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    Are you a seasoned community manager looking to become a community ninja? Be sure to check out the awesomeness we have for "Advanced Community Managers" at JiveWorld this year!



    Pre-Conference Workshops Monday, March 14 (Extra fee see details)

    Two workshops make up this pre-conference day. There is an extra fee for these workshops - see the details here on the workshops and how to add this to your conference pass Avoid FOMO. Register for Advanced Workshops on Monday's JW16 Pre-Conference Day


    1. 9:00 am - 12:30 pm Advanced Engagement   $225 fee for morning. Chose 1 of 2 breakouts either internal or external. Spend the morning with Jive strategy consultants and your fellow veteran Jive customers to learn on advanced engagement strategies used across our customers. Breakout activities will allow you to share your most pressing problems and get practical advice from your peers. Chose from one of two breakout workshops covering internal or external communities.
    2. 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm Advanced Measurement   $225 fee for afternoon. Are you an existing community program leader looking to go beyond measuring page views and registered users to prove value? If so, this session is for you! This half-day workshop is designed for the veteran customer with case studies, tutorials and breakout activities covering top metrics fail and key strategies to prove adoption, heath and value.


    JiveWorld16 Advanced Track Sessions: Tuesday, March 15 and Wednesday, March 16

    Targeted to Jive community managers with 2 years under their belt, these sessions are for Jive customers who have mastered the basics of adoption metrics, user engagement and organization change. Most sessions in this track will feature at least 2 case studies with advanced, practical advice for both employee and market-facing communities around several key themes: advanced engagement techniques, measuring to prove business value, integrating community into your digital strategy, using community to drive innovation and spam prevention best practices.


    Internal and External

    1. Everything you always wanted to know to benchmark your community
    2. Advanced Community Management – Becoming a Community Ninja: 5 Secrets of Community Black Ops
    3. Advanced Gamification to Drive Engagement and Business Outcomes



    1. Best Practices to Prevent and Moderate Spam
    2. Connecting Jive Analytics with Marketing Systems to Prove the Value of Your External Community.
    3. Integrating Your Jive Community with Your Digital Strategy



    1. Culture of Innovation – Collaborative Use Cases for Crowdsourcing and AMAs
    2. Measurement Techniques to Prove Adoption & Value