Version 1

    ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
    Activity,Activity: GamificationJIVE-54071S2Taiwan locale not being passed in Bunchball API call
    AnalyticsJIVE-51467S3DownloadedAttachmentETL can time out on large datasets
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-56560S2Can't download a CSV of Places Activity from the main Community Manager Reports page
    Analytics,Analytics: Impact StatsJIVE-59960S2Impact metrics throw a red bar error when attempting to populate viewers
    AppsJIVE-57759S2The image artifact dropped by the albums app is too large and gets stripped, needs to be smaller
    ContentJIVE-47271S2Profanity filter doesn't block words in page titles
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-54434S2For SAML sites that allow guest users, a guest user who clicks a login link will be redirected to the login or Activity page rather than the requested content
    Content,Content: Document ConversionJIVE-55865S3Inconsistent font sizes when viewing as a PDF when content includes ’
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-56176S2An unexpected error is shown when clicking "Add to calendar"
    Content,Content: Tasks,Places: ProjectsJIVE-58037S2Editing a task increments the date by 1
    Content,Content: Status UpdatesJIVE-59672S1Status updates do not propagate in a clustered instance
    i18n & l10nJIVE-56201S2A token is displayed instead of the author name in the moderation queue.
    i18n & l10nJIVE-56627S3Missing article in PDF conversion error message
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-55098S2Core API V3: Documents are stuck in draft if there are no changes to content/title
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-56832S2Content edit fails when content points to inaccessible app
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-57492S2Core API v3 - Field thumbnailUrl is missing in PersonEntity when no resources were asked
    People,People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-56642S2In the admin console Avatars section, avatars are displayed in a vertical line
    Places,Places: Site NavigationJIVE-27755S2Links formed when navigating to categories via widget include brackets in URL
    Places,Places: Admin ConsoleJIVE-45828S2When you merge spaces, there is no completion indicator
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-54216S2Preset banner in place templates incorrectly states 50 static resources already used