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    Scott K Wilder

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    Marketo's Marketing Nation Community

    Goal is a new framework and approach

    Marketing Ops is taking lead gen to next level.  Marketing Nation Community is JiveX, Relaunched May 15, 2015.  Traditionally leveraged 400 customer ideas.

    Three Member Goals:

    • Accumulate Knowledge
    • Access the Nation - find user group leaders, champions
    • Accelerate Careers

    Guiding Principles:

    --Do No Harm

    --Decentralized Approach

    --Manage Customer Experience

    --Continuous Improvement



    Segmentation + Functionalism = Customer Experience


    Functionalism - what is the purpose of every page, all real estate - home page is router page.  Is a page a closer? an Convincer? - measure against that purpose.  Map customer journey - not everybody has the same journey - update the touch points to maximize their experience and then constantly measure (big user of Resonata), monitor for outages

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    Segments - ie; new users, Experts, Practitioners,   Google Analytics for cohort analysis - people that logged on one day for the first time and then how many days did they come back - map this to content schedule.   Onboarding process had missions with points, again, look at routing points, see who is getting to them.  Visit is something they do on their own, Engage is when you give them a little nudge.  Upgrade - if you got where you needed to go did you accomplish what you want - updating your market plan for example.  Backend tracking spending as new customer, and up sell - compared spending vs gamification numbers - people more engaged spend more - then overlaid support and survey data



    Change what is on homepage based on geography and customer affiliation - homegrown tool that fuses data from GA and Jive


    Challenges - so many systems, focus first on critical tools - jive, bunchball, and GA - (and of course Marketo).  Didn't build a data warehouse - dealing with a much smaller universe (60,000 emails/customers) - instead question was what can we do to be nimbe in year one - used MS Access and Google sheets, built on Salesforce connector - tl;dr is linking people's data via their email address


    Next challenge - one person, many email addresses - large number of contractors - taking a page from Google's book w/ primary email

    Another Challenge - Many metrics - decide what your metrics are going to be and stick to it

    Another - limited resources - pick small incremental goals, don't boil the ocean all at once. Focusing next on more retention






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