Version 2

    Note: This template will be available to the Forms App as soon as the Jive search index has been updated to include this document. The default tag 'fbldr_template' has been automatically added, which will make this template available to all users.  Edit the template's tags, as appropriate, if you would like to restrict this template to a specific set of users.



    {     "category": "Test",     "name": "Test Template",     "desc": "Test Template Description",     "fields": [         {             "id": "1",             "label": "Description",             "type": "textarea",             "values": "",             "value": "No description",             "title": "",             "required": false,             "patterns": "",             "patternError": ""         }     ],     "content": {         "type": "document",         "title": "Doc",         "body": "Doc",         "tags": [],         "includeAttachment": false     },     "dateFormat": "mm/dd/yy",     "labelPosition": "left" }



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