Version 2

    Producteev Integration with Jive

    Starting with the Jive Cloud 2015.2 release (Summer cloud release), Jive has made the decision to End of Life the integration between Producteev and the Jive Platform.


    The Producteev integration functionality is no longer available in the Jive Platform. Customers will no longer be able to access Producteev tasks from within Jive, although previous tasks will still be accessible directly through the Producteev tool.


    For customers who were previously using this integration functionality, it has now been replaced with Jive's native Tasks content, which are built-into the core Jive platform.


    Producteev Standalone

    The standalone Producteev service and applications are still available for use and actively supported. If you are using the standalone Producteev service then this announcement will not impact you.


    If you have questions about the Producteev standalone product please go to [ARCHIVED] Producteev