Known & Fixed Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x Current Release (2016.3)

Version 95

    This document gets updated everytime a new upgrade for Jive 2016.3 is available and provides you the list of fixed and known issues to date.


    Note: You may see an issue happening in your community that is marked as Fixed which will be released at a later date. All 2016.3 fixes will be deployed to all customers. If you are running into an issue that is not on this list then please create a new private support case in your secret MyJive support group (if you don't have access check out MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ). A Jive Support agent will be able to assist you with your issue.




    Release Deployment Dates:

    Please refer to the following document for details surrounding release upgrades: 2016.3 Release | Upgrade Schedules: Jive-n / Jive-x Preview & Production Upgrades.

    10/6 - Public Preview

    10/21 - Jive-n GA

    11/4 - Jive-x GA

    11/18 - Jive-n & Jive-x w Private Preview

    by 12/9 - Maintenance Release

    Feb 2017 Maintenance Release

    April 2017 Maintenance Release

    September 2017 Maintenance Release

    October 2017 Maintenance release

    January 2018 January 2018 Jive-n/x Cloud Maintenance Update  (Latest)


    You can learn more about this Jive Cloud upgrade here: One Stop for the Jive-n/Jive-x 2016.3 Cloud Release



    Fixed Issues in January Maintenance Release (2016.3.9)


    Fixed Cloud Issues

    ComponentProblem IDSeverityFixed Issue Title
    TileCLOUD-6572S1Configuring the HTML tile results in "401 Unauthorized error"
    PlacesCLOUD-5263S2Custom banner uploaded to a place occasionally disappears
    Content, Places, TileCLOUD-3850S2Dynamic image resizing in the Document Viewer tile
    Activity Streams, EmailCLOUD-729S2Email notifications for Announcements do not contain the link to content
    TileCLOUD-6564S0HTML Tiles cannot be created or edited on Chrome v60 due to Jive's CORS functionality
    SSO/LDAPCLOUD-6580S1Routine LDAP sync cannot sync-in all users' profile
    EmailCLOUD-3396S2Some Message Templates have '<' and '>' encoded as '&lt;' and '&gt;' which results in broken emails
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-6568S2The Image Gallery tile shows only 20 images but claims up to 300
    PlacesCLOUD-6571S2Carousel Tile in Internet Explorer and Chrome displays black bar
    ContentCLOUD-6573S2"Manage Versions" page for documents needs improvement to prevent performance issues and Timeout errors with Akamai
    Activity Streams, Email, Inbox, PlacesCLOUD-6569S2Public Restricted Group: Email Invite does not allow members to join
    PlacesCLOUD-6574S2Banner Tile: Internal links open in a new tab
    Content, External StorageCLOUD-6575S1Unexpected Error when editing settings for space or group using Dropbox storage (partially solved by caching improvement)
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-6322S2HAZDU update breaks Inbox notification/count indicator


    Fixed Non-Cloud Issues

    ComponentProblem IDSeverityFixed Issue Title
    Analytics PluginANALYTICS-1897S1Filtering the CMR User Adoption, Daily Activity, or Places Activity charts can cause timeout errors on large datasets
    Data Export ServiceANALYTICS-2100S1Re-following the un-followed user doesn't increase points
    Analytics PluginANALYTICS-2284S1"Get completed profile percentages" CSV export causes out of memory error
    Extended Apis - Office/OutlookJ4O-304S2Convert email to discussion with embedded images does not add images with correct objectid and objecttype in jiveimage table
    External StorageJENSO-8180S1Box - Unable to rename a space that has thousands of collaborators
    Jive CorePBOX-1758S1Mission Modal: Changing missions' points type from progressive to normal showing minus
    EnginePBOX-2011S2Users can cheat the system by refreshing a profile page with Jive Rewards
    Rewards add-onPBOX-2393S1Rewards Points take many days to update for some users
    File SyncingSPFIVE-12S0Modifying file content in SP does not update version in Jive
    Place CreationSPFIVE-337S2Connecting to an existing site || User should not be able to select the same folder in both the primary and secondary
    Federated SearchSPFIVE-521S3Federated Search - No loading indication while results are loading
    Permission syncingSPFIVE-549S1NTLM Mapping || User cannot leave or be deleted from a connected group
    Configuration, Place CreationSPFIVE-568S2Documentation link opens inside storage instance configuration screen
    Federated SearchSPFIVE-585S1Federated Search does not work through NTLM connection - NTLM negotiation fails.
    ConfigurationSPFIVE-658S2Resources try to load from root path instead of relative path(app context)
    Federated SearchSPFIVE-695S1Federated Search does not show results on IE browser
    File SyncingSPFIVE-716S0Add a property that disables file download in an SP-connected group.

    Known Issues in December Maintenance Release

    ComponentProblem IDSeverityKnown Issue Title
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-6524S0Add-Ons > Box > Configure - "Cannot configure, window will not load"
    AntivirusCLOUD-7237 CLOUD-6750S1Antivirus doesn't show the result of virus scan in images
    Content, RSSCLOUD-7227 CLOUD-5957S2Author of RSS feed XML content different for guest accounts
    PlacesCLOUD-7220S2Banner Tile: Internal links open in new tab
    Gamification(Bunchball)CLOUD-7119S1Bunchball not supporting loading the nitro console via iframe
    TileCLOUD-7235 CLOUD-6539S0Cannot create new or edit existing Custom HTML Tiles
    TileCLOUD-7202S3Can't add images Carousel tile if is set to number less than 5
    EmailCLOUD-1176S2Create via Email feature doesn't work with CC field
    DailyCLOUD-6211S2Custom push notifications not working Jive Daily
    Admin Console, PlacesCLOUD-1222S2Enabling space permission to create announcements, gives user to "New page" link but they do not have access
    ContentCLOUD-7233 CLOUD-6515S2Error "Missing attribute on fo:basic-link" when generating PDF
    InboxCLOUD-4699S2Failed file move notifications do not move in inbox from 'pending' to 'archived'
    Content, Places, TileCLOUD-6795 CLOUD-7238S2Fix Dynamic Image Sizing Problem caused by CLOUD-2201, CLOUD-4977 & CLOUD-3850
    ContentCLOUD-6511 CLOUD-7232S1IE11: Create > Video > select Upload/Embed/Record - Nothing happens
    Content, RTECLOUD-7223S2IE11: Portrait-oriented videos embedded into Content cause errors in Windows 7
    TileCLOUD-7225S2If you delete a tile with an image, it is not removed and creates a javascript error
    ContentCLOUD-6491S2Image Insert and alignment not respected.
    InboxCLOUD-7242 CLOUD-7039S2Inbox intermittently reversing changes to read / unread items
    AccessibilityCLOUD-2895S2Internet explorers and responsive web interface dead zone
    ContentCLOUD-6561 CLOUD-7236S1jiveIdeaVote duplication due to lack of unique key constraints
    Content, RTECLOUD-6308 CLOUD-7229S2Links in comments force scroll to top of page
    Document ConversionCLOUD-7222S2Multi-layered images not appearing correctly in HTML5 PDF preview
    ContentCLOUD-6796 CLOUD-7239S1Not able to add video when language preference is other than English
    Records RetentionCLOUD-6398S2Old Embedded images at document are being attached to the retention message
    PeopleCLOUD-7221S2Profile Evolution: Custom User Field filter with space or "-" in the filter name encodes links incorrectly
    Records RetentionCLOUD-6400 CLOUD-7230S3Records Retention: Failing jobs cause issues
    RSSCLOUD-7226S2RSS feed using relative links to external sources
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-7228S2Sharepoint collections are not available for configuration to all users in the user group
    ContentCLOUD-7231 CLOUD-6494S1The Video service doesn't work in 2016.3.8.1
    TileCLOUD-7224S2Upcoming events tile displays the wrong date for non-US timezones
    Records RetentionCLOUD-6397S2When expiring an announcement, the start and end date timestamps are listed the same
    PlacesCLOUD-6152S2Unable to edit categories after reaching the max limit in a place
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-6143S2Sharepoint collections are not available for configuration to all users in the user group
    ThemingCLOUD-6136S2Editing the style for the sidebar list header also modifies the tile title header style
    Push NotificationsCLOUD-6126S2Private group push notifications not received by mobile client
    TranslationCLOUD-6122S2Incorrect Dutch translation for "Feature a Guest" button
    Admin ConsoleCLOUD-6099S2OpenSearch fails to connect when longer password is used
    PeopleCLOUD-6057S2Alternate email address field allows duplication if suffixed with a space
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-6032S2Formatted text widget displays escaped accented characters in Internet Explorer 11
    AnalyticsCLOUD-6029S2Date filter does not apply to viewers roster in impact metrics
    TileCLOUD-6025S2An error is shown on hover over the page links in Key Content and Places tile
    ContentCLOUD-5955S2Keywords in content URLs feature allows creation of multiple projects with the same display name in same containers
    PlacesCLOUD-5919S2Project past end date shows up as "on track"
    ModerationCLOUD-5913S2Comments on badges when under moderation are displayed in HTML
    ThemingCLOUD-5870S2Place banners set as "scale to fit" are cropped when displayed
    SearchCLOUD-5868S2Unable to @mention users with names that start with special characters
    ContentCLOUD-5836S2Unexpected error occurs when a non-group member tries to access a shared document from a private group
    ContentCLOUD-5812S2Video thumbnails are not updated when the video is changed
    ContentCLOUD-5771S2Questions shared to another place disappear when filtered on the content page
    SearchCLOUD-5765S2Cannot search spaces in admin console using root space name
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-5754S2REST API does not support full range of system locales
    PlacesCLOUD-5749S2Expired events are deleted rather than being moved while merging spaces
    PeopleCLOUD-5715S2Directory server sync overrides users' chosen avatar
    TileCLOUD-5700S2HTML tiles intermittently display blank
    ContentCLOUD-5675S2Content editing by external members is removed from social group when group settings are edited
    EmailCLOUD-5674S2Content posted from Gmail through StreamOnce shows null user on news page
    SEOCLOUD-5658S2Create a copy pulls in original content title for keyword in URL
    PeopleCLOUD-5640S2You see an unexpected error when viewing a user's status updates under /people and clicking More Updates while Profile Evolution is enabled
    Admin ConsoleCLOUD-5618S2An admin of a restricted group with manage community permissions cannot edit discussion
    ContentCLOUD-5614S2Unable to download attachment when filename has percentage symbol
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-5598S2Created content does not show up in the activity streams occasionally
    TranslationCLOUD-5580S2Incorrect translation of mobile notification labels within user preferences
    Document ConversionCLOUD-5560S2Document preview does not load excel worksheet over 500 rows
    Admin ConsoleCLOUD-5532S2Unable to re-enable ideas and events in simplified admin console
    ContentCLOUD-5524S2Not allowed to add users with "Discuss" permission level as authors to documents with "Restrict Authors"
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-5519S2Count parameter doesn't return appropriate results using REST API
    ContentCLOUD-5518S2Discussion publish location cannot be changed from a sub-space to specific people
    ContentCLOUD-5513S2Add comment button disabled when content evolution enabled and language is Russian
    PlacesCLOUD-5504S2@mentions in a document created through "create copy'' throws an error
    ContentCLOUD-5480S2Shared blogs do not filter or sort on place content page
    EmailCLOUD-5479S2Create blog by email allows restricted words to be used in title
    EmailCLOUD-5475S2"Inbox Notification" stream does not send daily/weekly summaries when set to do so in preferences
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-5468S2Voters are listed multiple times on ideas when loading more option
    ContentCLOUD-5457S2Video thumbnails are not updated when the video is changed
    PlacesCLOUD-5436S2The Browse Events page fails to display shared events of the place
    ContentCLOUD-5435S2The "Bookmarked x minutes ago by.." message contains author's name rather than the name of the user performing bookmark
    ContentCLOUD-5433S2Flash-based video player overlays impact metrics
    ContentCLOUD-5432S2Cannot move event to the default space by editing the publish location
    ContentCLOUD-5429S2Image missing from announcement email notification
    ModerationCLOUD-5427S2Moderated system announcements ignores "Send Inbox notifications" option
    TileCLOUD-5425S2Internal links in HTML tile open in new tab
    PeopleCLOUD-5412S2Unable to add or edit options for multilist profile field
    MiTUI ProfileCLOUD-5411S2Profile filtering of titles or department fields fails when they contain special characters
    PlacesCLOUD-5405S2Cannot delete group with orphaned images in its content
    AuthenticationCLOUD-5396S2Scheduled LDAP sync removes permissions group if lazy group sync is enabled
    EmailCLOUD-5395S2Email Digest for streams fails to send emails if "jiveTimeZoneID" is configured
    ContentCLOUD-5393S2Accessing content by mixed case disables content evolution
    Document ConversionCLOUD-5381S2Soy renders error on preview of an uploaded document
    RTECLOUD-5371S2Cannot align images next to text in Rich Text Editor
    AccessibilityCLOUD-5356S2Outdated document modal makes navigation bar inaccessible when using basic or custom headers in theme
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-5355S2API calls from Jive Daily are filtered out of cloudalytics activity
    PeopleCLOUD-5335S2External contributor is able to access tools page via direct URL
    RTECLOUD-5332S2The image alignment pop-up does not open in the updated Chrome version
    AccessibilityCLOUD-5324S2Place pages do not meet WCAG guidelines
    ContentCLOUD-5305S2Super list does not display content shared from private group
    ContentCLOUD-5297S2Table formatting is not maintained when content is converted to PDF
    ContentCLOUD-5292S2Not allowed to add tags or categories to Google Docs using bulk manage content
    ContentCLOUD-5280S2Incorrect fonts display in PDF file preview when the HTML5 document preview is enabled
    EmailCLOUD-5265S2Accented characters in place name blocks creating content via email
    ContentCLOUD-5262S2Unable to add new rows to table when editing document
    Admin ConsoleCLOUD-5247S2Missing analytics documentation following link from admin console
    TileCLOUD-5245S2Super list tile does not maintain the sort order from the original view
    ContentCLOUD-5223S2Private events do not generate emails for invites or comments
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-5218S2On adding a tag to an existing idea hides the idea from the custom stream
    External StorageCLOUD-5213S2Site collection dropdown is empty for external storage when using Internet Explorer
    EmailCLOUD-5205S2Create question by email creates thread when containing images
    PlacesCLOUD-5197S2Unable to delete spaces when blogs are disabled
    ContentCLOUD-5190S2Scheduled blogpost shifts by one day after each save as draft on AMS data-center
    Document ConversionCLOUD-5183S2Clicking on View as PDF creates PDF with inconsistent font size
    Admin ConsoleCLOUD-5141S2Profile field translations are deleted on clicking the manage properties icon in the admin console
    Admin ConsoleCLOUD-5130S2Event status shows in English for French users
    Spam PreventionCLOUD-5108S2User @mention causes content to go into moderation when spam prevention is enabled
    ContentCLOUD-5096S2Cannot bulk move RSS feeds in a place
    ContentCLOUD-5095S2Space administrators with full control cannot delete videos or ideas
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-5093S2External contributors receive error on hover over place card when the initial social group owner is deleted
    ContentCLOUD-5091S2The .csv Place Activity report does not tracks the number of content creations
    Document ConversionCLOUD-5084S2Image preview lightbox fails to display image when filename has % symbol
    PlacesCLOUD-5074S2Occasional page crash when a large number tabs are open in the browser
    ContentCLOUD-5073S2In a blog post, the system announcement with multiple links produces a not found error
    ContentCLOUD-5061S2Incorrect likes count for discussion in following tile
    PeopleCLOUD-5053S2Mobile Inbox Notification check box does not appear to have functionality
    ContentCLOUD-5050S2Moderation approved email for blogs strips umlaut characters from subject and title
    ContentCLOUD-5040S2Antivirus fails for large files when maximum file size is increased above 100MB
    ContentCLOUD-5033S2Copy of event inaccessible when original is deleted
    ContentCLOUD-5032S2Saving a previously published blog as a draft and re-publishing generates a duplicate email notification
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-5031S2Adding a tile to a page from the external add-ons section shows i18n keys
    NewsCLOUD-5017S2Videos can appear in multiple streams on the news page
    PlacesCLOUD-5016S2Space name suffix with forward slash causes unauthorized error
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-5002S2Create only permissions in space return error on content creation through REST API
    PeopleCLOUD-4997S2Unable to specify alternative location profile field when Jive-W / Chime app is installed
    PlacesCLOUD-4996S2Show full editor option doesn't work in formatted text widget after choosing HTML mode
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-4988S2Custom add-ons cannot be fully deleted which makes full re-installations impossible
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-4953S2V3 API: Documentation shows initialLogin as editable and optional, but it is read-only
    ModerationCLOUD-4938S2Moderation: Clicking "View in Context" link for comment takes user to top of content page, rather than to comment
    ContentCLOUD-4929S2Blog filter "By date" doesn't work when the list of dates is displayed as a drop-down
    PeopleCLOUD-4918S2Profile field value containing & symbol causes profile filtering by that field to fail
    Admin ConsoleCLOUD-4879S2Admin Console: User activity message statistics do not include messages in moderation
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-4876S2Stream entries cannot be edited or deleted
    PeopleCLOUD-4841S2Cannot delete a discussion created by deactivated external user
    ContentCLOUD-4836S2Moving two documents only produces one email notification
    PeopleCLOUD-4834S2"Sort by last name" missing on people >> followers/following pages
    ContentCLOUD-4826S2Bulk upload of files does not show container location in news streams
    RTECLOUD-4801S2Published image border width is not consistent with edit view
    ContentCLOUD-4787S2Incorrect Error message when adding authors to an idea
    AnalyticsCLOUD-4775S2Daily/Monthly Active Users report in the Community Analytics dashboard contains incorrect percentages
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-4762S2Custom add-on remains in list of tiles after uninstalling
    TileCLOUD-4757S2Image Gallery Tile: navigating in enlarged view skips images when multiple gallery tiles on same page
    PlacesCLOUD-4743S2Admin user cannot create Event without some kind of space permission
    RTECLOUD-4714S2Reply is not visible when posted to a comment that is being branched into a new discussion during reply
    RSSCLOUD-4698S2RSS feed using relative links for external sources
    ModerationCLOUD-4689S2Content that was updated during moderation, and subsequently approved, does not show up in original author's Participated content
    RTECLOUD-4637S2Spam Prevention: @mentions are not encoding '@' symbol in user profile URLs, causing non-English character detection
    EmailCLOUD-4614S2News stream email recipient list seems to change over time
    Admin ConsoleCLOUD-4609S2SSO: User is redirected to Create Discussion page without context when creating content from Search Widget
    EmailCLOUD-4575S2Direct message comment notification email contains notification of original direct message, rather than comment
    ContentCLOUD-4543S2Create Copy: Copy to blog option does not respect new title in Blog URL
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-4440S2V3 API: /statics endpoint returns incorrect startIndex in paging section
    TileCLOUD-4401S2Super List Tile does not reflect changes in a user's avatar
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-4392S2Long caption for slide in Carousel is being cut off
    SSO/LDAPCLOUD-4320S2Feed URL not maintained in referrer when SSO is enabled
    ArchitectureCLOUD-4317S2Profile page blank when i18n externalization is enabled
    TileCLOUD-4238S2Shared content does not appear in Action Item Tile
    NewsCLOUD-4204S2Blog posts set to publish at a later date are shown in News/Streams to admins
    PlacesCLOUD-4197S2Edit group: Can not save changes on a group created via V3 API, if it has the maximum number of pages
    ContentCLOUD-4180S2Recent Ideas Widget: "Show all" link causes Browse filters to behave unpredictably
    DailyCLOUD-4163S2Jive Daily - Android: Extra news stream is displayed on News page
    RTECLOUD-4142S2Editing content containing an incomplete link to content causes an Unexpected Error
    Document ConversionCLOUD-4120S2View as PDF: Large images do not render to fit page.
    ContentCLOUD-4102S2When you select View as PDF, the PDF renders tables incorrectly
    ContentCLOUD-4101S2When you select View as PDF, the PDF shows one-word per line for the opening paragraph
    ContentCLOUD-4088S2Global Message Governor prevents creation of replies on content
    ContentCLOUD-4064S2Invalid HTML in content can cause Unexpected Error when viewing as PDF
    AnalyticsCLOUD-4044S2Viewing a video in the Featured Video tile does not increase view count in Video Analytics
    TileCLOUD-4043S2Key Content and Places tile does not encode umlauts
    ContentCLOUD-4025S2Project should not allow content type restrictions, aside from blogs
    ContentCLOUD-3960S2Group name missing from email header template when multiple "-"is in group name
    ContentCLOUD-3904S2Document shared to a group does not show in Content page when filtered
    SSO/LDAPCLOUD-3839S2Custom HTML blank on the first page for unauthenticated users load if SSO and passive authentication is enabled
    ContentCLOUD-3825S2Document shared to a space not visible to users with Discuss access
    ContentCLOUD-3820S2When sharing content outside of a group, the person who shared the content does not see the shared visibility label without refreshing the page
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-3798S2V3 API: Update and Published fields ignored when creating Ideas
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-3791S2LucidChart add-on cannot be activated
    Admin ConsoleCLOUD-3788S2Events Colour Picker generates #NANNANNAN HEX code
    ContentCLOUD-3784S2Filter by Author in Blogs shows users with no Blogs
    PlacesCLOUD-3749S2No link in the Actions menu to join a group in Public Restricted Groups
    PlacesCLOUD-3748S2Invitation link does not lead to prompts to complete membership from public restricted group
    EmailCLOUD-3736S2Email notifications are not respecting the recency limit set by Support
    PlacesCLOUD-3727S2Save as new template does not work when there is at least one page added
    ContentCLOUD-3700S2Recently viewed all content view does not display discussions or questions
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-3697S2Ask a question widget - creates discussion if 'type your question' is empty
    AnalyticsCLOUD-3669S2Analytics: Community Health Report incorrectly reports user registrations when Custom SSO is in use
    ContentCLOUD-3625S2Button Style doesn't apply to "Submit Vote" consistently on Polls
    PlacesCLOUD-3613S2CLONE - Embedded video thumbnails display as grey boxes in tiles and widgets
    PeopleCLOUD-3609S2Last logged in and member since dates are off by one day in profiles
    ContentCLOUD-3587S2Translation - translating content is affecting formatting
    EmailCLOUD-3578S2Users not receiving digest emails since last cloud upgrade
    Document ConversionCLOUD-3545S2HTML5 PDF Preview - Images Bleed into text
    RTECLOUD-3535S2Content Editor v2: Internal URL marked as success breaks on publish
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-3531S2More button on recent content widget disappears
    ContentCLOUD-3503S2If you remove Box integration from a space, you can't save drafts on Jive docs
    PlacesCLOUD-3489S2Unexpected error when adding a date to an imported Task
    ContentCLOUD-3465S2Importing task errors when userid is selected as the Assigned To Field.
    PlacesCLOUD-3455S2Imported tasks that have no due date will cause error when completing
    AnalyticsCLOUD-3454S2Engagement Analytics show 0 value in most charts
    ContentCLOUD-3448S2Images in blog posts outside of perceived borders
    ContentCLOUD-3447S2Banner images not widening to fill space
    PeopleCLOUD-3445S2Removal of Permission Override appears to remove user from Permission Group
    EmailCLOUD-3440S2Project tasks send emails to the wrong user
    RTECLOUD-3438S2Responsive: Content Editor slow on IOS devices when creating documents
    RTECLOUD-3433S2Syntax highlighting causes slowness in the rich text editor
    ThemingCLOUD-3432S2Background Image Custom constrains blogpost banner
    ContentCLOUD-3423S2Unable to edit some documents with TOC
    ContentCLOUD-3417S2Merging cells breaks table sorting
    RTECLOUD-3412S2Content Editor: Unable to create nested list when table is present
    PlacesCLOUD-3373S2Jive doesn't properly encode the "+" symbol when in a Place URI
    EmailCLOUD-3348S2Badge Given by User Message Template has HTML in plain text template
    TileCLOUD-3340S2Quest containing custom category or filter settings are unsearchable from the Featured Quest Tile
    TileCLOUD-3339S2If you delete a tile with an image, it is not removed and creates a javascript error
    AnalyticsCLOUD-3337S2CMR chart queries can exceed 5 minute timeout for large datasets
    TileCLOUD-3333S2HTML tile with Iframe opens external links in new tab instead of full screen
    NewsCLOUD-3267S2Carousel tile overlaps News tile item
    ContentCLOUD-3263S2Can't view images in Video content from another user
    ContentCLOUD-3260S2Bulk Manage tool updates "last modified by" only for Jive-N
    ContentCLOUD-3239S2Question Icons are not updating when returned in normal search results
    ContentCLOUD-3238S2Private/Hidden events not accessible by standard users
    TileCLOUD-3230S2Upcoming events tile displays the wrong date for non-US timezones
    SearchCLOUD-3214S2Search - Does not perform adequate wildcard search for abbreviated phrases
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-3211S2Image Gallery tile: Images missing form main view
    TileCLOUD-3210S2Upcoming event tile sets the date to the previous day when the start time is set to 12 midnight
    SearchCLOUD-3208S2eDiscovery search does not return matching keyword contained within a ZIP attachment
    AnalyticsCLOUD-3202S2Analytics / CMR: Moving a Question does not update location in jivedw_question_summary
    Gamification(Bunchball)CLOUD-3197S1Gamification: Invisible/Anonymous user behavior not working properly
    ContentCLOUD-3196S2Ideas are not editable when the message governor interceptor is enabled
    ContentCLOUD-3180S2'Mark for Action' is NOT available in the 'Actions' menu when document is shared
    ContentCLOUD-3163S2Invitations > Creating document with non-whitelisted user shows user as external contributor
    TileCLOUD-3144S2HTML Tile unable to access v3 API
    RTECLOUD-3134S2Content Editor duplicates URLs in syntax highlighter contained in <a> tags
    Admin ConsoleCLOUD-3117S2Admin of permission group with Full Access permissions cannot administer group if also receiving non-full access permissions from another group
    PlacesCLOUD-3059S2Disabling discussions as an allowed content type, will throw unauthorized error on discussions for Admins
    ContentCLOUD-3047S2Guest users cannot view videos within system blogs
    External StorageCLOUD-3043S2GDrive - Adding File to Additional Folder Does Not Sync to Jive
    EmailCLOUD-3041S2when adding HTML into email templates, the script is re-encoded and appears incorrectly
    RTECLOUD-3032S2Image dimensions ( width & height ) ignored in Blog posts
    ContentCLOUD-3027S2Displaying a document as PDF shows draft version
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-3017S2Recent Content widget will display duplicate results when clicking on "More" if content is created after initial page load, but before the user clicks on "More"
    ContentCLOUD-3013S2Record Video throws 500 Error
    NewsCLOUD-3011S2Changing News digest frequency is not retained in user preferences
    ContentCLOUD-2974S2Link to document comment truncated after you edit a comment that contains the link
    ContentCLOUD-2962S2Incorrect timestamps and sort order when blog is converted to pdf
    MiTUI ProfileCLOUD-2946S2Special character | (pipe) in Featured Profile field throws Unexpected Error
    EmailCLOUD-2941S2Default Structured Outcome email template removes special characters from the subject line
    RTECLOUD-2936S2external-link.jspa stripped from link when copy/paste into new document
    SearchCLOUD-2897S2People search on the insert link modal is inconsistent
    ContentCLOUD-2879S2Responsive: Video displays incorrectly when video size is bigger than mobile screen size
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-2878S2Umlaut (ü) category is ignored by Superlist filter as unauthorized
    PlacesCLOUD-2876S2Content shared with another place displayed multiple times in Tagged Content tile
    EmailCLOUD-2874S2Creating documents with a non-unique title via email produces a silent failure
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-2854S2Recently viewed bookmarks disrupts Super List tile results
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-2839S2PNG files not permitted in Hero tile
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-2831S2Error when uploading .json file to HTML widget
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-2830S2HTML Tile displays yellow "Add-on uninstalled: Tile data will no longer be updated." warning to admin users
    AnalyticsCLOUD-2801S2Rewards: Switching level-up scheme from Linear to Progressive displays negative points and wrong Level 1 requirements
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-2777S2V3 API: Cannot edit published and updated fields using POST for status updates
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-2767S2IE11: 'See More' link on Rewards leaderboard is inoperable
    ContentCLOUD-2738S2IE11: Portrait-oriented videos embedded into Content cause errors in Windows 7
    ContentCLOUD-2714S2Error message displayed when uploading .tif file
    ContentCLOUD-2713S2Cannot convert question to discussion if another user has clicked "I also have this question"
    PlacesCLOUD-2711S2Renaming a project changes the project URL
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-2702S2View Blogs Widget does not display embedded video
    ContentCLOUD-2699S2Active filters on Events tab not reflected in page URL
    NewsCLOUD-2691S2Responsive mode: News footer overlaps streams
    RTECLOUD-2661S2Table of contents link scrolls past linked section in a document
    ContentCLOUD-2621S2Profile Overview tab not updated with content created by user
    ContentCLOUD-2614S2Events tab > Display past events > events are listed ascending order
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-2607S2V3 API: Inability to Insure Tile Focus after adjustHeight() for Custom View Tile
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-2592S2Top Participants Widget does not respect number of results setting
    SecurityCLOUD-2579S2Webhooks calls default to SSLv3 instead of TLS; SSLv3 is regularly disallowed by service endpoints for the hooks
    ContentCLOUD-2551S2JiveX: Inbox/News view for Discussions/Questions missing Insert Image and Insert Video icons in Content Editor bar
    ContentCLOUD-2547S2JiveX: for the Inbox or News view, the Insert Video icon is missing from Content Editor menu bar
    ContentCLOUD-2442S2Comment to original doc shows a reply to your own comment
    RTECLOUD-2437S2Uploading a large attachment can fail without an error being displayed
    ContentCLOUD-2434S2Animoto videos cannot be embedded in the Video Tile
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-2421S2Video thumbnail not visible in Recent Blog Posts Widget
    External StorageCLOUD-2399S2Modifying a place's External Storage Provider does not display all available providers
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-2365S2Shared content showing up multiple times in the Watch a Tag Widget
    PeopleCLOUD-2329S2Manager Direct Report counts incorrect after user deactivation
    PlacesCLOUD-2322S2Renaming a project to a previously used project name throws a "The name is already taken" error
    AuthenticationCLOUD-2240S2Users who are un-federated cannot change their password until External Identities are removed
    RTECLOUD-2235S2VERYLOWPRIORITY: Content pasted from Excel loses formatting in Content Editor
    ContentCLOUD-2166S2Uploaded File via IE9 Replaced with
    RTECLOUD-2152S2Firefox: Content editor stuck in HTML mode after set as default
    RTECLOUD-2148S2Formatted text widget: show full editor mostly obscured
    MiTUI ProfileCLOUD-2132S2Internet Explorer 10: Unable to follow people from the profile pop up
    EmailCLOUD-2112S2Following blog in multiple streams results in multiple email notifications
    Document ConversionCLOUD-2111S2Images are stripped out when document is viewed as PDF
    PlacesCLOUD-2094S2Group owner cannot invite users to social group converted to public restricted
    ContentCLOUD-2093S2Blog post is not locked when being edited
    ContentCLOUD-2058S2Downloading attachment with file name containing "%" displays an error
    PlacesCLOUD-2029S2Group Membership Evolution: Members cannot leave public unrestricted group converted from an open group
    ContentCLOUD-2021S2More Blog Posts link results in 404 error
    ContentCLOUD-2020S2Adding a tag via "edit tags" does not cause content show content in custom streams following that tag
    RTECLOUD-2012S2Content Evolution: Document containing script samples fails to load & locks
    ContentCLOUD-1887S2Correct Answers cannot be disabled
    PlacesCLOUD-1815S2Unable to reorder categories after reaching the max limit
    ContentCLOUD-1791S2Brightcove video stripped out in Document
    AuthenticationCLOUD-1769S2Federated user search filter in Admin console doesn't work on sites connected to LDAP
    ContentCLOUD-1740S2Missing notification about a user has the same question
    ContentCLOUD-1729S2Links in content to a place's tag cloud resolve incorrectly
    ContentCLOUD-1675S2Content Evolution Enabled - Uploaded file with special characters in file name fails to download
    Document ConversionCLOUD-1616S2Downloading an uploaded PDF strips links when you view the file locally
    AnalyticsCLOUD-1572S2Departmental Interactions blank circle displayed
    ContentCLOUD-1571S2Uploading multiple files at once fails
    ThemingCLOUD-1568S2Place banner not publishing properly
    ContentCLOUD-1506S2Syntax Highlighter editing displays all code on one line  in latest FireFox (48.0.2, 51.0.1, 52.0.2, 55.0.2)
    ContentCLOUD-1505S2Indented mode doesn't work until Comment View style is changed to threaded
    InboxCLOUD-1497S2Tables not rendered correctly in shared content inbox entry
    RTECLOUD-1473S2Content Evolution: Inconsistent behavior using !app
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-1468S2Embedded videos do not play in the recent blog widget
    ContentCLOUD-1416S2Admin users are shown the option to change visibility of content created by another user
    ContentCLOUD-1413S2Text editor in the Formatted Text widget is cut off in Chrome and IE9
    AnalyticsCLOUD-1409S2Community Manager Reports profile completion export allows fields with commas, shifting data on import
    ContentCLOUD-1399S2Recent Content Widget missing "More" button if show sub-space content is selected but is pulling from a root space.
    PlacesCLOUD-1384S2Supported content types are not applied to new places when the default is altered
    ContentCLOUD-1373S2/blog stripped from more content link
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-1325S2Shared unrestricted content cannot be viewed by users in a space with discuss permissions
    Document ConversionCLOUD-1317S2Multi-layered images not appearing correctly in HTML5 PDF preview
    SearchCLOUD-1300S2When Groups and Spaces share a widely used term within their name, and the Groups search results outweigh the Spaces search results, Spotlight search will not display the yellow banner that contains the Space's name if it is using that widely used term.
    SearchCLOUD-1299S2Groups created with non-system default locale are not found in advanced search
    ContentCLOUD-1280S2Unable to use Bulk Manage Content feature on Group configured to integrate with Google Drive
    Widgets/TilesCLOUD-1258S2Project members' names not populating in Members Widget
    ContentCLOUD-1226S2App Actions override Social Media icons within content
    PlacesCLOUD-1191S2Videos in document viewer tile do not display correctly in narrow format
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-946S2Long stream names truncated under the Following tab
    ContentCLOUD-942S2Adding a comment after replying to comment displays as if replied again to the comment after publishing
    RTECLOUD-933S3Legacy link editor - Browse history does not identify content title, author, timestamp
    ContentCLOUD-932S2Browse content 'questions' filtering not showing expected results
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-926S2Gamification (Bunchball) no longer displays points and level in hovercard
    ContentCLOUD-919S2Create Status Update does not show Place input in responsive mode
    ContentCLOUD-911S2Document version comparison fails on uploaded files
    PlacesCLOUD-909S2Creating a project with another user as Project Owner causes "Name already taken" error to display
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-905S2User's notification preferences, for News streams created by admin, appear greyed out
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-904S2Top and Trending tile displays orphaned content.
    RTECLOUD-898S2"id" attributes stripped from HTML tags in Content Editor
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-886S2Commas in mission name prevents the reputation profile page from loading properly
    PeopleCLOUD-885S2Profile Evolution - Banner image is not being cached
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-884S2Thumbnails in tiles on the main news/activity pages link to the thumbnail image instead of the content shown.
    RTECLOUD-883S2Emoticons are not displayed in comments listed in a group's Recent Activity page
    ContentCLOUD-875S2Bulk Management for documents stored in GDrive does not work
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-865S2Cannot Configure CRM - Salesforce connector if you select user group with large membership
    EmailCLOUD-864S3Clicking "Read More..." adds the jive URL to the path
    ContentCLOUD-862S2Error displayed when attempting to publish blog after alternating publish location
    ContentCLOUD-858S2Content Editor Evolution - Image description is not searchable
    ContentCLOUD-853S2Content Editor: Video button does not reflect ability to create a video when you change Place target
    ContentCLOUD-850S2Global Message Governer Interceptor makes events uneditable
    ContentCLOUD-845S2Embedded Brainshark video does not playback in Jive Daily
    ContentCLOUD-842S2When viewing external documents as guest the preview is blank
    RTECLOUD-840S2Cannot edit Syntax Highlighted text
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-839S2Banner style images do not display correctly in Recent Activity stream
    PlacesCLOUD-834S2StreamOnce RSS feeds failing silently and generating email message
    ContentCLOUD-833S2When using the Bulk Manage tool, disabled structured outcomes are visible for you to choose
    PlacesCLOUD-828S2New user not taken to group page after registering in response to a group invitation email
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-827S2Removing news stream connecting User Groups and Spaces fails to remove follower count correctly from spaces
    ContentCLOUD-823S2Spam prevention service sending content to moderation, not respecting permissive interceptor
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-821S2German words do not wrap properly - Incorrect Hyphenating
    ContentCLOUD-816S2Excel Document (xlsx) fails to convert and generate preview
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-807S2Internet Explorer 11/Chrome 57: Unable to choose a color from event type color picker
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-802S2Admin console gamification: Send Tags radio button not matching sysprop setting
    PlacesCLOUD-800S2Project ID is added to URL of projects with duplicate names during upgrade
    PeopleCLOUD-799S2Custom profile field does not display label when translation is not available for that field
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-798S2Zendesk integration: Incorrect Response being marked as "Correct Answer"
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-797S2Internet Explorer 11: Formatted text widget float left on image doesn't work
    ContentCLOUD-796S2When an event is modified, the creator of the event is not notified.
    PlacesCLOUD-788S2Blog posts are not shown under 'Enabled Features and Content Types'
    PlacesCLOUD-782S2Clicking "Yes" in the Ask a Question Tile doesn't do anything
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-780S2iOS: User receives multiple push notifications when a followed user posts an image collection containing multiple images
    PeopleCLOUD-777S2Usernames with special characters are not properly URL encoded for profile links
    RTECLOUD-775S2Text does not wrap properly in blog or document when a table is using the float right option
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-750S2Helpful Links tile reuses new tab instead of opening additional ones
    ContentCLOUD-742S2Image collection page renders incorrect image sizes.
    ContentCLOUD-736S2Images are incorrectly resized in PDF preview with HTML5 enabled
    ContentCLOUD-735S2'Bulk Manage Content' does not display existing categories when using 'Add Categories' function.
    ContentCLOUD-728S2Unexpected error displays when navigating to a document commented on by a user who has been deleted
    ContentCLOUD-724S2Documents with images fail to render as PDF when images are arranged side-by-side under a larger image
    ContentCLOUD-723S2When viewing an image from browse index then clicking the back arrow, maximum pages alert is displayed
    PeopleCLOUD-722S2City and State profile fields both need to be populated for either to show
    ContentCLOUD-717S2Featured Video Widget doesn't size video thumbnails correctly
    ContentCLOUD-715S2Non-member share does not receive access to shared doc in private group with extended authors
    ContentCLOUD-714S2Error returned configuring Google Drive with parenthesis in place name
    ContentCLOUD-709S2Search Widget - Doesn't word wrap results, it cuts them off
    ContentCLOUD-708S2Discussion reply pagination does not support > 300 pages
    ContentCLOUD-700S2Content Evolution: Floated HTML table does not render properly when displayed
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-698S2Moving multiple files that were uploaded together to a new place does not result in their Activity Stream entries being moved
    ContentCLOUD-697S2Widgets cannot be moved on an Overview page after restoring defaults
    ContentCLOUD-695S2Unable to play videos from the Activity Stream/Inbox - Jive Mobile
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-692S2Discussion REST API call is not performing as documented in Jive REST API v3.14
    PlacesCLOUD-690S2Carousel Tile in Internet Explorer & Chrome displaying black bar
    PeopleCLOUD-686S2Profile Evolution: Hire date displays as off by one day on front end when edited in admin console
    PlacesCLOUD-685S2Templates: Cannot save a new template if banner is a custom color & no background image is selected
    ContentCLOUD-683S2Mapping multiple groups to the same Twitter list is not allowed
    PlacesCLOUD-682S2Hebrew Categories do not populate content for superlist tiles.
    PeopleCLOUD-674S2Random assignment of avatars only works with default avatars present
    AnalyticsCLOUD-669S2Impact Metrics: Enabling Content Evolution removes "Make public" option on blog posts
    PlacesCLOUD-664S2Renaming a space causes RSS tile to stop receiving feed data
    PeopleCLOUD-659S2Forward slash and pound in username cause 404 in user profile
    ModerationCLOUD-656S2User Moderation notifications persist after accept / reject
    ContentCLOUD-648S2Approval Status missing from documents when content evolution is enabled
    ContentCLOUD-642S2Question alerts are sent for sub-space content when only enabled for a parent space
    PlacesCLOUD-639S2Full access admin does not see the option to invite a user to a restricted group unless already a member
    RTECLOUD-635S2Table of contents bulleted when viewed as PDF
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-630S2Carousel tile renders incorrectly on News page when switching streams
    PlacesCLOUD-628S2Expandable Section tile stuck in loading phase
    ContentCLOUD-623S2Formatted Text Widget placed in a narrow column distorts images when they are floated left or right
    ContentCLOUD-616S2HTML5 preview does not resize content when viewed fullscreen
    ContentCLOUD-606S2Images tab does not display more than 200 images
    PlacesCLOUD-597S2Internet Explorer 9: Background Image property in HTML tile being ignored
    ContentCLOUD-594S2Create Idea as a Guest does not display when creating an idea
    PeopleCLOUD-590S2Last Logged In Date reflects server time zone
    ContentCLOUD-589S2Videos embedded in content do not display after disallowing video content type in a space
    ContentCLOUD-580S2Multiword tags are not returned when searching by the second word of a tag in Events browse
    PlacesCLOUD-574S2Custom nav bar links without a submenu are not highlighted when selected
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-573S2Unauthenticated Users who navigate to Top & Trending see a [Render Error - See logs] message in the news stream
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-570S2Create idea link takes you to incorrect URL from a formatted text widget if user has view only permissions in Jive-X
    Admin ConsoleCLOUD-567S2Manage Users permission cannot see user details for deactivated users.
    RTECLOUD-565S2Content Editor v1 and v2: Editing numbered lists don't re-arrange numbers
    PlacesCLOUD-561S2Custom Redirection Rules cause redirect loop when case sensitive URLs are used
    RTECLOUD-557S2Original Content Editor: Insert Link - Browse History shows i18n keys instead of content titles
    RTECLOUD-545S2Syntax highlighter causes slowdown when editing documents
    PlacesCLOUD-542S2Currently unable to update Project Status with Tiles
    ContentCLOUD-540S2Upcoming Events Tile: Date is one Month Earlier than Scheduled
    ContentCLOUD-532S2Changing custom idea field type renders the idea inaccessible
    ContentCLOUD-527S2"Apply this new category to all content using suggested tag" does not work with Images feature
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-517S2V3 API: appliedEntitlement endpoint call on space fails with 500 system error when user override no access is set
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-515S2Notifications for direct social actions are not respecting the recipients' language preference.
    ContentCLOUD-514S2Events Banner images are cut off after uploading
    PlacesCLOUD-502S2Collaborative Document Filter picking up shared documents in groups but not spaces
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-500S2"Use this view in a tile" occasionally does not return the expected objecttype filter
    PeopleCLOUD-498S3Guest (profile v1 & v2) and Other user (profile v1) cannot see Last Logged In and Member Since fields
    ContentCLOUD-495S2Upload image to task fails with "That image type is forbidden"
    PlacesCLOUD-493S2Super List Tile: Items not displaying in sort order specified in pasted link
    ContentCLOUD-487S2All status updates moderated when suspicious user monitor enabled
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-477S2Bookmarked, followed, rated and unliked verbs are not returned in /activities
    PlacesCLOUD-468S2Places: Advanced options = Activity+Overview, set landing = Overview > Save > Refresh - displaying Activity page
    ContentCLOUD-464S2Download URL link takes to homepage when user is logged out.
    PeopleCLOUD-455S2V3 API: Uploading profile image results in 500 error
    ContentCLOUD-450S2Links to comments break once threaded comments are converted to flat
    RTECLOUD-444S2Content Evolution - Adding @ in text (not an email address) converts text into mailto://
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-437S2Contents API throws 500 if author is hidden tile integration user
    ContentCLOUD-434S2Sticky Header 'Show Document' does not take into account simple custom theme headers
    PlacesCLOUD-431S2Group invites not received by non-registered users
    RTECLOUD-430S2External Links with more than two hyphens fails to redirect to the external address
    PlacesCLOUD-423S2ContainerID in URL does not change after selecting space in place selector
    ContentCLOUD-422S2Unable to remove link to a shared document from Thumbnail View if the title is excessively long
    PlacesCLOUD-419S2RSS Feed does not render shares correctly
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-416S2Group shares do not cause email notifications to be sent if user has emails for following stream enabled
    ContentCLOUD-413S2Blog banner images scaling issues
    ContentCLOUD-410S2Recent Videos Widget not showing thumbnails from embedded Youtube videos
    ContentCLOUD-407S2Comments in flat view display as though they were nested, rather than chronological order
    ContentCLOUD-403S2Cannot send a direct message to a user from their profile hovercard in Impact Metrics
    ModerationCLOUD-337S2RSS feeds fail to generate moderation notification
    ContentCLOUD-222S2"Flash not supported" displayed in responsive when viewing Uploaded File
    SearchCLOUD-211S2Spotlight search loads slowly and is spotty.
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-155S2Inbox: Items approved by a moderator are showing the moderator as the author for other users
    ContentCLOUD-41S1Moving a native Google doc from a non-connected folder to a Jive-connected folder doesn't sync
    Add-ons/AppsCLOUD-24S2Jive Daily login prompts only for email address, never username
    ContentCLOUD-11S2User with Full control and Moderate permissions in a space cannot delete videos