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    This document tracks which Support use cases Jive customers are trying to tackle, and what technology they are using.


    Q: Why should I put myself in this list?

    This list enables Jive customers to collaborate and learn from each other on what works and what doesn't. It also helps Jive Product Management to prioritize roadmap, work with praters or simply to know who to reach out to for more information around use cases.



    For use cases definition see: Jive for Support - Use Cases


    Use Case Matrix / Customer

    Customer/ContactKnowledge ManagementCommunity Questions and EscalationPrivate Support Cases - (Individuals)Private Support Cases - (Groups)Status
    DemoCustomer1 @mention---YES - ServiceNow - Jive appYes - ServiceNow - Jive app--Deployed
    DemoCustomer2YES - SalesFoce - Persisten V2.5---YES - SalesForce - Persistent V2.5--Evaluating
    ServiceMax Deirdre YeeYES - Salesforce - Persistent
    TrapezeJeff MooreYES - SFDC - Persistent V??--YES - SFDC - Custom PS tileDeployed
    MapR Keeley SoroktiYES -- on hold as of 2/3/16 until connector allows for only sending over English language articles---- (evaluating for phase 2 of community)-- (evaluating for phase 2 of community)Can't deploy because our knowledge articles are in multiple languages and bringing over English only isn't supported at this time. The only thing we have deployed is federated search of Jive in SF.
    Akamai - Judi CardinalYES - sync every 30 minutes, Includes images - Persistent, managed by development teamNo - under reviewNo - under reviewNo- Under ReviewCurrently working on business case
    Blueprint- Luigi Mariani Saranya Yogarajah---Yes- Persistent SFDC connectorNATBD - Persistent SFDC connectorcurrently trying to deploy, but running into JS security errors for our end users trying to load the case form on different networks.


    Detailed Customer Summary


    PeopleWhat we try to do (Story or link)


    Deirdre Yee, George Piper, Marie Coon

    Knowledge Base

    Within SFDC: Knowledge owners (authors): Able to search knowledgeable for existing content, create knowledge article based on topic, they submit for approval, that article goes under peer review, approval based on accuracy and audience channel details, then goes to Knowledge manager, they check for formatting, details, and then approval and publishing, public, customer-facing articles are then synced to Jive via Jive Knowledge Sync to a staging area in Jive. In Jive:  apply categories and add tags, double check formatting and in line images, move to customer area, apply categories. Customers can access all knowledge articles, sort by categories, tags, other filters, add comments, engage in conversation with dedicated support team about questions, feedback, updates, etc.


    Private Support Groups:

    Private areas for designated support contacts where they can access support cases, open cases, and see interactions that are synced over from SFDC. The centralization of all support tickets that a customer organization has opened, with the ability to browse through latest updates that have been entered into our SFDC case and then synced over to Jive. Ability to look at all cases historical and open, search, add comments that are synced to SFDC, review attachments, images, etc.

    Support engineers are working wholey in SFDC, the suppor tprogram owner has the ability to set up and update a predefined set of information that will be collected when they create a case in their private group: (50 fields that are configurable in terms of title, required/not required, dependancies) Support engineers benefit from bidirectional sync of a diverse set of support channels - where details added to SFDC cases assigned to a customer org are ported into Jive within this private group for access by designated contacts.





    Discussion Escalation:

    Not a huge priority. we are building this out manually with a community response team.



    PeopleWhat we try to do  (story or Link)
    Jeff Moore: ...

    Using Jive to Give Customers Visibility into their SFDC Cases


    Deirdre Yee