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    Working Out Loud Circle Guide:  Week 2


    You make a simple contribution to your network.


    Suggested reading: Chapter 11 - Your first contributions


    Suggested Agenda

    15 minutes - What happened since last week?

    5 minutes - Exercise: Intimacy levels

    15 minutes - Exercise: Making your first contributions

    20 minutes - Discussing contributions among the group

    5 minutes - A few things before the next meeting


    What happened since last week? (10 minutes)

    Each person should speak for just a few minutes about their list and their goal.

    For example, did you add any more people? Refine your goal?


    Exercise: Intimacy levels (5 minutes)

    It helps to be conscious that not all relationships in your network are the same.

    The most obvious way they differ is the depth of the connection. Here, as a guide, is an intimacy scale from zero to five:


    0—The person doesn’t know you exist.

    1—You’re connected in some way.

    2—You’ve had one or more interactions.

    3—You’ve collaborated.

    4—You regularly call on each other.

    5—You’re a trusted advisor.


    You’re not trying to go from zero to five in one attempt, and you don’t need to get to level five with everyone. You’re simply trying, over time, to deepen some of your relationships. For this quick exerc.ise, go through your relationship list, and write down your intimacy level for each person on the list.


    Q: Where should I write this down?

    Many people simply use a pen and paper. Others use a spreadsheet, a private Jive document, Evernote, or any simple application that they can access on their phone or tablet. Simplicity and convenience are the most important attributes of any system you choose. I still keep my list on a piece of paper that I carry with me and rewrite each week. Because my list is so accessible, I refer to it more often, and I’m more mindful of the people on it.


    Exercise: Making your first contributions (20 minutes)

    Search [Jive Community].  Look for each person on your list and see if they actively participate in [Jive Community].


    Follow them:



    Review their content by clicking on the Content or Activity button in their profile highlighted below.


    If you benefited from/enjoyed a piece of content, let them know by hitting the Like button.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.52.34 AM.png



    There’s no need to worry about what to say or write. You’re just touching the treadmill. For now, all we’re looking for is an unobtrusive way to move the relationship from they have no idea who you are to they’ve seen your name. For each person on your relationship list, write down whether they are in [Jive Community].


    1. ________________________  ___________________________


    2. ________________________  ___________________________


    3. ________________________  ___________________________


    4. ________________________  ___________________________


    5. ________________________  ___________________________


    6. ________________________  ___________________________


    7. ________________________  ___________________________


    8. ________________________  ___________________________


    9. ________________________  ___________________________


    10. _______________________  ___________________________



    Discussing contributions among the group (20 minutes)

    The facilitator should ask for someone to talk about their contributions. Did they have trouble coming up with ideas for certain people? If so, others in the group should offer suggestions. This is where the learning happens and the facilitator should actively try to include everyone in the discussion over the 15 minutes.


    You don’t need to share everyone’s entire list. The goal of the discussion is to ensure everyone understands the basic idea of contributing to their network. This discussion is also a good time to make suggestions for people to add to each other's relationship list.


    A few things before the next meeting (5 minutes)

    At the end of this meeting, the facilitator has three small but important jobs:

    1. Schedule the next meeting.

    2. Remind people to read the Week 3 circle guide and suggested reading.

    3. Ask: “What will you do this week?”


    What will you do this week?

    To close the meeting, the facilitator asks each person “What will you do this week?” In less than a minute, people should describe their goal for the week. Before the next meeting, for example, you can keep working on your  relationship list or do the exercises below.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some common questions that come up.


    Q: People had questions no one knew how to answer.

    When that happens, write down the question and check later to see if the answer is in the book or on If so, the person who finds the answer should email it to the the other members in the circle. If you still can’t find an answer consider posting it in [Jive Community] or Twitter.  You may want to create a group in your community to post questions and discussions. Remember that asking a question can be a kind of contribution!


    Q: Some people spoke for too long and some didn’t participate much.

    This is a common problem with meetings of any kind. When people go on a bit too long, the facilitator should gently refer to the agenda and the need to keep moving. Try to restate the person’s main point and then ask another person to speak or go to the next part of the agenda. When people don’t participate, the facilitator should ask them simple questions to draw them out. e.g., What do you think about that exercise?


    If your circle had other questions, there may be answers in Working Out Loud or on (under “Resources—> FAQ”).

    Or, you can always ask a question in the Jive Community - Working Out Loud group. Just search for “Working Out Loud” on the Jive Community, join the group, and ask your question.


    Additional exercises from Working Out Loud


    Something you can do right now in less than a minute

    Scan your list for someone you like but haven’t interacted with in some time. Send them a message in [Jive Community] or short text, email, or LinkedIn message to them to say I’ve been thinking of you and hope you’re well.


    It's as easy as going to the person's profile and clicking on the Message button and then sending a short message.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.08.58 PM.png


    Something you can do in less than 5 minutes

    Create a LinkedIn account. Like your Twitter account, you can pick a photo and add other details later. For now, create a basic account knowing that you’ll update it later. If you already have an account, take a minute to install the app on your phone and review your profile.