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    Copying and pasting are some of the most common functions performed on a computer. Copy and Pasting are supposed to expedite and improve efficiency but often this convenience becomes an annoyance because special formatting does always render correctly when pasted into a different editor. Microsoft products are one of the most common examples, but formatting issues can happen between any RTE (Rich Text Editor).


    Microsoft Office uses unique code when formatting text. The markup Microsoft uses for their RTE cannot be translate over when copied directly into other editors.  Some of the generic features  (Bold, Italic, Underline) transfer between editors, but advanced formatting (Fonts, Lists, Spacing, etc) are marked up and coded differently depending on the program. These coding differences result in each rich text editor formatting the foreign text differently.



    Example: The text below has been copied and pasted from Word into three different editors (Google Doc, Jive Doc, and TextEdit)


    skitch (3).png




    Working around formatting issues when pasting into Jive's RTE


    To resolve any formatting issues you're seeing when pasting into Jive, you will need to remove the formatting and reformat the content within Jive.  You can do this either by pasting content into Jive without any formatting, or first copying the content into a 3rd party application (Like TextEdit), which does not support formatting, and then copy/paste that into Jive:


    Option 1: Paste Text into Jive without formatting:

    • Windows:  CTRL + Shift + V
    • Mac: Command + Shift + V

    (This shortcut pastes text as plain text removing all formatting)


    Option 2: Paste Text into a basic editor to remove formatting first:

    • Windows: Notepad
    • Mac: TextEdit
      • Menu Bar > Format > Make Plain Text (extra step)


    Example: Copy and Paste the text from a basic editor or using the shortcut; all formatting will be removed as observed below.


    skitch (2).png



    If you are continuing to have issues inputting content into Jive's RTE then please create a new case with Jive Support to investigate the problem.