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    Seeking a Jive N Systems expert to help configure and support community manager in roll-out for internal Jive Platform Intranet. This individual will manage the development of an intranet community forum built in Jive N. During the Implementation should support our Staff to identify/document/develop the use cases for the organization, after the site is launched, this person will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the site and communities.  In addition to train face to face employee forums.


    Key Responsibilities/Requirements: (Please include what responsibilities are being performed and how each are being performed)

    • Develop requirements for intranet social networking community
    • Support Community Managers on the definition, design, maintenance of their communities
    • Lead departments in managing their site effectively on a daily basis
    • Actively seek support and community member involvement
    • Flag to senior management and respond to online discussions or inquiries that should receive a response from the organization
    • Track and report on site activity, proactively offer solutions based on reporting 
    • Training Staff at the different roles: Community Manager, Global Leader and End User
    • Must have experience implementing Jive N
    • Must have clear understanding on Jive Best Practices and Standards
    • Must have experience on using Jive’s Add-on’s and Integrations (e.g. Jira, Salesforce)
    • Proven ability to effectively use Jive features to fit business requirements
    • Must have effective written and oral communication skills
    • Ability to work independently, multi-task, be a strong proactive team player
    • Excellent customer service skills and professional demeanor
    • Ability to quickly respond to management and end user requests
    • Ability to understand corporate culture and style guidelines to ensure appropriate web design and architecture
    • Experience with online communities/social networking companies or sites
    • Must have Minimum of 2 years of experience working with Jive N
    • Knowledge of web development tools including HTML
    • Broad knowledge and experience in: Jive N Software
    • Average skills in: Project Management
    • Excellent skills in: Communication and Documentation
    • Demonstrated ability to: Collect Technical Specifications
    • General knowledge of: Web Design
    • Specialized knowledge of: Virtual Communities and Websites


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