possible for videos uploaded to projects to never report completion of uploading
    Content,Content: VideoJIVE-59024S2Comments on Videos - the "Actions" menu doesn't work
    Content,Content: VideoJIVE-59472S1Content Object video display is small and off center
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-47649S2Under high load,  tag clouds in the Recent Content widget can overload the database and affect performance
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-52689S2Static slide images remain and can't be removed from the UI
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-54665S2Slideshow Carousel widget - database entries can persist for invalid/nonexistent slides
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-59301S2Uncaught ReferenceError: autocompleteContainer is not defined in the View Blogs widget when trying to change the blog
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-59418S2Search Widget in Overview page does not have its usual dropdown
    Content EditorJIVE-45402S2Cannot @mention using an international keyboard
    Content Editor,Content Editor: LinksJIVE-47728S2Content titles containing ampersands are displayed with unescaped code in links
    Content EditorJIVE-51935S2@Mention and !App buttons not translated when lanuage is set to to Simplified Chinese
    Content Editor,Content Editor: ImagesJIVE-59734S1An intermittent image load failure on the Welcome page results in an exception
    Content Editor,Content Editor: LinksJIVE-59111S2Unable to use Insert Link option in Content Editor
    Content Editor,Content Editor: LinksJIVE-59537S2Rendered links containing "#" get stripped when External Links in New Tab is enabled
    Content Editor,Content Editor: MacrosJIVE-49817S2Content Editor handles links containing file:\\ by returning a null pointer exception
    Content Editor,Content Editor: MacrosJIVE-59804S1Only one of Brightcove's embed options works with Content Editor macros
    Content Editor,Content Editor: OtherJIVE-54661S2Can't type @ character when using Windows International Keyboard
    Content Editor,Content Editor: OtherJIVE-57211S2Quote feature is broken in Advanced editor in replies
    Content Editor,Content Editor:OtherJIVE-62138S2Jive Anywhere missing from Tools page in IE10
    Jive CorePBOX-1053S2Jive Rewards badges are too large
    Jive Core, Rewards DashboardPBOX-1055S2Selecting a progressive points scheme in Jive Rewards results in negative points totals
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-47723S2jiveOAuthAccessLog updated unnecessarily on every oauth request
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: OpenSocial APIJIVE-58225S2Issue with Tiles "adjustHeights" on Add-Ons Hosted On Different Domains
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: TilesJIVE-58547S2Performance is sometimes very slow when adding tiles
    Jive Platform APIs, Jive Platform APIs: TilesJIVE-61260S1CURLs against stream integration webhook return 500 if not sent to initial node
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-59450S1X-JCAPI-Token cookie erroneously set as HttpOnly
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-59699S1PersonService getAllPeople with large count specified can cause application to run out of memory
    People,People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-46362S2Profile field in admin console works erratically
    PeopleJIVE-48349S2Deactivated users are included in "Following" count on people
    People,People: Email,People: InvitationsJIVE-49618S2Group Email Invitations fail to be sent if the invitee's email profile field is not visible to the inviting user
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-51569S2Custom Profile Fields are automatically added to Hover Card Fields
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-54828S2Date displays incorrectly on hover card when user's personal locale is set to D/M/Y format
    People, People: User ProfilesJIVE-62972S1With Language and Locale hidden in Preferences, you can't save any user preferences
    People,People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-54911S2Community Domain lists with more than 3500 characters generate an unexpected error and are not shared to other nodes or stored in the database
    People,People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-62001S2Group Summary page in Jive Admin Console limited to first 100 permission groups
    People,People: Authentication / LDAPJIVE-55193S2LDAP sync not disabling users when 'Disable federated user accounts not found in the directory' is unchecked.
    People,People: AccessibilityJIVE-58573S2Using "Remember my details" in Chrome disables login
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-58577S2Content-Type is incorrectly served as JPEG in /crop-image-display.jspa
    PeopleJIVE-59150S2Non-authenticated users see an error message that the page cannot be found instead of being redirected to login page
    Places,Places: WidgetsJIVE-17786S2Space and Project Overview widget does not display line breaks
    Places, Places: WidgetsJIVE-62788S2With the Featured Video widget configured, you can't edit the Overview page
    Places,Places: ProjectsJIVE-38410S2Improve error message when creating a Checkpoint with a due date that is past the Project end date
    Places,Places: ProjectsJIVE-55816S2Project Calendar Date Picker is loading i18n keys with IE11 Compatibility Mode and intermittently in other browsers
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-56091S2Social Group Member Management sort by Name fails
    Places,Places: Create MenuJIVE-56170S2Icon for unavailable places overlaps the place name
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-56233S2Create option remains hidden for themes created with custom links when create nav bar is re-enabled
    Architecture: Soy,PlacesJIVE-57017S2BundleProvider getBundleResourcePath returns an improperly formatted URL
    Places,Places: SpacesJIVE-57399S2Keyword Interceptors can interfere with merging spaces
    Places,Places: SpacesJIVE-57402S2Merging spaces will fail if source space does not support the share content type
    Places,Places: SpacesJIVE-57725S2Message Governor can interfere with merging spaces
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-57950S1Adding phrase substitution to a theme yields null pointer exceptions on each pageload, and can cause a very large jiveMessageQueue table
    Places,Places: ProjectsJIVE-58944S2Disabling projects in a space does not remove references to projects
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-59017S2Attempting to add a new image during place banner management results in an error
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-59680S1Global Theme - custom soy files linger on instance even after Global Theme is removed
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-59796S2Key Dates always shift a date backward when your local PC time zone is set to GMT+1 or greater
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-59841S1CSS strings with multiple values that are undeclared causes Jive to break the CSS on publish
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-59915S2Editing a custom link to create a multi-link dropdown results in a redirect to the original link
    Places,Places: SpacesJIVE-59955S2Banner Image in a space is not removed on Save
    PlacesJIVE-59981S1In URLs for Pages created in places whose name contains spaces, the spaces are converted to + signs
    Places,Places: Admin ConsoleJIVE-60796S2Place Template Management - hidden categories are duplicated and reactivated
    PlacesJIVE-61311S2Can't select a Place Banner preset
    Records RetentionJIVE-57919S2When file size limits are increased to allow very large file sizes, Records Retention emails can cause performance problems on the server
    Rewards DashboardPBOX-1022S1Typeahead player search in Jive Rewards returns no results or random users
    Rewards DashboardPBOX-1032S2You can't select a space when limiting the location of a Rewards strategy or quest
    Search: Spotlight v2, Analytics,SearchJIVE-57508S2Large images/files can degrade performance, if contained in content that appears in spotlight search 'suggestions'
    Search,Search: Admin ConsoleJIVE-62293S2Cannot save content search synonyms in the admin console
    Search,Search: Spotlight v2JIVE-59089S2Spotlight search pop out gets cut off and allows the scroll bar to go off screen
    Search,Search: UIJIVE-59989S2Promoted Search Results displaying in incorrect order
    Search,Search: PeopleJIVE-60177S2User Search stop words are searchable