Version 1

    This short guide explains many of the new features and known changes to Jive-n and Jive-x with the 2015.3 Release. We hope it will help you get ready for this release and explain it to your users.


    These aren't all the changes you may see in 2015.3! Stay tuned for further release communications from Product Management.


    What changes will all upgraded users see?


    The following changes affect both Jive-x and Jive-n communities.


    Updates to News and Streams

    News and streams got a substantial redesign in line with usability input from you, the customer.

    The following items have changed:


    • The News page has added configurability with both wide and narrow tiles, including a "hero tile" at the top of the page that provides a high-impact image with optional text and a linked call to action. See "Tiles Evolution" below to see how the News page is getting even better with new and improved tiles.
    • The left-hand navigation has been moved to the top of the page, with links to subscription streams, Connections Updates (formerly Connections stream--this will be renamed again to "Following" before release), and Top & Trending at the left, followed by custom streams and connection streams.
    • Custom streams are clickable from top navigation.
    • The activity layout shows blocks from subscription streams, Connections Updates, and Top & Trending. If there's no activity in any of these categories, you'll see Most Recent content.
    • Tiles in the right pane are always visible, even when you click into a stream.
    • You can now like articles from the News stream.
    • The body of a News item is no longer clickable, but the title is clickable and takes you directly to the item's page.
    • Comments are clickable and take you to the top of the comments thread on the item's page.
    • System announcements now reliably show at the top of the News page.
    • Users can control whether they're notified from each stream using the Preferences menu under the user avatar. These preferences now offer both email and mobile notifications, with mobile push notifications going to Jive Mobile apps (or Jive Daily if enabled).
    • Our purpose-built news reader mobile app, Jive Daily, now works against your Jive-n stream content--see below for more details.



    In Jive-n communities, users with Externally Accessible Groups access will now only see Connections Updates (formerly Connections stream) in News. They will not be able to see Everyone news streams or other community content. Jive-x guest users will still be able to see Everyone streams and other public content.


    Tiles Evolution

    There are a number of new tiles, and some changes to how you use and select tiles.


    • The much-anticipated HTML tile is now available out of the box.
    • The News page includes a new "hero tile" as explained above.
    • The new Banner tile provides a tighter, more styled presentation for a row of images, with less white space than the Carousel tile.
    • The new "Super List"  tile lets you present a filtered view of content, people, or places that is updated dynamically. For example, when you browse People, you can filter the list to find all the people with the skill "public speaking". Then scroll to the bottom of the page, click Use this view in a tile, and copy the query string. When you use that query in a Super Tile, that filtered list (updated whenever new people get that skill!) will show up on a place page or home page.
    • The new Categories tile lets you feature categories on place pages for simpler navigation.
    • Places now have their own Latest Blog Posts tile.
    • The Tagged Content tile can now be filtered by content type and is sorted by latest modification rather than alphabetically.
    • Tile selection has a new categorization scheme that better reflects how people use tiles. Tiles from add-ons such as Deal Room are now categorized in an External Add-ons section. To see which tiles are available in each kind of page and how they're categorized, see the Place Template Tile Reference, the News Tile Reference, and the Your View Tile Reference in the documentation.
    • The following tiles now have configurable titles (and you can remove the title entirely):
      • Content Sets
      • Expandable Sections
      • Featured People
      • Helpful Links
      • Key Content and Places
      • Key Dates


    Right-to-Left Language Support

    We now offer Arabic and Hebrew translations of the Jive interface, and the following support for RTL languages:


    • The content editor accepts RTL text.
    • When a right-to-left locale is selected, text in documents, discussion prompts, comments, replies, widgets, tiles, and so on flows from right to left.
    • The page flow is reversed. For example, controls and field labels are right-aligned rather than left-aligned.
    • Support includes the core Jive web application displayed to end users, including the following:
      • Responsive mobile on a mobile browser (but not the mobile apps)
      • Search
      • Analytics reporting and impact stats
      • Events
      • Video
      • Gamification end user UI


    The following areas, integrations, and features are not supported:

    • Document previews
    • Jive mobile apps (but responsive view of the application on a mobile browser IS supported)
    • Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook
    • Jive Anywhere
    • External storage provider solutions like Box, SharePoint, Google Docs, and Dropbox
    • Spell checking


    Rewards and Engagement

    If you aren't using Advanced Gamification, you'll be seeing changes to how your points and levels work as we roll out enhancements to basic rewards within Jive.  Selecting the admin link to your rewards solution that lets you configure on-boarding quests for new users and advocate quests for power users as well as for repeated patterns of activity over time ("mastery quests" that contain levels of achievement). The default settings for activities in Jive have been configured to focus on business values and known patterns of adoption in Jive. The rewards administration is designed for easy configuration and customization.


    • Points already earned will be applied to the default settings in the updated rewards system.
    • As the community manager, you'll have the opportunity to configure these levels (for example by adding new ones and providing new names and icons for them).
    • Typical community quests are built in. You can enable and disable them, and create your own.


    Check your community manager Inbox for instructions on accessing the rewards console and adjusting point levels to match your community needs, and expect more complete communication and documentation at release time!


    Search Synonyms

    You can now configure content search synonyms in Cloud! Synonyms improve content searches by returning results for common related or alternate terms. To configure search synonyms, go to System > Settings > Search > Content Search in the admin console.


    Disconnect Places from an External Storage Provider

    If you use an external storage provider such as Box, Dropbox, Google Docs, or SharePoint, you can now disconnect a place from the storage provider. Files will continue to reside on the storage provider side, with a visual indicator or link in Jive to indicate that the files are no longer accessible from the place in Jive.


    Brightcove Video Enhancements/Configuration Change

    Brightcove video embedding support has been revisited to support more functionality. The new implementation supports Brightcove's new "smart player", which supports HTML5 or Flash. It also supports all available embed formats.


    The new Brightcove functionality relies on updating the playerKey configured in Jive with a playerKey from a new-style embed code. If your installation is still using an old-style playerKey, Brightcove videos won't play. For a seamless upgrade, please contact Support and provide your updated embed information before upgrade.



    The following changes affect only Jive-n instances.



    Enhancements to Google Docs

    Google Docs will include the following improvements and behavior changes:

    • Change your storage provider after setting it up. If you initially choose Google Docs as your storage provider, you can later change that back to Jive. Jive will provide a link to the last known Google Drive location for affected documents.
    • Receive a notification when someone edits a Google doc, up to one notification a day.
    • Use our enhanced permissions. When a place admin configures a place, they can now select Google permissions or Jive permissions.


    Jive Chime Integrated with Jive-n

    Jive Chime is an optional lightweight messaging app that lets your users quickly and securely connect with teammates, plus share content and places with them. You'll need to install Chime as an add-on in your community. Here's our help topic with instructions.


    What changes will upgraded users see only if an admin turns them on?

    The following change affects both Jive-x and Jive-n communities.

    Enhanced Digest Emails

    Digest emails used to contain an assortment of content based on the user's followed activity. You can now enable "smart" digest emails that recommend only content you haven't read yet. Recommendations are based on trends in people, places, and content that are included in the user's inbox and custom streams, as well as people and content that mention the user. They also include activity that is trending community-wide.


    Enabling this feature for existing Jive communities requires a Support case.


    Mixed-Mode Authentication

    Jive now supports mixed-mode authentication when SSO is enabled. This feature is useful for communities that may include users managed in Active Directory or another directory service, but also include participation from users who are not federated. Unlike the Externally Accessible groups feature, which grants users access only to specific private groups but not the rest of community content, Mixed Mode allows external users to be granted full or partial community access based on Jive permission groups.


    When SSO is enabled, the Form-Based Login setting located at People > Settings > Login Settings enables the dual login page where users can select their relationship to the community. The default sections are Employee Login and Non-Employee Login. The text for the login page is configurable at People > Settings > Single Sign-on > Login Entry Page.


    The following change affects only Jive-n communities.


    Easy Integration of Jive Daily

    Any of your streams can now push content to Jive Daily, a reader app customized for high-quality mobile presentation of communications. If your community has Jive Daily (free to all Jive-n customers), enabling mobile notifications on any News stream or custom stream sends updates to Daily. Check the Preferences menu under your user avatar to see mobile notification options for all streams, or set mobile notifications while creating or editing a stream.


    To integrate Jive Daily, you'll need to install the Jive Daily add-on. Select the Add-Ons menu under your avatar and look at the Available list to enable and configure it. You'll be required to accept Terms and Conditions for the add-on before you can use Daily. End users who download Daily can then enter your site URL to connect.


    Redesigned Admin Console for New Jive-n Communities

    Our new simplified admin console is designed for faster and easier setup and administration. The new console includes the most commonly configured settings in a more tightly organized and visually redesigned interface.

    The redesigned admin console will automatically be enabled for new instances of Jive-n. Community managers of new communities will be able to navigate to the full-configuration admin console to access deeper configuration options.

    Upgrading community managers can preview the new console by filing a ticket with Support.


    Preview documentation for the new admin console is available with the Preview documentation for this release.


    The following change affects only Jive-x instances.


    Enhanced Registration Flow

    A simplified registration flow lets users complete the account creation process before approval, and browse your site as a guest user until the account is approved (assuming you allow guest users).  You can enable this flow at People > Settings > Registration Settings > Use Enhanced Registration Flow.