Version 6

    Jive Chime 1.10

    We've continued to improve file sharing by adding the ability to drag and drop a file on desktop. Just take a file from anywhere on your computer and drag it over the Chime window!

    After dropping the file anywhere on the Chime window, there will be a pop up showing the file being sent.

    Drag and drop works with any type of file but as of now only one file can be shared at a time.


    iOS added a preview to files and fixed the bug for copying urls. Android fixed a memory leak issue that some users were experiencing.


    Jive Chime 1.9

    File sharing is now available on Jive Chime on Desktop, iOS, and Android! To view and send files please update to version 1.9


    Instead of a camera icon in the message input bar there is now a paperclip icon. Files up to 100mb can be shared. Before there was only image sharing now any type of file can be sent. Below are images of what a sent file looks like on both all platforms




    On iOS and Android tapping on the paperclip icon brings up the options to select a file.



    Jive Chime 1.8

    iOS, Android and Desktop:

    • Now search your private and public groups by title to quickly find the group you are looking for
    • Design polish and bug fixes


    Jive Chime 1.7


    • Now group owners are the only ones who can add others to private groups, giving you more control
    • Save any images and your favorite cat GIFs from your Chimes to your device
    • Design polish and bug fixes
    • New group avatars in conversation list



    • Now share information in your chats from other apps and your browser with the iOS share sheet.
    • Performance improvements and bug fixes



    • Now group owners are the only ones who can add others to private groups, giving you more control
    • New group avatar in conversation list
    • Performance improvements and bug fixes


    Jive Chime 1.6

    There is an all new groups tab that gives the ability to browse public and private groups. This tab exists on iOS, Android and Desktop. This gives an easier way to see all the groups and navigate through them. These groups will continue to show up in the conversations tab. Lock icons on the upper right hand side of the each group indicates that it is a private group.

    IMG_3415.PNGScreenshot_20151201-100512.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.09.31 PM.png

    Groups can also be created from new create flows visible on the groups tab on all platforms.


    On Android, there is a new side panel redesign.