Version 10

    Starting a consolidated list of feedback and feature requests for the Jive Daily mobile app.

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    More intelligent explore people optionUnder Explore->People the users are listed alphabetically by first name. It would be useful if it was people closest to you in the organization first and then alphabetical by last name perhaps. Additionally, it would be good to include title AND organization.10/16/2015Ashley WolfSandy: This is a great suggestion and we'll take this under consideration.
    Remove redundant "Explore and follow groups that interest you.." bannerThis banner appears on multiple tabs "News" "Explore".10/16/2015Ashley WolfSandy: You can remove the banner by tapping on the "x" - it's a one-time notification we added as some users needed more explanation.
    Improve inbox notificationsI have 6 inbox notifications but they are deep in my inbox. It would be great to easily mark all as read and sort/filter.10/16/2015Ashley WolfSandy: This feature was released. Tap on the alarm icon in the inbox.
    Explore groups is misleadingUnder the Explore tab there are three options "Groups" "People" "Trending". Groups actually includes projects, groups and maybe spaces. Please rename to "Places".10/16/2015Ashley WolfSandy: This was changed.
    Rebranding appSome customers rebranded their Jive instance and would like to rename the application and rebrand it. It would be great to open up the app for customization.10/16/2015Ashley WolfSandy: While we would likely not rename the app and open up the branding, we are considering allowing branding inside the app itself, after you open it.
    Remove options to Chime users in Daily profileWe are not going to be using Jive Chime as Yahoo has its own messenger application.  Can we remove Jive Chime actions in Daily?1/14/16Christine Arnould, Eric Sheline (second this)Sandy: Chime was removed. We will add back the ability to configure whether you want Chime in a later cloud release, but it is no longer there.
    Can we add custom fields in the Daily user profile?On our Jive-n instance, user profile, we have added a link to our legacy intranet profile because a lot of customized tools are integrated and these integrations cannot be moved over to Jive (for now...).  Is there a way to get a custom field in Jive Daily?  If not, when we test Jive Circle, maybe there?1/14/16Christine ArnouldSandy: Our plans are to build out Circle for more profile capabilities so custom fields have been requested there.
    Customize Jive Daily app icon and nameWe use Jive Daily integrated with our Jive-N cloud instance. Our cloud instance is named "BlueLink", and it may be confusing for our users to log in to "BlueLink" on their computers but "Jive Daily" on their phones. It would be great to be able to customize the Jive Daily app icon and name on our users' mobile devices' home screens to match our community name.2/4/16Eric ShelineNicolas RAFFINSandy: We're not able to customize the icon itself at the moment but we will soon release soon a build that will have your community name on some of the screens within the app.