Version 1

    Copy and paste the table below into a new document in your project for each 120 Day Pilot.


    Create Brewspace Project for this pilot in your rep's deal room: <Prospect Name>: 120 Day Pilot

    Send link to "TryJive" to prospect after it has been decided to go the 120-day route. Here's a format you can steal, or add your own color:


    Dear <Name>,
    As discussed, please sign up for a TryJive instance by visiting  You will receive a welcome message which will activate the site.  (If you don't see the message, please check your spam folder.)  When you get the Welcome message, please forward it to me indicating your consent for <Rep Name> and myself to help your pilot along by configuring and participating in the site.

    If user population > 100

          1. Go to the ‘Jive Trial’ group in the Jive Community (
          2. Click on "Start a Case"
            1. Subject: Hot trial for <url of pilot>
            2. Body: Move pilot to larger template.
          3. If you expect a high number of concurrent users (ie a town halls or launch via blast email) notify "Jive Trial" group in the Jive Community

    Be sure an Opportunity exists in SFDC for this prospect and check the "120 Day Trial" checkbox in the "TryJive Info" section of the opportunity record. 

    Provision a JC Secret Group via SFDC for this prospect.  Create a Project (e.g. Pilot Status) for the Pilot Instance that the SE, Rep, Exec Sponsor, and Community Manager will use to communicate pilot status

      1. Provide weekly updates and collaborate on hurdles
      2. Ensure Exec sponsor & Community Admin are members and have email notifications on.
      3. Try to re-direct all email communications with prospect through this group.   
    Once you get the permission email, push it into your Brewspace project using Jive for Outlook.
    Make adjustments to 120 day pilot package
    Extend end date by 120 days from LAUNCH date
    Sign up for notifications. This can be pretty noisy. Noise is good, though, in a pilot.  If it is silent, get in there and figure out why.  Do some recon.  If you can't see issues other than non-use, get in touch with your champion to discuss and come up with a plan.
    Create a user for your rep, and send them a Welcome email.  Remind them to stick with one password!