Version 7

    Program Overview

    Cloud Private Preview is a program offered to Jive-n and Jive-x Cloud customers, to enable them to test features and get more familiar with product updates, using their own data (in a non production instance). The two primary objective of this program are:

    1. Provide additional options for a cloud customer to test and validate their specific solution, around Cloud upgrades and year-round, as they develop integrations
    2. Extend and control the time window for testing and validation around upgrade cycles


    What are the characteristics of the Cloud Private Preview instance?

    • A dedicated instance: Not shared with other users and content like our Public Preview instance
    • Includes a snapshot of your production data, updated once per release (customer may opt out at any time)
    • IP Whitelist protection added (may opt out)
    • Auto instance upgrade to the new version ahead of any production instance
    • The production instance associated with the Cloud Private Preview instance qualifies to a delayed upgrade cycle, extending the time for testing and evaluation of new releases.


    Can I have some supporting collateral on Cloud Private Preview?


    Q: Is the instance available all the time?

    Yes. A Cloud Private Preview Instance is available for the duration of the contract.


    Q: When do Cloud Private Preview Instances get patches and updates?

    Preview instances get updates about 1 week prior to GA dates for maintenance releases and potentially longer for major releases (exact details will be published prior to each cloud release).

    During the release waves, patches will be applied to the instances. In addition, the final patch that comes shortly after the release is also applied to the preview instance, keeping it in sync with the production instance.


    Q: What Edition/version is provisioned once finished testing?

    A customer will get the same version and Edition of the Cloud Private Preview instance as their Production instance.


    Q: Why would I choose to opt-in or out of data refresh?

    Data refresh provides the convenience of having your production data automatically copied to your Preview instance once per Cloud release. Having your own data helps evaluate new features, validate that your reported bugs have been addressed and test for regressions. However, there are some disadvantages to the data refresh event such as losing some of your configured integrations and  losing any new data that you have manually added to the Preview instance.

    We give you the flexibility to change your data refresh setting so that you can choose to get a data refresh with every major cloud release, only once, or once every 12 months. You can be in control, by making sure you update your data refresh selection up to once per release cycle via support.


    Q: How does data refresh work?

    A Preview instance is scheduled to get a data refresh event anywhere from 2-15 days ahead of a major release. For details on what a data refresh event does, see Cloud Private Preview - Administrator's Manual .


    Q: What happens to my data if I opt-out of data refresh after I already got my data copied?

    Opting out of data refresh means that you are choosing not to participate in future data copies from your production system as part of Cloud upgrades. The data on your Preview instance does not get removed by opting-out. Once a data refresh event copies data into your Preview instance, there is no way to remove that data except for the standard Jive document management functionality.


    Q: Is there a free alternative to the Cloud Private Preview program?

    Yes, we also offer a Public Preview program, for detailed comparison, please see Cloud Private Preview & Cloud Public Preview comparison


    Q: Is this a free program?

    This is not a free program, additional fees do apply. Please contact Support for more information.


    Q: How can I find out more information?

    To find out more information or to avail or this program, please contact your TAM, Sales preresentitive or Jive Support.


    Security and Users

    Q: Can the Cloud Private Preview be hooked up to SSO, SAML or Active Directory?

    Yes it can.


    Q: Can a Cloud Private Preview Instance be used with VPN?

    Not currently.


    Q: Why do I need IP-Whitelist protection?

    Securing your data is very important to us. Since your Private Preview site is updated with pre-GA code several weeks ahead of every cloud update, it is prudent to have an extra layer of protection to make sure your data is safe. This is especially important if you choose to opt-in to having your production data copied over into your Preview site.


    Q: Are there any challenges that IP-Whitelist protection adds?

    The most common difficulty that comes with IP based protection is the use of mobile devices, users working from home, and 3rd parties such as contractors and vendors.

    For mobile devices, it is recommended that you turn off the cellular network so that the device is forced to use the local corpnet WiFi network, and that the WiFi is on the list of provided IP addresses.

    Users working from home and 3rd party vendors could mitigate the problem of not being on corpnet by using a VPN.


    Q: Are there limits on number of test users ?

    No, there is no limit on the number of users you can create in the Cloud Private Preview instance.


    Q: Can the Cloud Private Preview be used for load/stress testing?

    No. Preview instances are not set to handle large load of concurrent users nor should there be an expectation that their performance will match production instances.


    Q: Is the Data Center location matched to my production instance?



    For more questions, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.