Version 3


    Starting in Jive Cloud 2015.3, the News feature is automatically enabled for all communities.


    You can read more about the News features at Deep Dive: News and Tile Enhancements


    In 2015.3, community managers will be able to manually disable the News feature.

    Starting in 2016.1, the News feature will be permanently enabled for all communities, and it will not be possible to disable the feature.


    The news toggle will be automatically enabled with the 2015.3 release. If you want to disable news, you will still have the option to do so for one more quarter, but it will have to be done manually after the upgrade. The toggle will be removed with the 2016.1 release, so please plan accordingly and ensure that the news toggle is enabled before that upgrade. Remember that enabling News does not remove the current widget homepage, and the theming tool can be used to rename or remove the news link from the primary navigation.


    Source: Deep Dive: News and Tile Enhancements


    How to Disable News

    Community managers can navigate to Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features and disable news.


    Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 4.49.08 PM.png


    If you are unable to access this area, please file a new Support case with Jive to have this feature disabled for you.  Please note, this feature will be re-enabled during the 2016.1 upgrade, so disabling News is only a temporary change.