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    Jive for Office / Outlook are add-ons that connect into their Office counterparts and provide additional functionality and connection to the Jive community.


    If you run into an issue with these tools a Jive Support agent may ask that you first uninstall the tool and reinstall it. End users may run into a scenario where they are unable to uninstall the tool and receive an error when trying to uninstall.  The steps provided below may be used as an alternative to uninstalling the tool.




    If you are unable to uninstall the Jive for Office / Outlook tool then the following steps can be taken to completely remove the tool from your computer. You can then later reinstall the tool once it has been completely removed.


    Step 1

    open the %APPDATA% folder and rename the "offisync" folder , don't delete it incase it has anything valuable that may need to be referenced later, like troubleshooting logs.


    Note: Setting files and logs are stored here, usually they are installed on a user by user basis but this can change slightly if the installation method was different


    Step 2

    go to %TEMP% folder and clean it out


    Note: Tmporary directory for all programs are often stored here and can cause conflicts. It's a precaution to clear it and you wont always be able to clear everything if there are programs running in the background.


    Step 3

    Run "regedit" navigate to HKCU >> software >> Jive , and delete any keys in that folder


    Step 4

    Do the same as above in HKLM >> software >> Jive


    Note: Some core settings are stored in the windows registry, this is like a huge telephone directory for the computer, where records of settings and where files are stored are kept. Removing these options can corrupt an installation so be careful that you only edit the keys listed above.


    Step 5

    Look in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) Delete the Jive folder





    Once the tool is completely removed you can later reinstall it, either from going to your Jive community and downloading the files, or you can access the installation files directly here: