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    Working Out Loud Circle Guide:  Week 12



    You reflect on your progress and consider possible next steps.


    Note: Some circles hold this final meeting this over dinner as a way to celebrate their time together.


    Suggested reading:

    • Chapter 23 - Finding Your Ikigai


    Suggested Agenda

    10 minutes - What happened since last week?

    40 minutes - The group discusses progress, challenges, and next steps

    10 minutes - Some final contributions


    What happened last week? (10 minutes)

    Each person should speak for a few minutes about what they did since the last meeting. In your last week together, focus on additional adjustments that can help each of you make working out loud a sustainable habit.


    The group discusses progress, challenges, and next steps (40 minutes)

    Take some time to think about what has changed for each of you, whether it’s your habits, your network, or your mindset. How do you feel about those changes? More empowered? More hopeful? Something else?


    Share what worked for you and what you might do differently next time if you joined another circle.


    Some final contributions (10 minutes)

    If you felt your circle experience was worthwhile, you can help others (and further expand your network) by making the experience visible and framing it as a contribution. Here are 4 ways:


    1. Give the book to a friend. Sharing a book you’ve found interesting or useful is a lovely gesture. “I found this helpful and thought you might, too.”


    2. Write a review on Amazon. If you found the book or circle experience helpful, consider capturing that as an Amazon review. Even a simple statement can

    inspire others to form a circle and invest in their own better career and life.

    Here are some current ones:


    “After just one WOL Circle meeting, I was already feeling more connected with my colleagues and more encouraged about my career.”


    “I am really enjoying the process outlined in this book. We are in our fourth circle week and having a blast. It is clear and concise and motivating. John Stepper provides small easy steps to guide us into this new practice of going after what makes us happy. I honestly feel empowered to own my success and not wait for it to come knocking.”


    “Work has so much more meaning now and I feel like I'm in control of my own career destiny.”


    3. Form another circle. Your current circle may decide to meet for another 12 weeks, or you may prefer the diversity of perspectives and experiences that comes from including new people. If you want to spread working out loud across your organization, send me a direct message in the Jive Community or email John Stepper.


    4. Create your own blog. Start your own in [Jive Community] and write about your experience from your first circle. You can even start another circle by recruiting others through your blog. Follow the steps below to create your own blog in [Jive Community].


    First go to your profile page and under Your Recent Activity click on Create a personal blog if you haven't already created one yet.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.35.58 PM.png


    Next you can fill our the information in the 3 boxes highlighted below.Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.36.13 PM.png

    Finally you can click on the Write link under Blog Shortcuts and start your first blog about your Working Out Loud Circle Experience.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.36.32 PM.png


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: If I form another circle, do I use the same guide?

    Yes. You’ll start from scratch if your goal changed. If your goal didn’t change, you’ll find the repetition and additional practice useful in refining your skills, expanding your network, and deepening relationships.