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    Use this table to report on bugs or issues we've found in the cloud release. Note that this page is an unofficial, user-maintained document and often contains issues that have been reported to Support but not yet corroborated for 2016.1 pre-release and 2016.1 GA.


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    2016.1 (demo)
    1Date French format is not valid.

    When I create a task in French and choose a date by clicking on the calendar, the date format is not accepted.

    It says "Le format de date indiqué n’est pas valide."

    Jan. 28, 2016Claire
    2French translation

    "Votre affichage" is not a good translation for "you view". I would say "Page personnalisée", "Votre page".

    Not every texts are translated.

    Jan. 28, 2016Claire Lesage
    2016.1 GA
    3Share image collectionWhen you share an image collection and either add it to an RTE doc using the link button or just paste it from clipboard, the resulting link goes to Activity. With the link button URL it has the collection ID in the URL but URL is malformed.Feb 06, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 06 Feb: Case #405379 raised.

    JDNS 07 Feb: Attached to my JIVE-66829 Scheduled for 2016.1.2.

    4Title changes when attachment changed

    When you change an attachment, say to add a new version of a file, the doc title resets to the new file name even if the title was manually changed when the doc was created.


    Update: I think I've worked out what happened, reported it on two cases, and mea culpa as they were trying to fix a prob I reported.


    Namely that when you change the file the dropzone didn't replay the new filename. When I now read the JIRA title for that one it looks like it was asking for the title to be changed. Hopefully both regressions can be fixed fairly quickly.

    Feb 06, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 06 Feb: Case #405376 raised.

    KF 06 Feb: I second that... very not user-friendly.

    JDNS 06 Feb: See update.

    Covered by JIVE-67320
    5Playing an uploaded video from the activity stream requires two startsWhen you press the VCR button on the video thumbnail the player shows activity on the scrubber but the video hasn't started. You need to press the bottom left VCR button to get the video to actually play. The activity on the scrubber only appears in Chrome.Feb 06, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 06 Feb: Case #405377 raised.

    JDNS 09 Feb: JIVE-67736 created.

    6When viewing an event, the default (selected) view of Going thru Not Responded does not show avatarsYou need to click the (grey) filter 'again' to show the avatars. Update: this is when a user returns to view the event when they have already responded.Feb 06, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 06 Feb: Case #405384 raised.

    JDNS 08 Feb: JIVE-67665 created.

    7A page with 4 Superlist tiles setup at 2015.3 no longer displays the content or the title

    Strangely the defaut landing page in the same group with a single superlist does display. Editing the non-displaying tile shows the title and URL has not been lost.

    Update: Worked it out myself. 2016.1 has given-up on being able to cope with filtering on fieldnames with one or more spaces when you grab a URL for use in a Superlist tile. They worked ok on 2015.3 but now even when you reconstruct the Superlist URL, say from Browse People filtered on my field name, then the pasted URL is incomplete hence the tile doesnt work. I needed to edit out the spaces in my custom field to myfieldname

    Feb 06, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 06 Feb: Case #405385 raised.

    JDNS 08 Feb: See update note.

    JDNS 08 Feb: JIVE-67715 created.

    8Content Evolution - unable to add rows to a table

    When trying to add rows to a table using the option below the table, anytime I click the arrow to change the number of rows, I see the option change (flash) to 2, but then it disappears, and I can not ever choose "Go".  Maybe this is my browser, but I have tried it on multiple content types and have the same issue.


    2/9 update: Issue isolated to IE

    Feb 06. 2016Kara FrancisKF 09 Feb: Case raised #405770
    JIVE- 67761
    9Content Evolution and Preferences: Quick tagging is an option under PreferencesContent evolution has been enabled, but when a user goes to Preferences, they still the option to Quick Tag.  When viewing a piece of content, quick tagging is not availableFeb 06, 2016

    Kara Francis


    Keeley Sorokti

    JDNS 06 Feb: Thought I saw Nick and/or Ryan say they would try to add quick tagging back in. Ted also supported that ask.JIVE- 67796
    10Feedback: Document content type has a "full screen" option, but the other content types do notAre there plans to allow other content types to be expanded to full screen.  Right now Discussions, Questions, Blogs, etc. do not have that option.Feb 06, 2016Kara Francis

    JDNS 06 Feb: I'd wondered the same thing.


    SC: We've logged a bug for this, please reference if you need this addressed as well.

    11Missing icons in email digestIdea, Status Update, External content (Tweet)Feb 06, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 06 Feb: Case #405417 raised.

    JDNS 08 Feb: 'Status update' attached to JIVE-62751; 'Idea' attached to JIVE-30829; 'External content' created JIVE-67683.




    12Missing Twitter icon for external content in content browse in place

    Doesnt show on PROD but does show on our demo instance.

    Update: they appeared 'after a while'. I suspect the next time a new Tweet arrived in the upgraded instance.

    Feb 06, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 06 Feb: Case #405381 raised.

    JDNS 10 Feb: Closed.

    13Adding a comment to a doc scrolls badlyPressing comment scrolls to the input field but the tinymce toolbar is not visible and the cursor input point is not visible. Seems ok on a discussion.Feb 07, 2016John SchwillerJDNS 07 Feb: Case #405429 raised.JIVE- 67760
    14On profile page / rewards, clicking on 'i' for info opens up an information window, but no 'x' in the window to close it.Users left stranded when viewing the information windows, with no obvious way to close it. Overall progress, recent badges, top expert, available quests - all affected.

    Feb 08,


    Tanya Burak

    raising case

    JDNS 08 Feb: Agree not obvious but clicking offboard the message or Esc clears it.

    PBOX - 1458
    15Twitter icon in Popular Content tile obscures text.Feb 08, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 08 Feb: Case #405382 raised.

    JDNS 08 Feb: JIVE-67660 created.

    16Category URL structure has changed and now uses more character encoding changing hard coded links

    If like us, you use carousels to jump to filtered views of content (with a hard url link) this change of url character encoding for category names breaks your links

    Keeley: It isn't just from carousels. When I click on a category at the bottom of a piece of content to search all content in the category, I get taken to an unauthorized error message.

    Feb 08, 2016

    Alex McKnight


    Keeley Sorokti

    Case #405484 raised.

    Update 09 Feb: This is now a S1 and fix supposedly inc in next update

    17Categories tile isn't working (category widget is working)

    Users get Unauthorized error.

    This may be related to #16.


    Content tab categories filter works as desired, but tile does not, even after removing and re-adding the tile


    JDNS Update: Seems to only happen when there is a space in the category name.

    Feb 8, 2016

    Ashish Trivedi

    Kara Francis


    Keeley Sorokti


    John Schwiller

    KF 08 Feb: Case # 405506


    KF update: bug JIVE-67725


    KS Case #: #405905


    Y 3/4/16

    18Calendar widget isn't working. Neither is the calendar tab.

    No events show up. Year shows up at YYYY.


    But new events tab does show all events as expected

    Feb 8, 2016Ashish Trivedi
    19Hyperlinks for in Outcomes section of documents&discussions do nothing.With the Content Evolution enabled a document Marked for Action shows an Actions() link in the new Outcomes section below the document body. The link does nothing. Same goes for content marked as helpful, like a discussion.Feb 8, 2016Gregor ScottGS 08 Feb: Case #405631 raised.JIVE-67480
    20The warning 'The title of this document is not unique among (sic) the documents in the space' does not refer to group or project as appropriate.Feb 09, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 09 Feb: Case #405583 raised.

    JDNS 09 Feb: JIVE-67738 created.

    21Emails converted to Discussions no longer report who converted itWith the Content Evolution enabled, Discussions that were created by using the Jive for Outlook plugin to convert an email no longer report who did the conversion. This breaks the highly valued transparency & honesty that was available.Feb 09, 2016Gregor Scott

    GS 09 Feb: Case #405640 raised

    JDNS 10 Feb: Ouch! - well at least the data is still there when you turn content evolution off, so it's 'just' a template problem.

    22Calendar tab doesn't show content

    The Calendar tab is empty and shows a bugged header 'February YYYY'. The Events tab in the same space shows lots of events scheduled.

    This is the same #18 issue already raised by Ashish Trivedi. I registered it again to show that we have the same issue and to create a support case.

    It seems to be related to the S1 issue JIVE-67691.

    Update: February 10th, 1p.m. - the Calendar tab now is working properly.

    Explanation from Jive: 'This is actually the result of a Jive Defect and I've associated the bug with this case. The bug has already been resolved and the fix will be pushed out automatically in early March.  In the mean time, I've executed a work around so the calendar should now display properly.'

    Feb 10, 2016Marcelo YamadaPrivate Case #405841 raisedJIVE-67691Y
    23Recent Content widget showing undesired content

    The Recent Content widget is showing content that does not follow its configuration.We believe the widget is showing content from any place where the logged user has View permissions, instead of limiting its content to the configured space.

    Update: it is still not working after Wave 3

    Feb 10, 2016Marcelo YamadaPrivate Case #405846 raisedJIVE-67795
    24Event appears at wrong date on Events tab

    The Events tab shows events at incorrect dates. We have an event schedule for February 19th from 3:30 PM till 5:00 PM brazilian time but it is shown on the Events tab like scheduled for the previous day.

    Update: it is still not working after Wave 3

    Feb 10, 2016Marcelo YamadaPrivate Case #405878 raisedJIVE-67896
    25The ability (or not) to like the giving of a badge is inconsistentSee Like the Giving of a User Badge?Feb 10, 2016John SchwillerJDNS 10 Feb: PBOX-1476 created.PBOX-1476
    26HTML editor with incorrect HTML will sometimes leave your document blank

    When creating a new document and selecting the HTML editor before inputting anything into the RTE, if you are missing the <body> HTML tags, the HtML will be deleted and your document will be blank; if you type something first into the RTE or input <body> in the HTML, then it seems to be fine

    (I don't recall if I ever did this prior to this release, so I can't say if this is new or not)

    Feb 10, 2016Kara Francis
    27Spotlight search doesn't identify external contributors with orange markerCould be an 'eye' marker or text 'external contributor' (as on Full Search).Feb 12, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 12 Feb: Case #406300 raised.

    JDNS 14 Feb: JIVE-67910 created.



    Jive Rewards no longer enabled post 2016.1 upgrade

    In our Jive-x instance, Jive Rewards is no longer enabled post-upgrade to 2016.1. Waiting instructions from Support before doing anything. I hope that the data is all still there. Is this normal behavior? The Add-On Installed list shows that it is installed.

    Keeley  see  for similar. Curtis' response to our case in Nov -  "Tracked down the root cause, your site was still configured to 'own' advanced gamification.  I turned that off, which should stop your site from trying to install advanced gamification every release"

    Feb. 13, 2016Keeley SoroktiPrivate Case #

    #406312 opened

    Y - Rewards now enabled. Waiting to hear how to prevent in future.
    29With Content evolution, the ability to branch a discussion or question comment is not availableprior to 2016.1 we could branch a discussion comment into a new discussion.  With content evolution, under both discussion and question, we do not have that option anymoreFeb 13, 2016

    Avigdor Sharon

    Kara Francis

    KF Jive Case # 406327JIVE-67935Y 3/4/16
    30Featured Content tile not working with blog posts

    In Jive-n, the Featured Content tile is not updating properly. When you feature/unfeature blog posts nothing changes in the tile. Tried deleting and reselecting - same behavior. It looks like it might be limited to blog posts that can't be featured/unfeatured. I haven't done full testing but I was able to unfeature a document and that was properly removed from the tile.


    John Schwiller: OK it looks like it's a Content Evolution issue. Turn CE off and add/remove works fine. Turn CE ON and it is broken

    Feb. 15, 2016Keeley Sorokti

    Opened private Case #406423

    31Categories widget offers wrong links

    The Categories widget is offering wrong links to content categories. When I compared the links with the ones shown on the contents tab it was easy to see the reason: the widget is assembling the URL with categories starting with capital letters.


    at the widget - .../content?filterID=contentstatus%5Bpublished%5D~category%5BEvents%5D

    at the contents tab - .../content?filterID=contentstatus%5Bpublished%5D~category%5Bevents%5D

    I provided a workaround using a Formatted Text widget where I typed the correct URLs.

    Update: Solved in our instance during Wave 3

    Feb 16, 2016Marcelo YamadaPrivate case not opened, once the issue is known (according to Fixed Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x Current Release (2016.3) )JIVE-67917Y
    32Dropdown menu item links are not clickable when they are in front of the video playerIf the link is above or below the player area then it is clickable.Feb 16, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 16 Feb: Case #406605 raised.

    JDNS 17 Feb: JIVE-68002 created.

    33Bulk manage content: Failure messsage > Invalid categories were found

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended functionality but I can't move certain pieces of content. Not sure why the category should matter for moving since categories will be different between two different places.


    Jive support tested and found the following:


    Per my testing, only certain content are affected:


    • Document - Failed
    • Idea - Failed
    • Poll - Failed
    • Event - Failed
    • Blog Post - Successful
    • Discussion - Successful
    • Question - Successful
    Feb. 16, 2016Keeley Sorokti

    Private Case #407450


    Bulk manage content - Invalid categories were found

    34Copy document feature does not provide "discussion" optionWith content evolution enabled, when you choose to copy a document, your only options are Document and Question.  Should discussion also be an option?  Should blog be an option?Feb. 16, 2016Kara FrancisKF 16 Feb: Case #406608.




    35Jive's Delegate Access Add-on aka Ghost Blog does not workWith content evolution enabled the Delegate Access Add-on does not work. It works fine with content evolution off.Feb 17, 2016Eric PiercePrivate Case opened and Jive has verified that their is an issue. No ETA on fix



    36Top Participants Tile not available on news page anymorePost upgrade to 2016.1, I can't select the Top Participants tile on the news page anymore.Feb. 18, 2016Keeley Sorokti

    Private Case


    37Jive Rewards with Content Evolution Turned on

    When selecting discussions as a content type for a quest to create content, you are are not awarded points when creating a question. There is no option to select Question in the quests. This is a high priority bug filed under PBOX-1488.


    JDNS: well a quest to create a discussion is fulfilled by creating a question. Can see some merit in it being more granular but don't think I'd make it a very high priority. Guess it depends on the use case. Would you want major differences in points for creating/replying to a discussion | question?

    Feb. 18, 2016Keeley Sorokti

    Private Case



    Update on 2/22: May be fixed -- need to test.

    38Rewards delete a quest doesn't ask for confirmationIs this being picky? But there might have been quite a bit of set-up. Enhancement request asked for.Feb 18, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 18 Feb: Case #406971 raised.

    JDNS 19 Feb: JIVE-1491 created (on case)

    UA 19 Feb: PBOX-1489 created.

    PBOX-1489 PBOX-1491

    39With Content Evolution, the breadcrumb for Questions takes the user to Discussions.If a user is in questions and attempts to get back to view more questions, the breadcrumb takes them instead to Discussions and they need to click back into questionsFeb 20, 2016Sam CreekPrivate Case #407148

    JIVE-6810Y 3/4/16
    40Jive Rewards > Strategies: no points awards for creating questions or discussions

    In Jive Rewards, Questions and Discussions are not awarding points as part of an enabled strategy, which is the way that points are awarded continuously in the system. Jive Support says this is happening when Content Evolution is turned on AND when it is turned off.  They are however awarding points as part of an custom quest, where upon completion will award the point value of the quest one time only. We are putting our production load of questions from a previous system on hold because the users won't get points for asking questions when we load them in (or at least that is the current working theory). Go-live for our new community is getting pushed.

    Feb. 23, 2016Keeley SoroktiPrivate Case


    PBOX-1508 (high severity bug)
    41Cannot drag & drop single file when performing file uploadWhen uploading a file, drag & drop does not work when uploading only one file.  However, drag & drop works when uploading multiple files, and "Click to Select" works for all situations.Feb 23, 2016Dennis PearcePrivate case #407564JIVE-68274
    42Title doesn't populate in FIle Upload form

    Users are led to believe that the Publish button does not work when uploading a file, because of this sequence of events: (1) title does not default to filename as it had in previous versions but instead the field is left blank; (2) user assumes title field is populated and tries to publish file with a blank title; (3) however title field is required but this is not indicated, and no error or informational message is displayed when user tries to publish without one; (4) Publish button appears to the user to be inactive.


    JDNS: Also see point #4

    Feb 23, 2016Dennis PearcePrivate case #407558JIVE-67918
    43Gamification no longer displays points/status on HovercardStatus level or points do not show up as they did in previous versions when hovering over a community member's name.  Jive was able to reproduce the issue on the latest revision of Jive and filed a bug report.  "Because this is a open and unresolved issue we’ll have to get input from Engineering before moving forward.  "Feb 18, 2016Frank Field

    Private case


    44Thread vs. Message URLs after converting question to discussionAfter converting a question to a discussion, the URL for "incoming links" does not change; two URLs refer to the same content (if you navigate via Content, you see the "thread" URL, but if you go to incoming links for another post, you see "message")Mar 1, 2016Kara FrancisCase #408624
    45Attachments to document not versioned along with doc

    When a new version of a doc is created and a new attachment is also added, previous versions of the doc show the current attachment rather than the attachment that was part of the older version.

    JDNS: Good catch Dennis. Confirm I see that with content evolution on. It's still ok with content evolution off.

    Mar 2, 2016Dennis PearcePrivate Case #408151JIVE-68555
    46With content evolution on, it is still possible to add a comment on an archive version of the contentWith content evolution off, as expected the ability to add a comment is disabled (there is no link) but with CE on the add comment button is still shown and works.Mar 3, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 3 Mar: Case #408856 raised.

    JDNS 3 Mar: JIVE-68592 created.


    47Image Collections won't filter using CategoryWhen creating image collections, using tag or author to filter work fine, but categories don't seem to work at all.  The collection is saved but shows as empty in the top listing, and clicking on one just shows whatever images where already being displayed.Mar 3, 2016Dennis PearcePrivate Case #408969



    48aA user who is deactivated in the Rewards Console is reactivated incorrectly

    I've found two ways to trigger this:

    1. An admin resets their p/w in the Admin Console. Doesn't seem to be triggered if the user changes their p/w in the UI. Only seems to happen once in the admin console and is not repeatable for a particular user - although has been observed with at least 5 accounts.

    Edit: split see 48b

    2. When the user logs in to the UI that is enough to remove their deactivated status according to the Rewards Console.

    Mar 8, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 8 Mar: Case #409513 raised.

    JDNS 9 Mar: PBOX-1562 created.

    48bA user who is deactivated in the Rewards Console is reactivated incorrectlyWhen the user logs in to the UI that is enough to remove their deactivated status according to the Rewards Console.Mar 8, 2016John Schwiller

    JDNS 8 Mar: Case #409817 created.

    JDNS 10 Mar: PBOX-1569 created.

    49Admin: Cannot filter on federated usersIn Admin > people > User Search if you select "Federated" in the Users select field and search it will still return non-federated users.Mar 18, 2016Gregor Scott

    Private Case #410176, Confirmed as a bug
    Outside of criteria for a scheduled fix