Version 1

    At Jive we always had great brands accros the world using our solution.


    Since ADEO Services and their 45k+ employees using Jive accros the world, we also acknowledged several aspects

    - Make it Simple

    - Make it Mobile

    - Pictures are more important than words

    - Deploying Jive as an Intranet for support function is ok, but deploying Jive on shop floor to align sales, Merch, post-sales, product innovation or employee services is even better

    - Keep it secure

    - Keep it Glo-cal


    This group is a place to think on how Jive is used for retailers.


    From what I see there's 3 main areas :


    1- Support Function collaboration plateform. A Collaborative intranet mainly for desk employees, support functions like IT, HR, sourcing, marketing, etc.

    2- A Collaboration and communication channel towards stores. It's mainly mobile and accessible to desk-less employee on the shop floor

    3- A portal for suppliers, franchises or customers. A Jive-x oriented solution used for support, or large external use cases