Version 3

    Here are my initial notes / summary from the meet-up @ JIVEWORLD. Please add more notes / comments.


    CRM Connector Group Discussion - this group documents all previous discussion with the CRM Connector User Group Tag.


    Present was

    1. JIVE
      1. CRM Connector Product Manager: Hernan Guelman
      2. Akamai Success Manager - David Woodrow
      3. Intel Success Manager - Ling Gee
    2. Customers
      1. Trapeze - Jeff Moore, Meaghan Wilkinson, and Bobby Floujeh
      2. Akamai - Judi Cardinal, Julie Cardinali Brancik, Prasad Mandava
      3. Intel - David Mendies
      4. Shaw - Bryce Gilhooly


    Backup information - CRM Connector Use Cases

    Jive CRM Connector (Persistent Software) Custom... | Jive Community

    1. Introductions
      1. Akamai - Persistent CRM Connector- Custom KB Sync - managed by internal development group
      2. Trapeze - Persisent CRM Connector - JIVE PS engagement for custom case escalation - no direct support case .. yet (RMA)
    2. Hernan discussed the roadmap - JIVE owns IP for Persistent & looking at 3 standard offerings, KB, escalation, case creation
      1. We all want to be involved in these discussions to understand our custom implementations & the possibility of standard widgets / tiles
    3. Issues:
      1. On-going support
      2. Roadmap - individual customizations, wait for standard offering or consider Grazziti (which Hernan said will still be a partner of JIVE)


    Next Steps

    1. Add Intel & RSA (Dan Marshall and Jeff Shurtliff) names to ongoing community discussion
    2. Work with Keeley to set up next call to continue the roadmap discussion
    3. Decide whether we need a separate group for this activity


    Again - please let me know if I missed anything.