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    This article will guide you through some common troubleshooting steps for fixing an issue where sometimes text strings will not be displaying propertly within Jive. You may also see odd encoding characters within Jive. Most of these issues are due to out of date caches caused by plugin or theme changes, which can usually be resolved with a few simple changes.



    • Verified for version: Jive 8



    You may see text labels or links in Jive that show either the wrong text or strange encoding characters like {0} or k2ab1:








    Possible Causes

    If you see behavior like this, these are usually the culprits:

    • Recent Theme Change
    • Custom Plugins
    • Phrase Substitions changes


    Steps to resolve the issue

    Regenerate the javascript by setting the jive.resource.salt system property to the current epoch time value.

    1. Example: jive.resource.salt = 1461190832
    2. Clear the cache
      • Admin console > System > Settings > Caches.
        • click Select All and then click Clear Selected


    This should fix most occurrences of this issue.


    Other settings to check

    If you are using a new Jive 8 instance, it will be worth checking the following system properties:

    • jive.enabled.resources.externalize.min.i18n = false
    • = false
      • Set this only if you have a custom theme introducing new soy templates
    • __resourceHexDateSalt = 1461190832


    The issue is still around, what do I do now?

    There are some additional troubleshooting steps to go through next:

    • Has there been any recent history in the instance that might have provoked this change?
      • New theme, plugins, or phrase substitutions?
      • Was the instance was restarted recently?
    • Does this issue happen when the theme is removed?
    • Does this issue happen when all your custom plugins are removed?
    • Does this happen when in your browser's incognito mode?
    • Is this the cause of a Phrase Substitution?



    If you are still unable to resolve the issue with text strings not displaying correctly then please create a new support case in your MyJive support group, preferably with the above questions answered. A support agent will work with you to resolve the problem.