Version 6
    Header 1Scheduled for
    ILT Imrovements Q1/2016
    New video player Q1/2016

    A WYSIWYG Editor can now be used to format exam questions

    SmarterPath Integration in Jive Tiles Q1/2016
    SmarterPath Language Feature: German, English | SmarterPath will be available in different languages (depending on a users Jive setting), more languages upon request Q1/2016 (German)
    Hosting in Europe Q2/2016
    Refresh Notifications Systems Q2/2016
    SmarterPath Integration with Jive Rewards Q2/2016
    Refresh Enablement Path: Create Enablement Templates based on a users role and department and save themQ2/2016
    Refresh Reporting Q2/2016 and Q3/2016
    Refresh view for creating and editing a course Q4/2016
    Refresh learner view Q4/2016
    Update discussion view for courses Q4/2016
    Prerequisites on a course , module and lesson levelQ4/2016
    Jive Search integration Q4/2016