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    Cloud Search In UAT Environments

    Jive Cloud Search is a hosted service provided by Jive, which is automatically available on all Hosted Production and Hosted UAT instances. The Cloud Search service provides the content and place searching capabilities in the Jive system. Learn more about Cloud Search in our Jive Documentation.


    Jive's Cloud Search service behaves differently for Hosted UAT environments when compared to Hosted Production environments. Search in a UAT site will only return recently created content instead of all historical content.


    Search results on a UAT site will only include content created between now and the 45 days prior to the most recently created discussion thread.


    For example, if the most recent discussion thread in your community was created on January 1, then your UAT search index will include data from 45 days prior to that, which would be November 15:

    Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.19.59 PM.png


    This difference in search behavior means that a user may not see the same search results in their UAT site when compared to their Production site. This is an intentional difference in behavior, and is done to accommodate the volume of production to UAT data refreshes while also allowing community managers to continue with user acceptance testing to ensure that their community is functioning as expected.




    Does this impact my upcoming upgrade go-live testing or pre-prod deployments?

    No. All pre-prod test environments used for testing and managing upgrades are not be impacted by this Cloud Search UAT behavior. The search results on a pre-prod testing site will include the full history of content available on your site, and should match the search results on your production instance.

    If you are not seeing the same search results across your pre-prod upgrade site and your live production site then please create a new support case.


    Can I have my UAT not a part of this process?

    No. This is a core Cloud Search configuration made for all UAT sites.


    How do I find content if it is too old and not in the search results?

    If you are unable to find content via the Spotlight search or the Search page in Jive due to the content being too old, an alternative method is to use the Content page and filter the results down by your search term.


    You can get to this page by going to {JiveURL}/content





    If you have located the piece of content you can then update or modify the content, which will then cause it to start returning in later search results.


    I am using Jive Cloud. Am I impacted?

    No. This Cloud Search configuration does not impact Jive Cloud instances. Jive Cloud Private Preview and Data Preview instances are also not impacted by this.


    This Cloud Search UAT configuration only impacts Hosted UAT sites.



    Search is not working in my UAT site after returning from hibernation. Help!

    If you are not seeing any search results in your UAT site then it is advised that you manually rebuild the search index by going to Admin Console: System > Settings >  Search > Content Search > Index Tasks and clicking Rebuild Index.


    UAT sites that are not used for more than 14 days will automatically enter into hibernation. If your UAT site is in hibernation when the periodic UAT search indexes are being rebuilt then you may not see any search results upon your site coming out of hibernation.


    You can read more about hibernation here: UAT Hibernation FAQ