Version 13

    Date: December 20th 2016

    Time: 12-2 pm CEST / 3-5 am PDT / 6-8 am EDT

    Bug Fixes
    • Links provided in the inbox notifications related to SmarterPath courses are working again
    • Changing course owner fixed
    • Reporting: Wrong dates for completed ILTs fixed
    • When clicking through "slides" of an uploaded Office Document the page does not expand anymore
    Minor Improvements
    • The exam percentage score is now visible in reporting
    • Improvement of the Mobile view
    • Reorder Quiz questions with drag & drop
    • Lesson view of Community Content is scrollable
    • ILT sessions
      • Learner can cancel an ILT session after enrolling
      • Session details for learners show the Instructor with Profile link and the timezone if set
    • New Permission concept of app mentioning a course or a lesson:
      • Only lessons from public courses can be app-mentioned depending on role
      • Only public courses can be app-mentioned depending on role
    Major Improvements
    • Major improvements in the learner's course view:
      • Minor adjustments to look and feel
      • Different rules for a learner to mark a specific lesson as completed:
        • Community Content Video, Idea, Event, Poll: click "Open content in new window"
        • Community Action (Follow Place or Person): when learner actually follows place or person
        • External Content: click "Next" button for https websites and "Open in new window" for other websites
        • YouTube and uploaded Videos: click on play
        • Office Document: click on a slide
    • Option to require the learner to complete lessons in order
      • Enable a checkbox while creating a course if learners must complete lessons in the given order
    Next Release Forecast February 2017
    • Reporting export to excel




    Date: October 20th 2016

    Time: 12-2 pm CEST / 3-5 am PDT / 6-8 am EDT

    Bug Fixes
    • ILT date picker fixed (AM and PM time mix-up)
    • Refreshing the count to completion works correctly
    • Dublicated table in Reporting is fixed
    • Putting in exam points for each question saves correctly now
    • Duplicate "Next" button after completing an exam is removed
    • Rewards can be deleted
    • Replaced SmarterPath icon with a link to the course when creating a discussion in a course
    • Changing the order of a lesson now also affects the displayed order in the app-mentioning window
    Minor Improvements
    • Exams:
      • See progress of exam while taking it
      • Final results of exam visible to learner at the end of each exam
      • Exam score integrated in reports by learner and by course
    • A notification is sent to the course owner or manager if a learner withdraws from a course when:
      • the course requires the owner/managers approval to enroll
      • the course is not open for self-enrollment
    • Achievements:
      • Include learner's name and avatar on each course achievement
      • Printable for learners and therefore possible to save as PDF
      • Prompt added to "Your Achievements" page that directs user to Course Catalog (when no courses have been completed)
    • Scrollable content frame for "Community Content" lesson type (when it´s a long document)
    • Delete someone from the enrollments
    • Banner message when deleting an asset that is integrated in a course
    Major Improvements
    • New create and edit mode in the manage course section
    • The latest 5 discussions as well as the latest 5 responses will be visible below a course for all newly-created discussions if:
      • the course is linked to a place in Jive
      • the automatically created tag on the discussion doesn´t get deleted





    Date: August 15th 2016

    Time:  12-2 pm CEST / 3-5 am PDT / 6-8 am EDT

    Bug Fixes
    • Notification links:
      • Since the last Jive cloud update, the links in the notifications are not working anymore. That means SmarterPath cannot send links to the courses. Jive knows about the problem and we are hoping they will fix it with the next release.
    • Your Achievements:
      • After completing a course it sent out a various number of achievements. This fixed now in the Achievement page as well as in the Enablement Path.
    • ILT window now expands as you add more sessions.
    Minor Improvements
    • Assign courses:
      • assign courses not only to social groups but also to followers of a space
      • Informing all community members about a new course through Jive Announcements
    • Performance improvements
    • Consistant loading indicator
    • Small wording changes
    • Pop up windows open in the center of your browser window
    • Adjusted date and time formats in tables
    • Remove "Mark as complete" button from all lessons except SCORM content
    Major Improvements
    • Jive Rewards integration
      • Award your learners with Quests for undertaking courses. If you are using Jive Rewards enable the Rewards integration under SmarterPath Administration > Settings > Features. A new tab will then be created under Administration.
    • New Reporting section
      • Create your individual reports based on learners or courses. Please try it out and tell us what you think. We are more than happy to improve the Reporting. While improving the Reporting you will still find the old Reporting function .
    Next release forecast
    • Improve create and edit courses
    • Improve new Reporting section
    • new licensing concept






    Date: June 16th 2016

    Time:  12-2 pm CEST / 3-5 am PDT / 6-8 am EDT

    Bug Fixes

    • Corrected sorting of tables
    • Course description is editable
    • Fixed the display of course description on the home page
    • Corrected German wording of new language feature

    Minor Improvements

    • ILT Calendar entry shows which session the learner is enrolled in
    • Approval Request Page: Links to learner´s profile and course

    Major Improvements

    • ILT Lesson and Sessions are editable
    Next Release Forecast

    July 2016:

    • Improve Reporting section




    Date: May 20th 2016

    Time:  12-2 pm CEST / 3-5 am PDT / 6-8 am EDT

    Bug Fixes
    • Asset list refreshes automatically after creating a new asset
    • German wording of new language feature
    Minor Improvements
    • New Windows pop up in your visible screen
    • Removed "Next" button when you are on the last lesson
    • Improvement of all tables in SmarterPath
    Major ImprovementsNotifications from SmarterPath in Jive
    • learner gets notified when enrolling in a course
    • learner gets notified when he/she get´s a course assigned
    • manager/owner gets notified when a learner asks for enrolling in a course (Approval Request page)
    • learner gets notified when asking for enrolling in a course is approved or rejected
    • person gets notified when he/she gets assigned as an owner of a course
    Next Release Forecast

    June 2016:

    • edit ILT lessons





    Date: 06 April 2016

    Time: 12-1 pm CET / 3-4 am PDT / 6-7 am EDT

    Bug Fixes

    Conversation entry

    • The Conversation entry and posting discussion in releated groups is now working again. This has been fixed.



    • The course catalog was not sorting the courses in a right order. This has been fixed.
    Major ImprovementsLanguage Feature
    • English language and wording improvements
    • SmarterPath is now available in German and English
    • Further languages (Spanish, French, Russian, Polish) will be available within the next releases


    Jive Tile

    • A Jive Tile for SmarterPath is now available to show a group's course catalog


    Asset Versioning

    • Every asset can now be updated and edited.


    ILT Calendar Entry

    • After enrolling in a session you can add the sessions into your calendar (Outlook, Google, iCalendar).
    Next release forecast

    Mai 2016:

    • Overwork notifications from SmarterPath in Jive.




    Date: 04 March 2016

    Time:  12 am - 1 pm CET / 3-4 am PDT / 6-7 am EDT

    Bug Fixes
    • 504 error message
      • Intermittent message displayed after disconnecting to a server.
    Major ImprovementsILT (Instructor Led Training)
    • New notifications. These are received by learners when:
      • Enrolled in an ILT Session
      • Moving from registered to the waitlist (and vice versa)
      • Enrollment has been cancelled
      • Passing/failing a session
    • New notification. These are received by instructors when:
      • Assigned to a session
    • Course rosters can now be printed or downloaded as PDF or Excel
    • New report: Adminstrators can get a report of all attendees of an ILT class
    • The timezone will now be picked automatically when creating an ILT session
    • The ILT class completion score will be updated after the instructor sets the course as "passed"
    Jive Tile
    • A Jive Tile for SmarterPath is now available to show a group's course catalog
    New video player
    • Implementation of a new video player based on HTML5
    Refresh !-mention lessons and courses
    • The mobile view of lessons integrated via !-mention has been improved
    Editor for exam questions
    • A WYSIWYG Editor can now be used to format exam questions
    System remembers lesson completion
    • If a user withdraws from a training and later enrolls again, the status is saved (completion score)
    • If a user enrolls in a training that contains a lesson already completed in another training, the system knows the user has already done this lesson
    Next Release Forecas

    May 2016:

    • SmarterPath will be available in multiple languages (German, Russian/Later: Spanish)