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    This article is intended to help educate you on the what, where, why and how you might need to modify the jive_startup.xml file.


    What is this used for?

    This file stores the Application Database connection settings (which are encrypted) and whether or not the setup mode has already been completed.


    Where is it located?

    The file is normally located at /usr/local/jive/applications/sbs/home/jive_startup.xml, although your application may be installed under a name other than sbs.


    Why would I need to update it?

    The purpose of modifying the jive_startup.xml file is to force the application to boot up in setup mode, which is the initial setup screen that you would have seen when you first installed the Jive application. This can be useful for a number of reasons, but by far the most common is fixing or changing the connection settings used to connect to the Application Database.


    How do I update it?

    1. Change to the directory where the file is located. Note: that your application may not be installed under a directory named sbs
      cd /usr/local/jive/applications/sbs/home/
    2. Edit the jive_startup.xml file with a text editor of your choice
    3. Find the following line and change true to false
    4. Restart the Jive Application
      1. Jive 6.0 and earlier:


      2. Jive 7.0 and later:
        jive restart