Version 2


    Jive's Gamification system, powered by Bunchball, allows for community managers to export the configuration of their Gamification missions, badges, and actions and later reimport these configuration settings. This can be useful for creating a new Gamification configuration in your UAT testing environment and then later importing these settings into your Production environment.


    Occasionally you may see that the Bunchball Gamification configuration restoration process will fail when trying to import your previously saved configuration.


    Most of the time it's not an issue with the XML backup file itself, but rather a conflict between the old and new configurations that creates a problem with the restoration process. The majority of these cases can easily be resolved on your own by first restoring a blank configuration and then retrying your original restore.


    Identifying the Problem

    There are two types of error messages you may see when trying to restore your Gamification configuration. Either the restoration fails and you receive a server error message, or the restoration process simply freezes and progress stops:


    1.png 2.png


    Error message text: "Restore has failed. Your site has not been changed. Please contact Bunchball support"



    1. In the Gamification Bunchball Console of the site you want to update (import your configuration into), go to Site > General > Backup
    2. Save the backup some where safe in case you need to restore the old content
    3. In the Gamification Bunchball Console, go to Site > General > Restore andd insert the XML Text from the attached blankConfig.xml
    4. Make sure the restoration completes successfully
    5. Then do another restore (Site > General > Restore), but paste the new configuration you wanted to restore
    6. Monitor again to ensure that it restores the new configuration successfully