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    Rachel Happe

    2016-03-15 11.12.18.jpgFive 'Secrets':

    1. Content and programming - predictable, regular programming increases trust -  questions of the week, newsletters are prompts or triggers, align programming schedule to cadence of community - maybe once a month for support community.  New member programming is great predictor of long term engagements, new member welcome process, question of the week
    2. Advocacy Programs - all programs not created equally, multi-tiered programs - program owners, SMEs, highly engaged peers
    3. Usually community effort is highly centralized and over time moves to 'center of excellence' model where CMs are enabling and helping employees and members engage
    4. Culture Change - community is big change vehicle - micro changes, behavior change compounds, move from transactional and confrontational to sharing and connected, targeted programming triggers behavior changes
    5. Ecosystem Design - individuals are confused by so many channels and fall back on email

    Things you may not have thought of

    • It's not going to be that sexy
    • Revolving leadership  is one of the hallmarks of a good community
    • tactics gets attention- operations and strategy is more important
    • Crisis management plan - what issues might arise, who is responsible, do you have a relationship with them, is there an agreed escalation procedure
    • Governance Checklist - plan ahead, stay in sync, define desired behaviors



    Get programming highlighted on front page

    new member calls

    editorial calendar to ensure consistency

    question of the week

    read The Power of Habit

    Ask me Anything Sessions












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