Version 10

    System Requirements

    On-Prem (Air Gapped)
    Jive for SharePoint Online & Office 365Jive-n (current)Jive-n 8.0.1+Jive-n 8.0.1+#NA

    Installation Instructions

    1. Install the SharePoint Online & Office 365 Add-On:
      1. Login to your community as a system administrator
      2. Click the profile menu and go to "Add-Ons"
      3. Under "All Add-Ons," click "Available"
      4. If you are on cloud - locate the "SharePoint Online & Office 365" add-on and click the "Install" button to the right.
      5. If you are on hosted/on-prem - download and install the Add-on from here by clicking the upload Package button.
    2. Download the required Authenticator App:
      1. PHX Datacenter Customers
        1. Jive for SharePoint Online
      2. AMS Datacenter Customers
        1. Jive for SharePoint Online
    3. Follow the installation instructions here: Jive for Office 365


    Optional Installation


    Download the web-parts zip file attached to this document based on your datacenter (US/EU), and follow the instruction here here