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    At Akamai, Jive is Olivia Pope. 


    Jive is our fixer.  Our problem solver.  Our deep in the weeds, truth talking, sometimes-not-the-most-perfect-but-gets-it right-in-the-end fearless leader.  And as Community Manager, I am a Gladiator.


    Before Jive, we had a tool for every use case.  With Jive, we're moving towards a swiss army knife solution - one place to go for everything (or as much of everything as we can with a small subset of additional tools).  We launched our Jive-n instance at the end of August 2015 and by early-December, we had 89% of the company Active on the tool.  And that's with only a soft launch!  We still have our skeptics and our late adopters and our stubborn "this is how we've always done it" veterans, but more and more we hear the employees sing praises for Jive's custom fit solutions all under one roof.


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