Version 1


    Are your group owners unable to change the social group type?  Do you see the option as greyed out even as an Admin? We can fix that!



    • Verified for version: Jive 6, 7, 8, & Cloud


    The ability to create Groups includes changing group types, if none of your users have access to create groups then they will be unable to change the group type.  You can configure these permissions in the Admin Console: Permissions > Social Group Permissions.


    Add an override for a particular user or add rights to an existing permission group in order to grant the ability to create Public (Open & Member) and Private (& Secret) Social groups.


    Adding the creation rights and changing a group type are effectively the same thing.  Once granted, you'll notice the option is no longer greyed out when you go to edit the Social Group settings.


    You can grant certain system admins access to create social groups via the System Admin section of the Permissions tab in the Admin Console.  Full Access system admins will be able to access all group types.