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    The purpose of this document is to provide a list of currently open issues in Jive Cloud 2016.1, so that you can be aware of problems Jive already knows about and is actively working. We will update the list weekly with newly found issues, and issues that have been fixed.


    Wow, That's a Lot of Issues!

    Yes, this list is much larger than previous reports, and includes many issues found in the previous version that are scheduled to be fixed in 2016.1. (Note that it is still a curated list.) This does not mean the product has more bugs than the last release! It means that you asked for greater transparency and Jive is responding. While we have not included every issue filed against Jive, because we want to avoid publishing bugs that have not been confirmed, we know our customers dig deep into the product during Preview, and we are hoping this more detailed list will prevent you from going to the trouble of filing duplicate issues. MOST OF THE ISSUES ON THIS LIST WILL BE FIXED BY GA.


    This list is managed by the Jive Engineering and Support teams and includes issues with the highest impact on customers. If you are experiencing an issue that is not on this list, please file a new support case with Jive Support. A support engineer will work with you to help identify the issue. The following information is subject to change as we roll out additional fixes.



    ActivityJIVE-65560S2Uploaded images don't display thumbnails consistently in an activity stream in a group
    Activity, Activity: Inbox, Content: EventsJIVE-65023S2When the notification for an update to an Event is Archived, it can still be acted upon

    Activity, Activity: Custom Streams

    JIVE-66591S1With Rewards enabled, federated users with first and last not enabled show as "null" in some Rewards activity
    Analytics, Analytics: CMRJIVE-65814S2Wrong Community Manager Reports Engagement Index date displayed when using dd/mm/yyyy date format

    Apps, Apps: Apps Gateway

    JIVE-66974S2Jive Daily login prompts only for email address, never username
    Content, Content: AntivirusJIVE-64052S2After an uploaded file is deleted by anti-virus, a non-working link remains on the edit page
    Content, Content: BoxJIVE-64956S2Unable to reconnect to Box with group that was previously disconnected
    Content, Content: Direct MessageJIVE-66731S1Some results are not appearing when filtering search results by Messages.
    Content, Content: DocumentsJIVE-67101S2Unable to read Jive Anywhere content in Jive Daily
    Content, Content: Events, Content: TaggingJIVE-66888S2Multiword tags are not returned when searching by the second word of a tag in Events browse
    Content, Content: Photo AlbumJIVE-65495S2On the Image Browse page, collections aren't selected when the page loads
    Content, Content: Twitter, Places:TilesJIVE-67307S2Super List Tile: Fails to encode special characters from streams
    Content, Content: VideoJIVE-64286S2When you record a video and have not inserted it, closing the window loses your video with no warning
    Content, Content: VideoJIVE-66928S1Videos uploaded inline in hidden and user-restricted content are surfaced when browsing for videos in the content editor
    Content, Content: Video, Content: WidgetsJIVE-677099S2Featured Video widget isn't sizing video thumbnail properly

    Content, Mobile: Responsive

    JIVE-66916S2Unable to add a message to a share in responsive mode
    RewardsPBOX-1227S0Can't see community leaderboard results when total_score table is too big
    RewardsPBOX-1404S2Leaderboards page doesn't display properly in responsive mode on a mobile device
    RewardsPBOX-1411S2Rewards being granted for draft posts
    RewardsPBOX-1434S2Can't go to previous page in leaderboard when all users in page are External Users
    RewardsPBOX-1438S2In rare cases, a user’s points can reach a negative value due to very low points plus badge revocation


    Fixed This Week


    Content, Content: Photo AlbumJIVE-67259S1

    Clicking View Files after uploading images to a collection downloads full-sized images 

    Content, Content: BrowsingJIVE-67274S1First-time users of image collections who click on thumbnails download full-sized images (should be small)
    Content, Content: VideoJIVE-66065S2Text and styling for video uploads needs polishing
    Content, Content: Tasks, i18n & l10nJIVE-65272S3Invalid date format issue when creating a task
    Places, Places: Social Groups, Content EditorJIVE-66829S2Link to image collections pasted in Content Editor goes to group
    RewardsPBOX-1440S2Badge sent notifications are not consistent.
    RewardsPBOX-1394S1Changing the image associated with a level takes a whole day