Version 1


    Pre-Launch Conversation with the Customer


    1. Understand What Are the Objective of the Try Jive Evaluation:
      • What are you trying to achieve?  What results are you hoping to see at the end of the evaluation?
      • Who is your audience?
        • Is there an Advocate identified in the evaluation group?
        • What do they do today for the communication and collaboration?
        • How do they like to communicate?
        • What is their demographics?
    2. Business Problem or Impact That You Are Addressing
    3. Design to Maximize Your Collaboration
      • Simplified Taxonomy - Just use Groups (Disable Spaces and Projects if you can).
      • Simplified Home Page - Call to Actions, State of the Union, Easy Navigations
      • Pre-create Evaluation Group
      • Highlight Contributors
      • Create "Ask Jive" Area
    4. Train Your Advocates and Champions
    5. Pre-seed Initial Content
      • Welcome to The Community Blog
      • Clear Call to Actions in the Groups
      • Create a set of Tasks for the Evaluation Group.  Don't leave it to chance.
    6. Emphasize "Learn to use Jive"
    7. Make it Fun!
    8. Keep Engaged


    Let Us Help You

    1. We can help setup your structure, theming, and Groups.
    2. We can provide responsive support for Ask Jive Group for questions about the usage of the product.
    3. We can provide training for the core team and advocates.


    What You Need To Do

    1. Identify your goals and your target audience.
    2. Create a Welcome to the Community Blog.
    3. Keep the teams engaged.


    Simplified Home Page


    Sample Welcome to the Community Blog

    You have been selected to participate in a limited evaluation of <INSERT COMMUNITY NAME>, an online community for sharing information and collaborating on ideas. Powered by Jive, <INSERT COMMUNITY NAME> offers <INSERT COMPANY NAME> employees around the world an informal yet powerful way to talk about business topics, using familiar tools such as status updates, discussions, polls, and a great feature called Jive Anywhere, which allows you to share links and quickly start discussions directly from any web page.


    During this evaluation, you and other members of your team or workgroup are encouraged to pose questions or toss out ideas, share your knowledge and opinions, and collaborate on documents stored in SharePoint. Try out the various features and see how they can support the needs of your team!


    But, just because it’s business doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun! Participation is rewarded through “rankings.” The more you participate in discussions and contribute helpful information, the faster you’ll move up through the ranks. Because Silver Wings is such an iconic part of the <INSERT COMPANY NAME> culture, we’ve adopted a Silver Wings-focused theme : Flying! So, see how far you can fly through the rankings: Fruit Fly, Bumblebee, Dragonfly, Sparrow, Blue jay, Raven, and Eagle!


    Go ahead … spread your wings and learn to fly!

    Don’t hesitate to poke around in <INSERT COMMUNITY NAME>, learn about the different features, and give them a try! Use the handy Learn to Use Jive button at the top of the page to launch an interactive tutorial on using the various Jive features. (Please skip the tutorial on uploading documents, as this feature will not be available in the final product.)

    Install Jive Anywhere and start discussions right from pertinent web pages. To install Jive Anywhere, click the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner of the screen and select Tools. Once installed, you’ll see a small Jive tab on every web page you open. Click that tab on a page you want to share with your group and immediately start a discussion—no need to copy and paste the link! Click here to learn more about installing and using Jive Anywhere.


    Avoid those pesky down-drafts

    During the evaluation, some features will be available to you that may not be included in the final product. To provide the most realistic experience, we ask that you not use the following features:



    Periodically, we will ask you to share your opinions on <INSERT COMMUNITY NAME> via surveys or informal discussions. Tell us what you like, what works well, or what made the process easier. And please don’t hesitate to tell us if there were things you found confusing or difficult. You are helping us evaluate the usability of <INSERT COMMUNITY NAME>, so it’s just as important that we know what wasn’t useful as it is to know what was useful. That’s what this evaluation is all about!


    Happy Soaring!!



    Sample Task List (Document)

    Try Jive Project – Week 1 Task List


    Directions: Navigate to the Try Jive Project and create the following tasks for yourself.  Once you have completed each task, mark it complete.  Have fun jiving!


    Task #1 Update Profile

    ·         Add a photo of yourself or pick an avatar. Add extra photos of family or fun events.


    Task #2 Having Fewer Meetings

    ·         Click on the Learn to Use Jive button

    ·         Click on the second topic "Have Fewer Meetings"

    ·         Watch Video

    ·         Click on Post a Question

    ·         Ask a question


    Task #3 Collaboration on Documents

    ·         Click on the Learn to Use Jive button

    ·         Click on the second topic "Collaboration on Documents"

    ·         Watch Video

    ·         Click on Edit together

    ·         Add a favorite lunch place


    Task #4 Get Connected

    ·         Click on the Learn to Use Jive button

    ·         Click on the second topic "Get Connected"

    ·         Watch Video

    ·         Click on Update Your Colleagues - post an update

    ·         Click on Give Feedback - reply to an existing post

    ·         Click on Go Mobile - Add the app to your mobile phone


    Strategy Slides for Pilots


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