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    This is a master document of all relevant working documents developed and produced by the customer networking group who are on Jive-X and have purchased the CRM SFDC Connector created by Persistent Software.  All customers who attended the call ( Jeff Moore, Keeley Sorokti, Wade Price, Judi Cardinal, Matt Petrosky, Hernan Guelman David DeWald) you all have edit permissions here. If we create more documents around the connector, we can link them from here. This should serve as a home base for all of the documents, discussions, resources, plans, etc for this group.your


    All documents, discussions, etc, should also be tagged with our brand new tag for this group's collaboration: crm connector users group


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    Put together our knowledge, challenges, work arounds, and network around the Jive/Persistent CRM Connector for Knowledge Base and Support. We'd be happy to have Jive contacts, Persistent, etc join in calls, discussions, etc. The purpose is gathering knowledge and learning from each other. We'd also like to learn more from Jive about what's next. We had an initial call November 30th where we started off, talking about our organization, communities, and background with the connector.


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    June 15 2015

    Post looking for Jive Customers using the connector

    Are you using the Jive X CRM Connector?



    November 30 2015

    Initial Networking call led by Keeley Sorokti

    Attendees - please click Edit and link your separate notes here. (Click Actions>Create New Document, add your notes, then @mention that document in your edits here)

    Deirdre's notes (TBA)


    Keeley's Notes

    Some of the high level issues that came out of the call:


    None of us know if there is a new Persistent contact in the U.S. We are all only working with the team in India since our U.S. contact left Persistent in October.


    Jive is taking over the code from Persistent. Nothing on the road map yet for what this means for all of us.


    Use Case #1: Publishing Knowledge Articles

    • The connector only looks for Knowledge Articles, not older SaleForce Knowledge Solutions.
    • In-line images and attachments don't come over to Jive from Salesforce.
      • Akimai has created their own internal solution for this that Judi Cardinal and Nora will document in the new group. It involves moving the Knowledge Article into an html document in a different area of SalesForce and then importing it into Jive. The html document is created using Base64??
      • Jeff Moore of Trapeze came up with a workaround that involved adding custom fields in SalesForce where attachments go. ?? He'll have to explain this in more detail.
    • Articles that move into an "archived" or "internal only" status in SalesForce don't get deleted from Jive.
      • Akimai had Persistent build this functionality, but it doesn't sound like the rest of us get that functionality out of the box.
    • The connector can only push the articles into a single space in Jive. Jeff Moore at Trapeze uses the Curate tool to manually move articles to different Jive spaces and the connection to SalesForce persists luckily once the articles are moved. (Curate Tool FAQ)
    • There is no way to add tags to the article in Jive -- this is a manual process. I would like to be able to assign at least a 'knowledge article' tag to each one.


    Use Case #2: Creating a case automatically if no reply to a discussion (escalate to SalesForce)

    • If there is any reply to a discussion, this won't work. Some customers want to escalate the discussion into SalesForce if there isn't a correct answer within a certain amount of time. Workaround is to allow staff to create a case from a discussion manually.


    Use Case #3: Community creates a case from a discussion in Jive Use Case #4: Viewing SalesForce cases in Jive

    • Not part of the connector. Trapeze had Jive build an incident dashboard the Jeff Moore demoed during the call.


    Next Call: Wednesday, December 9 2015 from 11am - 12noon Central Time

    Webex hosted by Keeley Sorokti

    Follow Keeley in Jive Community and send direct message with your e-mail if you want an invite to the WebEx


    Open Actions:

    Jeff Moore, do you want to link your JiveWorld session here? I know it relates to the dashboards you shared on the call.

    Judi Cardinal and Nora Chen were going to check with their technical teams to go over the solution / work around they developed for inline images and deletion sync.

    Keeley Sorokti working to schedule next call -- Wednesday, December 9th at 11am CT

    Deirdre Yee putting together master document in Jive Community.