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    You may see that Jive will send you emails that look like they are coming from the wrong people when using Outlook for Mac.


    The problem has been determined to be a caused by a bug in Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 and 2016. Unfortunately at this time there is no resolution or consistent workaround for the problem.


    Issue Details

    The issue is due to a problem in the Office for Mac email client where the email client program will incorrectly associate all emails coming from the Jive server with a particular user name and show the wrong name next to your incoming emails from Jive.


    How it is supposed to work

    When a person takes an action in Jive that triggers a new email to be sent to another person, Jive may attempt to send an email to you so that it appears to come directly from another person instead of the Jive server itself. This helps in personalizing the content. For example, if John Doe invites Jennifer Smith to an event or sends her a direct message, Jennifer will see an email in her inbox from "John Doe", even though John did not send her an email directly and instead Jive sent the email.  The email will come from the Jive server email address but will use the first and last name of the person who took the action.


    What may happen instead

    Due to an unresolved bug in Microsoft Outlook for Mac, Outlook will occasionally display the wrong name next to the emails that come from the Jive server. Many emails coming from Jive are sent from the same email address, but Jive will use a different display name depending on who triggered the event that caused the email to get sent.


    Microsoft Outlook for Mac will incorrectly assume that all emails coming from the Jive server email address will have the same display name, so it will cache or store the display name and later reuse it for future emails.  This will result in subsequent emails coming from Jive to show incorrect display names.


    In the example above, Jennifer Smith may have taken an action in Jive which triggered an email, but Outlook may assume that it is coming from John Doe because it has previously seen Jive emails coming from John Doe, although this one is actually coming from Jennifer Smith.


    The issue is unresolved at this time and there is no workaround.


    Verifying the issue

    It can be helpful to verify that you are experiencing this issue and it is caused by this behavior.


    If you are able to access your account through a web interface, like Outlook Web Access, or an alternative mail client like on your mobile phone, then you should not be able to reproduce the issue and you will see the correct names next to each email. This will tell you that the issue is due to Microsoft Outlook for Mac.


    Alternatively, you can inspect the mail headers of one of the emails and verify that the "From" address in the mail headers are correct, which will tell you that it is the Outlook mail client that is displaying the incorrect information.


    If you are continuing to see the issue in a different email client then please create a new Jive support case for assistance.


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