New Feature: Resonata Alerts to the Jive Inbox

Version 1

    With the latest release of Resonata you can now receive Resonata alerts directly to your Jive-n and Jive-x inbox. Resonata, Jive's contextual Analytics engine, allows user to set up Alerts based on specific search scopes that are sent to the user based on a specified time period. In the past, these alerts were directly sent to a user's email address. This resulted in many "lost" alerts. With the Resonata Alert integration with the Jive Inbox, users are ensured that all Resonata related alerts are now summarized in the Jive Inbox.


    In addition to integrating the Resonata Alerts with the Jive Inbox, we have f the content of the message to make it easier to consume within Jive. The information is categorized by content type , with the sentiment of each post outlined underneath the message. Additionally, the filters used in the Search Scope are now visible in the Alert with the ability to go directly to the Search Scope . With this new enhancement users can now easily start collaborating on specific alerts directly in Jive.



    Setting up an Alert to the Jive inbox

    A new drop down now shows up in the alerts menu for any search scope. A user can select between "Email" and "Jive Inbox". If the user selects "Email" then the alerts will be sent to their Email address, if the user select "Jive Inbox" then the alert will be sent to the Jive Inbox.




    Does the format of my existing alerts change?No, we have not changed the content design of the email alert. The alerts to the Jive Inbox that you will receive however, will be in the revised format.
    Will the alerts show up as conversations in my Jive Inbox?Yes. The Resonata alerts will show up as a conversation between you and the Resonata account. You can add new people to the conversation thread to collaborate on a specific alert
    Can I set up a specific alert to go to my email and to my Jive Inbox account?User have to select if they want a specific alert to go to an Email or to a Jive Inbox. You can however use the Jive Inbox setting to send you an email alert, when you get Jive Inbox messages to receive an alert in the Jive Inbox and in your email.